Color Kid 2 (John Brattan)

So I did manage to get a bit done on my heroes yesterday. I had to firstly scrape off a tiny bit of flash from the figures for Aurora, Northstar and the figure which I have chosen to become Color King with a scalpel blade. Then I attacked Aurora’s long hair. This was relatively easy as it appears the head is a separate piece glued on, so the hair came away from her back fairly cleanly. I had to chop into her head to get her ready for the 80s wedge haircut that Color Kid seems to sport.

I then put some greenstuff on the shoulders of Aurora and Northstar to build up those 80s style shoulderpads. Then came the ‘pirate-shirt’ puffy sleeves for both of them. I seem to recall pirate shirts were also a fashion trend in the 80s – New Romantics like Adam and the Ants, Duran Duran, etc. All these 80s references made me start wondering if the characters were actually designed later than the Silver age cutoff date of 1970  – or do comic book styles inspire real-life fashion trends?

Last, I ‘de-buffed’ Northstar a bit by cutting back his pecs and abs as I wanted a flat surface for the rainbow that I’ll have to paint on his torso. Similarly Aurora had a bit of greenstuff added to her torso to flatten out her bosom.

From the pics it appears I’ve been a bit rough with them so far so I’ll have to go back and clean them up if I can – or not bother. I guess the wedge haircuts will be the next bit of modification before going on to painting although I don’t fancy putting ears back on Aurora. I am also in two minds about bothering with making Color King using the trenchcoat guy. From his expression I suspect he doesn’t want to be part of the process either 🙂


One thought on “Color Kid 2 (John Brattan)”

  1. Coming along nicely.

    I must admit to only just learning how to smooth out my own greenstuff work on the FH entry I submitted the other week. Plenty of wet tool polishing is what I found to be the answer. Going back over the putty every so often as it is starting to cure and just smoothing it out as it hardens with the flat edge of the tool. I wish there was a sculpting guide available like there is for painting 😀


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