Vigilante Hero conversion now complete (Roy Williamson)

I’ve now completed my first entry and I’m hoping to get another completed before the end of the month deadline. As far as I’m aware my other heroine is a ‘super’, who has powers and abilities (I may be wrong, however!). The masked vigilante shown here has to make do with her athletic ability, martial arts skills and her feminine wiles to aid her in her fight against crime – a deadly combo!
Best of all, I had great fun working on her … I just need to think of a name for the character.

A Hentai of Justice!

I’ve kept my work on this blog event separate from the normal blog posts due to the content [don’t Google search hentai, it means pervert in Japanese and you’ll end up with links and image of pornography], but I will now include a link to the post which features my finished miniature as it is quite safe to view, and features no backstory information.

Yes, the vigilante hero is wearing underpants as a mask to hide their identity. As you do, obviously!’s more photos on this blog post, it has the link to the Forgotten Heroes blog event, and readers can also leave comments should they wish.

Thanks for looking

5 thoughts on “Vigilante Hero conversion now complete (Roy Williamson)”

    1. Thanks Michael. Next one won’t be anything as bizarre as this character.
      If I can get a certain figure at the Durham show next weekend I may get a third entry done – Calista ‘Retro Girl’ from Powers (tv show). I seem to be able to find ‘female’ figures that will work for what I want, but am having no luck with my male’ character ideas.


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