Darke Finish (Steve Gilbert)

I took an entirely different approach with my efforts to Hilary. Starting with an old Indy Clix mini (Aphrodite I think it was), I chopped her in two and added a lower elf torso (from an old… god knows what it once was… mini), added on suitably posed arms and body accoutrements, from at least three other minis (a real Frankenstein Monster by this stage).

in her original state before being cut up lol

And then I did a total painted job on her…. and voila!  I had me a unique red head Becky Darke (complete with Doom Blade) to go with Hiller`s two different cool versions of Jethro Strange.

Old Tramp and leggy.. weird Goth, what a pair

This version sees Jethro Strange looking decidedly more sinister here, with his gun out and ready for action. Becky looks like she’s saying: you really want to mess with moi?”




9 thoughts on “Darke Finish (Steve Gilbert)”

  1. Hi Kobold, thank you so much for the nice comment. Yea this duo do appear to be two of the more unheard of comic book characters out there, don`t they. I`m surprised really, as I would have thought people would have lapped up a couple of cool Brit Judges from the 2000AD Cursed Earth story arc. But I guess there is so much available out there, its pretty easy to miss one graphic novel out of hundreds.


  2. Cheers Roy. Naaaa I didnt do much. Hils did the real work on hers, I just quickly knocked up a conversion to go with her guy.


    1. Thanks Dave, glad you like 🙂 But best of all yeah, they will be a real buzz to any JD game we play, and `boy oh boy` they will be used lots in our future games, I can tell you :-))


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