“I always play to sudden death!” (Roger Webb)

Well last time I promised you that I would have the figures would be finished by the end of the month and…I have (the quote above is from the movie, and I thought wholly appropriate as it’s the last day of June!). So to start with I thought I’d give a quick run through of what this was all about, I began the month with my statement of intent that for the “Forgotten Heroes” project I would be (trying) to reproduce three characters form the movie “Black Scorpion- Aftershock”, these characters would be “The Gangster Prankster”, Aftershock” and of course “Black Scorpion” herself (for more information, and to view a terrible copy of this movie follow the link below to my original post).


Anyway over last four and a half weeks I have transformed the three figures to the right, into my interpretations of the three main protagonists from forgotten base figsthis movie. As I have been informed that some people might not be familiar with these characters (hard to believe I know!) I have included a photograph of the original movie version in the text below as well (hopefully you will be able to tell which the original is and which my figure is (Ha Ha!)). But anyway on with the painting…

Black Scorpion is of course predominantly black (strangely enough), so I was able to leave her black black scorpion 2undercoat intact for the most part, I decided to highlight it with a mix of dark grey and black so mixed up these two colours on my palette (OK it’s an old Pringles lid!) and highlighted her boots, gloves, leotard (well most of her really), then I decided that this was still a bit dark so added another finer set of highlights over these with just dark grey. Next I turned to her tights that are visible between the top of her boots and her leotard, these are black fishnets in the film, but I wasn’t even going to attempt fishnets! Now I did want a bit of contrast between these and the black of the rest of her costume and as I’m sure we’ve all noticed (not that we look at women’s legs of course!) black tights or stockings are not actually black but are really dark tan. So I began by mixing some flesh tone seven (a dark tan flesh colour) and black together and used this as a base, then I mixed some leather brown with a small amount of black and highlighted the area with that. I added her eyes next these were just a white “slash” in her eye sockets then I added the black dot in the centre and closed around the eye again with black (as like so many superheroes she obviously wears black makeup around her eyes yet when she removes her mask it disappears! Yes Batman I’m looking at you!), anyway flesh followed this with an undercoat of European flesh, laid down as an undercoat and then continental flesh was used as the highlight for this, her lips were then added using dark red. Hair next, and though yet again it is very dark (doesn’t this woman know about accenting her Black Scorpion finclothing with a dash of colour like a bright scarf or jacket! Sorry must stop watching Lorraine Kelly in the morning!), as I was saying her hair is also dark but there does seem to be a hint of red in it (not as red as Darcy her alter ego, but there is still a hint) so I mixed some chestnut brown with some black and dry-brushed her hair with the resultant dark brown, I then picked out areas with just chestnut brown blending it in while the above was still slightly damp. A little bit of touching up ensued (don’t be filthy!), and she was finished, one down two to go. Maybe it’s just my dirty mind, but looking at her now, a woman in black bondage wear and wielding what looks a bit like a…perhaps I better not go any further.)

Aftershocks costume was begun with an under coat of dark red that I then highlighted with bright red, then Aftershock (1)all the various stripes and laces were undercoated with coffee before being highlighted with white (as cream wasn’t quite white enough, if you know what I mean),all except her tights, that were highlighted with cream. Her fleshy bits were then painted this continental flesh and after her eyes were added this was highlighted with the same mixed with a little pale flesh, and once dry her lips were painted in with a touch of dark red. Turning to her hair next a base of citrus orange was applied then heavily highlighted with sand and then again with lemon yellow. Then her wrist gauntlets and the top of her face mask (thingy) were added in chainmail and Aftershock finfinally a couple of details on her mask and a bit of lining in around her arms was carried out in black and she too was finished. The final figure looks a bit “chunkier” than the movie original, but I’m pretty happy with it (The actress who played the part in the movie might not be so pleased with my rendition though).

The Gangster Prankster’s costume is predominantly white (with stripes of course), so why did I start by gangsta 1undercoating him in black? Lord Knows! But fortunately to begin with his suit was given a second undercoat of coffee, and this does cover the black rather well, this was then highlighted with cream. I then added his collar in royal blue highlighted in bright blue. Then it was time to start adding the stripes to his suit (why did I pick a figure with stripes!!), so taking my plum paint I lined in the first set of vertical stripes about 2mm apart, and did them horizontally on his breast pocket and collar. Then I added a second line just to the right of these in deep bronze green and the third and (thankfully) final stripe in porcelain blue. His face (well half of it) was then painted in chocolate brown and this was also run down his chest where visible due to his open neckline. After I had added his eyes I then undercoated the other side of his face with coffee, and then highlighted this with cream (while at this I also used the same colours on his shoes and cuffs), I thenPrankster fin dotted in his red nose with dark red highlighted while still wet with some bright red, then added his “$” symbol medallion in bright gold. The hair on the left side of his head was left black with a slight dry-brush of dark grey to provide highlights, and the “clown” hair on the left was first undercoated with pink burgundy then highlighted with Polish crimson. His gloves came next these were undercoated in khaki and then the same was mixed with a little coffee, and highlighted with the resultant colour. That just left his “squirt gun”, so the main body of it was painted cream, and then highlighted with a little white, before I picked out some parts in either bright red, highlighted with orange or royal purple highlighted with lavender, and so my movie trio was complete.

This just left the bases to be painted and varnishing, so I began by giving all three of them a coat of Quickshade strong tone and left this overnight to dry, then the bases were first painted in chocolate brown and then dry-brushed with successive coats of khaki and coffee, then areas were picked out with some scenic green and these areas were then coated in PVA glue and liberally scattered with some Javis “Summer Mix” hairy flock. Finally they were given a coat of spray matt varnish (thankfully, I have now got ahold of some Humbrol matt varnish, so my figures are really matt again!).

As this is my last “Forgotten Heroes” post to finish I’d just like to say a big thank you to all the other participants for making this such a fun little side project, and for turning out such brilliant, inspiring and original renditions of some of the lesser known members of the “costume community”, and of course a special thank you to Jez for coming up with this slice of madness in the first place (you never know what he’s going to come up with next!), It’s simply been a joy to be part of.

(P.S. please don’t expect a posting on Saturday, this is it for this week.)

Till next time Excelsior!!

Cheers Roger.



Sandman- Final (John Brattan)

So its time I submit the finished product. I’m in two minds about photographing my miniatures. On the one hand I keep thinking that I need a proper light box thingy that people use to make their photographs look professional. On the other hand though, I have to remember that my paint jobs don’t really warrant the expense. I’ve ended up using my smart phone and struggling with a couple of lamps, one of which causes the phone camera to strobe if not in the right place.

In any case here’s the finished product.

tripThanks again to Forgotten Heroes and particularly Roger Webb for inviting me to participate. I’ve certainly enjoyed the process and have tried to step up to the challenge. I’m pretty happy with him overall and I’m sure he’ll find a place in any pulp games I play.

BTW I did find some examples of gangsters with leg cuffs from the 1930s, but maybe not so pronounced as this guy 🙂

Sandman – update (John Brattan)

So Roger accepted my late entry to the forgotten heroes challenge so its full steam ahead for the final week. The other entrants seem to have picked up the pace and some have multiple entries.
I’ve finished the figure itself so it up to throwing some paint around. I’ve been doing some more browsing to check out the colour schemes and this is when I find that a figure does exist for Sandman in the heroclix range.


front1side2I’ reckon though that my figure still meets the criteria as I am using a different model that I’ve based mine on and my inspiration is drawn from a different comic era.I was chatting with Craig and he tells me the figure I’m going for was from a 90s revival rather than the original 30s/40s version.

Definitely aiming for the black and tan version now. I’ve added a whiff of sleeping gas to his modifed weapon, some straps to his gasmask and cuffs to his trousers. I’m not sure about the cuffs though.





I see them on some illustrations but not others – and I still haven’t seen any cuffs on actual gangster photos on the very limited research I’ve done. I’ll see how it looks with a bit of paint on…


Jenny Everywhere – part 4 (Kaptain Kobold)

The painting of Jenny Everywhere is completed.

IMG_1361IMG_1362I confess to a small conceit; the outfit is based on one of mine, excepted I gave Jenny a sturdy jacket rather than the cardigan. And she has the scarf and goggles, of course:

15172284069_9b6e0459dc_hOf course it now means that I can cosplay as one of my own figures.

I wasn’t sure what to do about her right hand. She appears to be holding a small device of some kind, which didn’t become apparent until she was mostly painted. I did consider converting it to something else – specifically a slice of toast, as a love of toast is one of the character’s defining features apparently – but I discovered that the hand is a little too fragile for even the small amount of cutting and filing such a change would entail at this stage. Yes, her arm fell off, and had to be glued back on.

In the end I just painted the small device in silver and left it at that. It can be whatever you want it to be.

I spray varnished her, and then chopped her off her base. As you can see the base is hollow; whilst you can opt to print a figure such that it is entirely solid, generally it’s not worth the effort. In this case it was a double-edged sword, as the figure’s being hollow is what made the arm difficult to modify, but it also meant that removing the base was a doddle.

IMG_1380And here she is glued to her perspex base.

IMG_1382Jenny Everywhere – Completed.


So that’s me done for Forgotten Heroes, since I can’t seem myself doing another figure in the five days which remain of this month. Thank you to all those who have encouraged me and said nice things about my efforts. As I said at the outset, painting and modelling aren’t my thing at all, and I prefer gaming to actually generating the toys and scenery. But I have enjoyed putting these two figures together, and will almost certainly give it another go next year, if only because there was a completely stupid idea I had for this year which I’d love to implement.

Forgotten Heroes 2016 – Captain UK and Jenny Everywhere


The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition: This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, that others might use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

Forgotten Heroes last issue – for now (Jez Winstanley)


When I first conceived the idea of ‘Forgotten Heroes’ back in April, my initial idea was that it would be a bit of fun for people who don’t usually get involved in this sort of thing – no pressure, no ‘competition’ – just a group of like-minded individuals all having a go at making figures of characters that the commercial companies haven’t got around to yet. Little did I know it would prove so popular!

I would just like to personally thank Roger Webb of Rantings from Under the Wargames Table fame, without who we would not have had a central site to display the hard work, ingenuity and inventiveness of those who’ve taken part. If you’ve yet to visit the site, go there now and marvel at the cornucopia of characters  created!

Right, having had some additional hobby time available this week, I’ve managed to complete my three ‘Forgotten Heroes’ and a certain side project I’ve been working on…

So, my ‘Extra Credit’ Forgotten Hero was Stegron the Dinosaur Man, who I made from a Godzilla collectible miniature released to coincide with the 2014 film of the same name. All I needed to do to finish him was paint his base, so not  a lot different from last time we saw him.

stegzillaYes, it’s a big orange lizard…wearing jewelry. I think he’s come out very well and matches the most recent depictions of the character.

stegzilla2Not someone I’d want to meet in a dark alley…

Next was Super-Soldier, from the DC/Marvel crossover ‘company’ Amalgam Comics, who is an amalgamation of Captain America and Superman. This was originally a Heroclix Captain Atom, who I gave a belt, fancy boots and a shield to.

supsolWhilst the conversion work was minimal, I’d forgotten that the details of his costume included painting a white star on his chest and back, red and white stripes around his mid-riff and the iconic ‘S’ shield, which took a lot of concentration and a steady hand.

supsol 2I’m pretty happy that I’ve managed to capture the look of the character, but have just remembered that I failed to paint the straps on the rear of his shield, which luckily you can’t see in the photos above. Might need to get the paints back out…

Finally, we have the Man of Peel himself, Nutty comic’s Bananaman, who was created from a Heroclix Bizarro. This figure required the most conversion, as I had to shave his head, trim his cape, add banana boots and gloves and sculpt his cowl.

bannamAs you can see, he now has his red ‘B’ belt buckle and the banana skin lines on his gloves, boots and cape.

bannam2Given that I was quite worried about whether he would end up looking like he was supposed to, I think I’ve managed to pull it off and now have a one-of-a-kind Bananaman figure. Which is pretty cool.

And to finish with, her’s a group shot of all three figures.

ccvtriosupersSo, my work on ‘Forgotten Heroes’ draws to a close…until next time. As this was so popular, it will definitely return at some point…I’ve still got several figures I want to do, but have other fish to fry over the next couple of months.


“Guess crime just doesn’t pay anymore” (Roger Webb)

Week four of “Forgotten Heroes” month (Wow it’s shot by hasn’t it!), and I’m pleased to say that the sculpting is now finished!

Sunday, and I began by adding the hair to the Prankster, I began this by sanding away some of the hair that was originally molded onto the “Riddler” before placing a blob of putty onto the left hand side of his head and then tapping some tight curls into it with a sharp spike. Then I added a larger blob on the right hand side that was then tapped again into shape with the blade of a knife (as this side is longer and straight), then I added a second blob higher and above this as repeated the process. Finally I teased some more unruly bits of hair out with the sharp point again. I then added his large cuffs by running a sausage of putty around each wrist and smoothing and shaping these before adding a tiny ball of putty either side of the bottoms of these as cuff link studs. Next I rolled out a small sausage of greenstuff and ran it in a “U” shape up BS’s back taking the ends of this up over her shoulders to meet up with the straps at the front of her costume, then I took two small balls of putty and plonked them onto her shoulders and shaped them into upside down teardrop shapes as her forgotten TRIO (mon3) figsshoulder pads. Next turning to Aftershock a small ball of putty was set onto her right forearm and spread around her arm as a wristband, then the top thicker area of this was squared off and a hole was pushed into the front, some more detail was added to the rest of her wrist gauntlet and this was then repeated on her left forearm, but with a larger blob of putty (as for some reason the one on her left arm of much longer than the one on her right). She is now finished (thank god!).

Monday and not a great deal was done, mainly preparation for tomorrow’s onslaught. I began by bending a piece of wire into an “S” shape, well really a “C” with a small kick at the end. This will form the support for BS’s plait, I then stuck a blob of putty onto the back of her head (it was filed away at the back ready for this, as I’ve said before I don’t just throw these ideas together!) and then the wire was pushed into this ready for detailing with greenstuff tomorrow. I decided to have it attached horizontally as if she has just whipped her head around and it’s flying out. I also took another piece of wire and after wrapping it in putty rolled it out to get a smooth tube, this will form the basis of the Prankster’s super soaker water gun, it was then stuck into some blu-tack to dry overnight.

Tuesday, and after cutting down the “greenstuff tube” that is the Prankster’s gun the end of the wire was bent over and it was glued into the hole I’d drilled in his hand and left to dry. Meanwhile I took a small sausage of putty and wrapped this around the wire coming out of the back of BS’s head this was them given some texture with a knife and then I added some more putty to the back of her head and using the knife again tapped in the texture for her hair, and she was done. By this time the glue had set on the Pranksters gun and I was able to start work on adding the component parts to this deadly supersoaker, thisforgotten TRIO (wed3) figs included two small sausages of putty on the top as the water (or acid, depending on your point of view!) tanks, a “pump” grip underneath and some other bits and bobs to give it the water gun “look”. This turned out a bit bigger than I had originally planned but as it is supposed to be made of plastic (and so not that heavy) I think I can live with it. This meant that he too was now finished. I put them away safely to dry, ready for me to start preparing them for undercoating tomorrow.

Wednesday, And it was time to base up the figures, so it was out with the “Tetrion” all purpose filler and the areas between their feet and the edges of the tuppences was filled before I added a few “Cat litter” rocks, and then this was left overnight to dry.

Thursday was undercoat day so it was out into the garden (I do love dry weather don’t you!), and they were given a spray coat of matt black that was then touched up with a brush once dry to make sure they had complete coverage, that means I can start adding a little colour to their drab existence’s tomorrow. But you’ll have to wait till the end of the month to see the finished results.

Till next time Excelsior!!

Cheers Roger.


Howling Commando’s (Simon Moore)

HeroClixhbAs a result of the ‘Forgotten Heroes’ challenge rapidly approaching the end of its third week, I have increasingly been spending my hobby time assembling, priming and dry-brushing the three plastic “Wizkids” figures I intend to convert into members of the “Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D.”; a disappointingly short-lived comic book series recently cancelled by “Marvel Worldwide” which featured the exploits of Director Maria Hill’s newest team of monster agents.

The simplest of these ‘conversions’ is my model of Nina Price in her lycanthrope guise. The niece of Jack Russell from the comic book “Werewolf By Night”, this hybrid actually also possesses the abilities of a vampire after sunset. However as Vampire By Night predominantly appears in the recent comic books as a white-furred Artic wolf creature I thought just painting a “Horrorclix” She-Wolf miniature appropriately would make for an easy representation of her formidable supernatural abilities.

HeroClixhaSomewhat harder to construct was my model of the S.T.A.K.E. team’s leader, Martin Reyna. But having now started to apply some basic layers to his somewhat ‘top-heavy’ frame, I think Warwolf is beginning to take shape nicely. I have already started work on the anti-hero’s standard-issue white S.H.I.E.L.D. boots and rich blue leggings, and hope soon to start washing and dry-brushing his were-wolf fur.

In addition I have also used “Citadel” Abaddon Black to undercoat his enormous cybernetic hand and the handful of grenades he’ll be wearing around his waist. I’ve also subsequently noticed that the original “Mage Knight” Feral Werewolf model has a shoulder-guard and some scraps of torn shoulder sculpted onto its torso, so these will be ‘picked out’ out in blue and white in order to suggest its part of his S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform.

HeroClixhcFinally I’ve finished compiling my “Heroclix” figure of Manphibian. Having previously given the extra-terrestrial some much needed footwear courtesy of a “Games Workshop” Cadian soldier, I have since used grey-stuff to make a utilities belt for the webbed creature, and then covered my rough-work with all manner of grenades and pouches. Finally, as I wanted to illustrate the fact that the alien is actually a highly intelligent weaponsmith, I gave him an impressive-looking “Warhammer 40,000” automatic rifle.

As with Warwolf, just as soon as the superglue holding Manphibian’s pouches, belt buckle and weapon in place was dry, the model was given a rough undercoat so I could start painting in all his detail over the next few days. Disconcertingly this means the vast majority of his equipment will be S.H.I.E.L.D. white. But the monster’s scaly skin will hopefully be more readily highlighted via a combination of a “Citadel” Thrakka Green wash and some dry-brushing.


Jenny Everywhere – part 3 (Kaptain Kobold)

Here’s Jenny Everywhere with an undercoat. It very nicely brings together all of the plastic and putty into a whole; I’m pleased with the result.


Well, fairly pleased. Putting her next to some Heroclix figures I can see my choice of base figure was less inspired than I thought. Whilst she is about right in terms of height, the fact that she was scaled up from an 18mm figure has left her with a head that’s bigger than those of a Heroclix. Maybe when she’s painted it will be less obvious though.


If you look closely at the rear-view above you can see that the back of her skirt and one of her legs looks wet. That’s some wood glue drying, since there were still a few rough patches needed smoothing out.

 And so to the painting and the initial blocks of colour. Blue dress, yellow tights and a brown jacket matched with the shoes.
She’s looking good so far. More painting – indeed the rest of the painting – in the next part.

Bouncing Boy has lift off! (Michael Awdry)

Spurred on by the many kind words of encouragement, I am pleased to report that my contribution to ‘Forgotten Heroes’ is back on track; ‘Bouncing Boy’ is slowly, but surely, starting to take shape! Having already identified the ping pong ball as the structure on which the character was to be built, I started with the ubiquitous utility belt, in this case a strip of foil from a ‘Pringles’ tube*. To this was added a few likely looking pouches from a handy sprue that was in this year’s ‘Salute’ goody bag.

BB 100

Whilst I was harvesting the pouches, it struck me that the legs, or at least part of them, might work for ‘Bouncing Boy’ and so out came the side snips again, now I don’t know exactly what a Maelstrom’s Edge Epiran Handler** is, but I am grateful for his sacrifice in this project!
 BB101Arms proved a little more difficult to source as I wasn’t sure about the pulse rifle attached to the Epiran Handler’s hand, but as luck would have it the ‘Victrix Limited’ Napoleonic Highlanders sprue offered up a couple of alternatives that fitted the bill perfectly. I decided to keep the buttons on the cuff, they are probably not called buttons and I may just have committed an awful Napoleonic faux pas, as they added a little more interest to what was, in effect, a ball!
BB102So it was now all about finding a suitable head, but I was right out of youthful molecular scientists!   I could muster the odd grizzled Viking, or a helmeted GI, but I was struggling for the right look for my Charles Foster Taine.  In a fit of desperation, I took a more left field approach approach and attached an unmarried Zulu warriors head left over from the the ‘Cetshwayo Challenge’.  I was thinking that there was, arguably, an air of youth to the sculpt and that headband could certainly add something to the costume!
BB103BB104Given ‘Bouncing Boy’s’ unique skill of being able to inflate into a round shape that could bounce and ricochet off walls without harm, it seemed like a good idea to incorporate a flight stand.  I also managed to unearth a suitably futuristic base topper as well, so all is nearly complete.  I hoping to get some undercoat on him tonight and then, if all goes according to plan, try and get the bulk of the painting done over the weekend; I may yet make the deadline!

Jenny Everywhere – part 2 (Kaptain Kobold)

It’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to sit down with Jenny Everywhere and actually progress her. On Friday I painted the blue plastic with grey paint in order to see what I was working with better. At various spare moments this weekend I scraped and cut with a modelling knife to tidy the figure up. This is the result:


The print process does leave a very rough figure (my printer is cheap and nasty and doesn’t do the ultra fine resolution of the ones that, say, Shapeways use), but I did my best. Some of the rough edges would be hidden by any clothing I model onto her, and, as I discovered with my Captain UK conversion, I can work wonders with partially dried wood glue.
The next stage was to decide on clothing. The figure is already modelled with what appear to be high-heel ankle-boots, so I was happy to work with those. The two items required by the character’s description were the flying goggles on the head, and a pilot’s scarf. Both of these were really the last items which to be added,
There was a piece at the back of the figure which looked like a very, very short skirt, so I decided to build on that and give her a short skirt and a jacket, both things I thought would be within my modelling capabilities. It took about an hour of teasing putty into place, but I got there in the end, and there was just enough left over to do the scarf and goggles.
 IMG_1352IMG_1353To be honest I’m not totally happy with how she looks now, but I’m hoping that once the putty hardens I can shave and file it a bit to tidy things up. And then there’s always the wood glue. and if the worst come to the worst I can hide stuff with paint. The goggle came out OK though.