The Great Offender (Wampley)

Lance Blastoff is a mercenary and adventurer that travels across the universe. Lance is extremely selfish. He only does good things when there is a reward or gain for him .

He is seen first seen saving a woman (on the “Dinosaur Planet”) from a T-Rex. After sleeping with the woman, Lance left the planet via his spaceship. He then got a distress call from a group of aliens stranded due to their spaceship breaking down. Instead of helping them, he lobotomized them and sold them as pets.

Lance was created by Frank Miller in the parody comic Tales to Offend #1


Lance is the character I have tried to replicate for the  Forgotten Heroes competition.

As you can see I took some diferent pieces from various ‘Heroclix’ miniatures and  re-assembled them to replicate Lance’s look.

The only thing I’m not proud of though is the pose he is, too static. But as this is the first miniature I have produced, I’m still pretty happy with the end result.


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