Acid Storm (MIke Boynton)

Hi all,
This year I will be doing the little known Transformer Decepticon jet robot named Acid Storm. 
This is his wiki bio: Despite his intelligence, data gathering skills, and potential charisma, Acid Storm prefers to wallow in anonymity as just one of the Rainmakers, a cadre of specialized Seekers who have the capability to manipulate localized weather patterns to create acid rain.
I will make him by recasting one of the 80’s miniature rubber transformers decoy figures. I think the one I’m using for the master copy is a Star Scream. I will cast the old figure repose it, add new hands and a new Acid Storm paint job as well as a cool acid damaged base. Included are photos of A.S. and a character named Sunstorm that I previously made using this method. 
Mike Boynton

5 thoughts on “Acid Storm (MIke Boynton)”

  1. Nice choice, Mike. After last year’s Stinkor, we’re expecting great things of you. And who doesn’t love a bit of Transformers? I’ll be watching with interest to see how you go about this. Good luck!


  2. Very interesting. It’ll be fun to see the finished result.

    I can remember a Transformers animated movie from back in the 1980s, and that all of us kids wanted to play as “Hot Rod” at school, but apart from Optimus Prime I can’t seem to remember anything else about the Transformers from back then. Saying that though, I’ve forgotten more than I’ve remembered about He-Man or ThunderCats, and I’m surprised I even remember who BraveStarr was. I’m getting old! 🙂


  3. Yep this looks like it’s going to be another cracking entry Mike, really looking forward to seeing this completed. Actually to anyone else reading this there are some amazingly well painted Robotech robots over on Mikes Flicker page, as well as some great He-man figures apparently produced by Grenadier, that were a complete mystery to me, along with some superb artwork Mike has produced, His UN Robots are well worth a look alone!

    Cheers Roger.


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