Slaymaster – Part 6 (Kaptain Kobold)

It’s time to start painting Slaymaster!

First of all, a grey undercoat.

It may have missed a few bits. No big deal.

His costume is yellow. Dick Garrison suggests that yellow is always fun to paint, and I know what he means; a lot of yellows are horrible to use, and mine are mostly very old GW paints, which are the worst. Fortunately his costume isn’t a bright yellow, and I have a rather nice Derivan ‘Desert Yellow’ which covers beautifully. I brushed it over the top of an orange-brown base, the brushed a brighter yellow over the top for highlights. The result is … yellow.

I painted the belts in a darker orange-brown, and did his face the same as a base for the flesh-tone.

In the next post – the finished figure!


One thought on “Slaymaster – Part 6 (Kaptain Kobold)”

  1. Seeing some paint on the miniature really shows what a great conversion you’ve done on the model. It really looks the business in just it’s grey undercoat.
    Yellows are fun. Not. At present my yellows are 90% Vallejo Ochre layers, with a final highlight of yellow. Works for me (thankfully! 🙂


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