Stinkor part 3 (Mike Boynton)

Stinkor is coming along well. I have added a red wash to his armor and dry brushed the base after giving it a black wash. I have started the details and will add on his blue accessories like his shield gun and air tanks that appear on newer versions of the character. I did the eyes but need to push down the head onto the body.

Check out the updates at:

I am thinking of having Stinkor lead an attack on my Icon Heroes miniature Castle Gray Skull and getting out all my He-man miniatures for a giant start of summer miniature war. You can see my last set up at:

8 thoughts on “Stinkor part 3 (Mike Boynton)”

  1. Hi all,
    Thanks for the positive comments. I am working hard on this figure because I have to make one sculpture a month for an art show I have been asked to do next April. The gallery wants more of these Steampunk Robots that I do. You can see my sculptures at:

    Steampunk Automatons by Boynton
    Steampunk Steam Powered Automatons Robots group

    So a photographer friend of mine asked me to make him a Steampunk Robot for a show/contest he wanted to do. To make a long story short this first gallery then asked to have more sculptures and that is how I got into doing these robots.

    The big ones I am working on now are not steampunk but are instead these big United Nations War robots. I’m sort of worried about how it’s going to go because I told the gallery that I would not co-exhibit with some other artist that does like sick porno art as I am a teacher and I know that a lot of the local kids and their families will be coming to see the show as I have sort of developed a following in my community. Anyway, the gallery sticks me with this children’s book artist who does this little kid robot book art. So I am going to have all these giant realistic war robots with guns (one will be life size 9 feet tall!) next to this little kid art. I am not sure what will happen. Any way, school is out today and I am going to finish old Stinkor this week.

    So that is what is going on with me.

    Also, Roger can you please add the word “international” to the contest title. I have been playing up that angel with my wife.

    Your American Friend


    1. “Also, Roger can you please add the word “international” to the contest title”

      I’m in Australia, if that helps play up the International angle. On paper I’m Australian too. But I’m still basically British 🙂


      1. Hi Gentlemen, sorry just saw this (I struggling to keep up with all the comments) on the numerous postings, I’ll see what I can do about changing the header.

        Cheers Roger.


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