Forgotten Heroes….still a work in progress (Michael Awdry)

Now let’s be honest, there hasn’t really been much progress at all.  The frenetic pace that comes as the end of the academic year looms into sight has rather scuppered my plans to resurrect ‘Bouncing Boy’ from ‘forgotten’ to  ‘occasionally talked about’.  The irony of this sad tale is that I chose this character because I thought that it would be simple and quick to do!

IMG_3594 There has been some movement and I have collected, what I hope will be, the composite parts required to finish the job.  Included in these are a selection of spherical objects to form the main body.  The beads, my first choice, are clearly too small and the ping pong ball feels a little big, but I think that I am going to go with it anyway, if for no other reason than comedy value; my only concern with this choice is that I have a nagging thought that ping pong balls don’t react well to superglue?  I will let you know!

To further compound the ignominy of my current project there has been some truly wonderful progress made by my fellow contributors, which has all been documented on the official site and I would encourage to stop wasting time reading this drivel and go and see what should be happening!  Hopefully, once I have ticked off a few chores this morning, there might be a little more to show later in  the week.

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes….still a work in progress (Michael Awdry)”

  1. Michael, I was wondering what you’d use for the basis for the body of Bouncing Boy? Many, many years ago I made my own Mega City Fatty and for him I used a plastic football from the Subbuteo game. back then, you could buy them separately. I have just checked to see if they are still available and sure enough, Amazon UK stocks them. See here –
    Only trouble is, you may have left it too late to get one in time. Still, it’s food for thought for you and it gives you another option.


    1. Bryan, thank you for that a great idea! I love the texture on the Subbuteo ball too, very futuristic. I managed to put some things together with the ping pong ball last night and it seems to be holding, so fingers crossed.

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