Slaymaster – Part 5 (Kaptain Kobold)

The final modelling stage for my Daredevil to Slaymaster conversion was to equip the assassin with some weapons. The version I am basing my figure on uses a rather impressive claw device attached to his right hand, and I decided to try and build it.

Of course, what I hadn’t thought through was just how I was going to do it, since claws are small, fiddly things to model. I considered thin card, but thought it might be too flimsy. Also pieces of toothpick. At one point I just considered scrapping the whole thing and giving him a weapon of my own design (as in ‘something easy). Then I was looking at the mess on my painting desk, and saw a small piece of foil I’d taken off the end of a tube of acrylic paint a few days previously. A couple of minutes with a scalpel shaped it into the claws I was looking for, and I attached them to his hand

Ah, you say, but foil is no more robust than card. Yes, that’s true. But it was easier to cut and shape and, once I’d fitted it, I hit on a cunning plan. I coated the claws with a couple of alternating layers of superglue, then white wood-glue using the end of a cocktail stick. Each layer was left to dry in between. When it was done I had something that was solid, but still maintained the thinness I was after.

Why is the inside of the device green? Because the foil it’s made form came from a tube of green paint, silly!

One it was all done I added the body of the device, and then what the Lego people call ‘greebling’ from more card and a piece of tube from a cotton-bud.

On his other wrist I added some spiky weapons, the nature of which I’ll leave to your imagination and mine. They’re just three pieces of wire, cut to length and carefully glued into position. They help balance the figure out.

So, unless I think of anything else, that’s the conversion work finished. The next stage will be a thin coat of PVA glue just to seal all of the joints and help everything hold together, and then I can undercoat and consider how I’m going to paint him.

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