Forgotten Heroes the “Epilogue” (Jez Winstanley)

The idea for what would become ‘Forgotten Heroes’ came from two unrelated sources – the semi-regular “He-Months” that Roger and I indulge in, where we recreate characters from the Masters of the Universe franchise in 28mm and my own off-the-wall side project during one of these months, where I decided to convert a cheap plastic dinosaur into the version of Marvels’s Devil Dinosaur that appeared in NextWave #12.

Roger had suggested another ‘He-Month’, but I was fast running out of characters that I wanted to do and that I felt I could actually do. Taking inspiration from the conversions I had previously done for each ‘He-Month’, when I had the pleasure of meeting Roger in the flesh at Salute back in April, I suggested that instead of ‘He-Month’ why not change the subject matter to superheroes, but those that had yet to have a figure made of them? I felt this would offer a fresh challenge to the pair of us, but given the subject matter, would also tempt others to join us in our madness.

After a bit of thought, Roger agreed this was a good idea and came up with the name ‘Forgotten Heroes’, as my initial title was a bit rubbish. I then announced this via my blog at the beginning of March, to give everybody who wanted to take part a chance to plan, and posted the official ‘rules’, which can be found as the very first post on this site.

Talking of this site, that was all Roger’s idea, as there were people who were interested in taking part but did not have their own blogs – so they could send the details of their efforts to Roger, who would then post these on the site.

So, during the month of June, everyone who had agreed to take part began work on the selected ‘Forgotten Heroes’. For some, the idea of converting IMG_3688an existing miniature into an obscure superhero or villain took them outside their comfort zone, as it was either part of the hobby they didn’t usually header 3partake in or a genre that was beyond their usual gaming focus. However, all who took part ably rose to the challenge – with low-tech solutions, such as the use of a ping-pong ball, to high-tech with the use of 3D printing. And by the end of June, all participants (bar one, and he knows who he is), had completed their ‘pledged’ miniatures.trip

So, in alphabetical order by surname, here is a list of those who took part and their creations:

Michael Awdry        – Bouncing Boy
Mike Boynton        – Stinkor
John Brattan        – Golden Age Sandman
Simon Moore        – Manphibian, Mr Freeze’s goons, Vampire by Night & Warwolf
Alan Saunders        – Captain UK & Jenny Everywhere
Bryan Scott        – Purgatori and Vampirella (Chibi and ‘normal’ versions)
Roger Webb        – Aftershock, Black Scorpion & Gangster Prankster
Jeremy Winstanley    – Bananaman, Stegron & Super-SoldierBite me

Eight participants over three continents, producing 22separate figures (as there were four of Mr Freeze’s goons and two different versions of Purgatori and P6130426Vampirella), inspired by comics, movies and a toyline.

Vampifan's Purgatori & Vampirella 01The quality of each creation was exceptionally high, probably because those taking part had invested the time and effort to make a figure that they actually wanted. And from the feedback and comments that we have received, it seems that everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are quite keen to participate in the next one…

Yes, your read that correctly – ‘Forgotten Heroes’ willPrankster fin return! Currently the plan is to make it an annual event, that will take place each June. As there were a number of people who expressed interest, but were not able to join in last time, not only can you next time, we’ve also given you plenty of warning!

Anyone who wants to take part in ‘Forgotten Heroes bannam2017′ just needs to register their intention to take part prior to the start of June next year. This gives you plenty of time to not only state you wish to take part, but also to plan whatever figure (or figures) you wish to create. Believe me, once the bug has bitten you, the problem won’t be actually creating your figure, but choosing which character(s) you want to create…”

So to end I just want to thank all the entrants in this years challenge, thank you for making this such a roaring success and enthralling us all with your wonderful entries, skill and ingenuity. I’m looking forward to 2017’s challenge already!

Regards Jez.

6 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes the “Epilogue” (Jez Winstanley)”

  1. Thanks, Jez and Roger, for running this excellent project. I had an absolute blast converting my four figures. I, too, thought the standards set by all of the participants was very high. My congratulations to you all. Now roll on June 2017!


    1. Thanks Bryan, yes I too was really impressed by the high standard of all the entries and the diversity of both the subjects (though we all knew who one of your choices would be!!) and the differing approaches taken to achieve the finished figures. This was a brilliant idea by Jez (just don’t tell him I said that or he’ll get a big head!), as you say roll on June 2017.

      I’ve already got a couple of figures in mind.

      Cheers Roger.


  2. I just want to echo Bryan’s sentiments and thank you both for such a blast of an event. June is often a busy time for me and so to have this diversion really helped to keep the work/life balance on an even keel. As I struggled yo get my idea off the drawing board, I was continually impressed and inspired by the variety and quality of the other entries and congratulate all who took part. He’s to next year.


    1. Thanks Michael, I was a pleasure having you aboard (well all the participants were great, no one took themselves to seriously and the mutual support was great too). It’s the stuff like this and the people who take part that make wargame blogging a real joy in my books.

      Cheers Roger.


  3. Whilst I may have come up with the original idea, it wouldn’t have been as successful as it was without Roger’s contributions.
    I’m glad that all who took part enjoyed themselves, as that was the main aim of this project – that it should be a fun diversion.
    I’m also looking forward to the next one – just need to decide who or what…


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