“Guess crime just doesn’t pay anymore” (Roger Webb)

Week four of “Forgotten Heroes” month (Wow it’s shot by hasn’t it!), and I’m pleased to say that the sculpting is now finished!

Sunday, and I began by adding the hair to the Prankster, I began this by sanding away some of the hair that was originally molded onto the “Riddler” before placing a blob of putty onto the left hand side of his head and then tapping some tight curls into it with a sharp spike. Then I added a larger blob on the right hand side that was then tapped again into shape with the blade of a knife (as this side is longer and straight), then I added a second blob higher and above this as repeated the process. Finally I teased some more unruly bits of hair out with the sharp point again. I then added his large cuffs by running a sausage of putty around each wrist and smoothing and shaping these before adding a tiny ball of putty either side of the bottoms of these as cuff link studs. Next I rolled out a small sausage of greenstuff and ran it in a “U” shape up BS’s back taking the ends of this up over her shoulders to meet up with the straps at the front of her costume, then I took two small balls of putty and plonked them onto her shoulders and shaped them into upside down teardrop shapes as her forgotten TRIO (mon3) figsshoulder pads. Next turning to Aftershock a small ball of putty was set onto her right forearm and spread around her arm as a wristband, then the top thicker area of this was squared off and a hole was pushed into the front, some more detail was added to the rest of her wrist gauntlet and this was then repeated on her left forearm, but with a larger blob of putty (as for some reason the one on her left arm of much longer than the one on her right). She is now finished (thank god!).

Monday and not a great deal was done, mainly preparation for tomorrow’s onslaught. I began by bending a piece of wire into an “S” shape, well really a “C” with a small kick at the end. This will form the support for BS’s plait, I then stuck a blob of putty onto the back of her head (it was filed away at the back ready for this, as I’ve said before I don’t just throw these ideas together!) and then the wire was pushed into this ready for detailing with greenstuff tomorrow. I decided to have it attached horizontally as if she has just whipped her head around and it’s flying out. I also took another piece of wire and after wrapping it in putty rolled it out to get a smooth tube, this will form the basis of the Prankster’s super soaker water gun, it was then stuck into some blu-tack to dry overnight.

Tuesday, and after cutting down the “greenstuff tube” that is the Prankster’s gun the end of the wire was bent over and it was glued into the hole I’d drilled in his hand and left to dry. Meanwhile I took a small sausage of putty and wrapped this around the wire coming out of the back of BS’s head this was them given some texture with a knife and then I added some more putty to the back of her head and using the knife again tapped in the texture for her hair, and she was done. By this time the glue had set on the Pranksters gun and I was able to start work on adding the component parts to this deadly supersoaker, thisforgotten TRIO (wed3) figs included two small sausages of putty on the top as the water (or acid, depending on your point of view!) tanks, a “pump” grip underneath and some other bits and bobs to give it the water gun “look”. This turned out a bit bigger than I had originally planned but as it is supposed to be made of plastic (and so not that heavy) I think I can live with it. This meant that he too was now finished. I put them away safely to dry, ready for me to start preparing them for undercoating tomorrow.

Wednesday, And it was time to base up the figures, so it was out with the “Tetrion” all purpose filler and the areas between their feet and the edges of the tuppences was filled before I added a few “Cat litter” rocks, and then this was left overnight to dry.

Thursday was undercoat day so it was out into the garden (I do love dry weather don’t you!), and they were given a spray coat of matt black that was then touched up with a brush once dry to make sure they had complete coverage, that means I can start adding a little colour to their drab existence’s tomorrow. But you’ll have to wait till the end of the month to see the finished results.

Till next time Excelsior!!

Cheers Roger.


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