Captain UK part 7 (Kaptain Kobold)

IMG_1298You’ll be pleased to hear that this is the final part!

Now varnished, I cut Captain UK free from the last piece of evidence that she was originally Catwoman.

She’s one of those Heroclix figures with the little disks on the feet, so I sliced those off as well. Badly. I had to do a little bit of remodelling on the soles of her boots after this picture was taken.

IMG_1299Finally I glued her to a 30mm perspex base, and she was done!

Here’s the completed Captain UK.

P6130426P6130427P6130428And a comparison shot – Captain UK on the left and the original Catwoman figure on the right.

P6130429Friends? Or foes?

P6130430This was a fun exercise, and not as hard to do as I thought it would be. Modelling a complete arm was a new experience, and it was very satisfying to see the character emerge from her feline origins.

The final step is to actually play a game using the figure. And HERE it is.


2 thoughts on “Captain UK part 7 (Kaptain Kobold)”

  1. Really nice work Kaptain, and thanks for coming along with us on this ride of discovery, there’s still half the month left, time for another quick one?

    Cheers Roger.


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