White Tiger “SMG Project” (Leon Mallet)

Well there we go – White Tiger is done, just by the skin of my teeth!

My contribution to Forgotten heroes and it has been great watching various projects unfold – well done all. I promise to be better organised next year – although I feel my G.I. Joe stuff this month is in keeping with the whole thing too. 🙂

Thankfully this was a fairly simple paint job which helped speed things up. I was able to go a little messy doing the necklace with the knowledge I could tidy up the ‘white’ areas. The white was mainly done using Vallejo Pale Blue Grey as a base up to Off-White. For some deeper recesses I mixed in a bit of Blue Grey.

I decided to shade the eyes with a pale green to tie into the amulets he wears, representing the glow of mystical power they infuse into him. Other than that a pretty simple paint-job.

I also worked up a rules card for him for the defunct Spider-man Miniatures Game, just to complete the project. His Reputation cost may get a slight re-jig when I rework how I have engineered my best guesses for KM’s points formula. I fear not, there are more home-brew conversions planned for SMG in the near-future.https://eclecticgentlemantabletopgamer.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/white-tiger-smg-project.html

2 thoughts on “White Tiger “SMG Project” (Leon Mallet)”

  1. This is very nice indeed. I also love that you made your own stat card for the game too. Wow that`s most impressive.


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