Leopard Girl #1 (Roy Williamson)

Forgotten Heroes 2017 entry number two. Leopard Girl.

I started off with a Crooked Dice ‘Classic’ Pandora King stock figure.  Sawed off the top of it’s head with a razor saw.

Then used a scalpel and warding file to shape and smooth the metal – then I washed it in warm, soapy water and scrubbed the miniature clean with a toothbrush (bought for that purpose).

Using Greenstuff modelling putty I sculpted the Leopard Girl hood onto the miniature. Don’t ask me how I did it, as I’m still learning as I go and am surprised it turned out as well as it did!

The tools I used were a pick (imagine the thing a dentist uses) and a shaper bought from Games Workshop years ago. I use clean tap water to help lubricate and smooth the putty while working.

I sketched out a rough image of what Leopard Girl’s hood should look like – as my stupid phone wouldn’t display the photo I’d taken from off the computer. Stupid technology!

Wanting to go all fancy, like a certain Mr Awdry, I began working on the base. Supergluing some garden gravel to the base, and atop each other, smoothing out the joins and joints with modelling putty. I’ve even gone to the extreme of purchasing tiny ‘leaves’ basing material to make the basing look good. I can see I’ll have to keep buying scenic basing material from now on.

The only thing I might add before painting is a couple of large teeth to the leopard, hanging down and atop Leopard Girl’s forehead. But I’ll make that decision next time. I’ve also spotted the leopard suit’s neckline is right up under the chin, so I’ll need to model that on, definitely. Oh, and then there’s the fact the model has a belt sculpted on and boots, whereas Leopard Girl doesn’t. Damn. More work.


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