Boing! (Michael Awdry)

bounceFirstly an apology as I have been incredibly busy a work this week and so have not had a chance to peruse the many splendid weblogs that I enjoy, hopefully things should get a little easier next week!  That said, I was determined to meet the deadline for the ‘Forgotten Heroes’ month and present here my completed ‘Bouncing Boy’.

IMG_3676Having put him together last week, ‘Bouncing Boy’ finally got an undercoat and away we went with the painting.  To try and get the stretched Lycra look, I dusted off the airbrush and reached for the brightest blue I could find – in this case Army Painter Crystal Blue.  A couple of layers later and the bulk of the painting was done, just a case of picking out some details to bring the whole thing to ‘life’.IMG_3688IMG_3690So in true superhero fashion, I have managed to compete the project just in the nick of time.  All that remains is to thank Jez of ‘Carrion Crow’s Buffet’ and Roger of ‘Rantings from under the War-games table’ and all the other contributors whose ingenious ideas and efforts have combined perfectly to produce such a wonderful monthly distraction!

One thought on “Boing! (Michael Awdry)”

  1. Absolutely smashing result Michael, just had to get this posted over onto the FH site before I go to bed. Many thanks for taking part, hope you’re up for next year?

    Cheers Roger.


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