Slaymaster – Part 2 (Kaptain Kobold)

Nine days into Forgotten Heroes 2017, and my progress on converting Daredevil into Captain Britain’s arch-enemy, Slaymaster, has been slow. I have trimmed the excess bits off the figure, although I suspect I’ll find some more work for the sharp knife once I put an undercoat on the figure and can see it better.

I did notice that the pose of the figure would cause some awkward problems later. The way the head is turned means that it will not only be tricky to fit the crossbelts over one of the shoulders, but also quite hard to put on Slaymaster’s trademark beard.

So I cut off the figure’s head …

… and then reattached it facing in a more usable way. I re-positioned it slightly after taking the photo; it looks better in reality than it does in the picture. The gaps in the neck can be filled in with milliput, but Slaymaster has long hair as well, so some of them will be covered up.

The next stage is to fit him with some additional belts for his weapons and equipment.

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