Forgotten Heroes – 2017 “Color Kid” (John Brattan)

Okay, so I said I’d join in this year’s Forgotten Heroes Challenge and then I was told by my doctor I had to have my left kidney removed instead (true story). So this update is a bit late in coming. In fact I think it’s been quite a while since I updated this page at all. I think life got in the way.

So this year, knowing full well that I know very little about comic book heroes in general, I was starting to worry about what I could do for this year’s challenge. I then saw a clickbait style page on the worst comic book heroes ever which sounded just right for me. I looked through the list and, after a bit of um-ing and ah-ing, I settled on Color Kid. I googled him and found this comicvine page all about him. Color Kid’s power is to be able to change the colour of things, that’s all, just the colour. This didn’t win him a position within the Legion of Super-Heroes but did win him the honour of being in the Legion of Substitue Heroes!

While reading the page I initially noticed that his superpower was next to useless which I found amusing. I also found it amusing that he was rejected by the Legion of Super-Heroes who I initially mistook for the Justice League that I remembered from the telly long ago. Then I noticed that in many illustrations he appears to have a rainbow displayed on his chest. This I also found amusing as I’m guessing the character was devised long before the rainbow was adopted as a symbol by the LGBTI community. This last bit is probably wrong but I only remember the rainbow becoming a symbol when everyone updated their facebook profiles with it just this decade. In contrast, I read that Color Kid appeared during the Silver Age of Comics which was from ‘1956 to circa 1970’.

In the next paragraph I noticed that Color Kid spent some time as Color King. He somehow lost his sight and became all edgy and a bit Neil-Gaiman-Sandman-ish in appearance. Maybe this was during the nineties or something but it reminded me of the time I mispent reading Sandman comics (see last year’s effort for Forgotten Heroes).

I eagerly read further into Color Kid’s history, i.e . further down the web page. For some reason he spent some time as Color Queen. This is when I started thinking he should be some kind of LGBTI icon, if he isn’t already.

 This sealed the deal and so I bought a bulk lot of cheap heroclix minis from ebay with an eye to converting one or more of them. So the grand scheme is to try and convert one or more of these heroclix figures into one or more incarnations of Color Kid.
According to their bases they *were* Northern Star, Aurora, Vamp, maybe Death’s Head and some other guy – I forgot to check the names before I removed the bases of the last two. Hopefully some greenstuff and paint will see them transform into this year’s forgotten hero 🙂

3 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes – 2017 “Color Kid” (John Brattan)”

  1. This definitely fits the criteria of a ‘Forgotten Hero’, John, as I’d not even heard of this character! What a delightfully quirky choice. And given his/her different iterations, this also gives you a nice choice of which version to do. I’ll be interested to see which one you pick.


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