Putting down roots. (Michael Awdry)

Forgotten Heroes, the brainchild of Messrs. Webb and Winstanley, is an opportunity to indulge in a spot of converting/scratch building to plug those unsightly gaps in your Superhero or Super Villain collection.  Now I had initially thought that I might give this themed month a miss this year.  The encyclopaedic knowledge of my fellow contributors, when it came to the comic universe, was truly staggering and I have to say that I felt a little out of my depth.  Although I enjoyed conceiving and putting together ‘Bouncing Boy’, I wasn’t sure to what purpose I would then employ his services?

 However regular readers of this humble weblog will have no doubt realised that I am fickle sort of chap when it comes to sticking by a decision and it was during a particularly distracting bout of web based research that I stumbled across a kernel of an idea that was to take root and sprout into my planned entry for this month’s event.  Yes, I was back in the running and this time with an idea that could, possibly, actually be used in a gaming scenario!  Bizarre as it may seem, I had been consumed with the notion that what I needed in my collection was a mean, green, carnivorous plant from outer space – I give you ‘Audrey II’.

A quick check of the rules was required to see if I could shoehorn my idea into the format:

1. The character you create must not yet have had an official or unofficial miniature made for it.
A cursory search didn’t unearth anything too damning; there were certainly carnivorous plants out there, but nothing obviously ‘Audrey II’.
2. The figure must be in 28mm scale.
That would be fine, admittedly the plant grows throughout the story, but I should be able to stick to this one.
3. The figure must be completed during the month of June.
In the interest of total transparency I need to confess that ‘Audrey II’ was started before June, but only to see if I could actually achieve what I had envisaged.  The plan is most definitely to finish her during the month of June.
4. In your first post, you should provide a bit of detail on the character you’ve chosen and why.
Considered yourself invited to the following longwinded introduction!
To many ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ is a rather brash, musical from 1986 staring Rick Moranis as the hapless flower shop assistant Seymour Krelborn who discovers the blood drinking plant after a meteor storm.  Perhaps what is less well known is that there was another celluloid version that gave a budding young actor, by the name of Jack Nicholson, one of his earliest rolls.  It was this film, released in 1960, that would form the basis for the comic book series ‘Welcome to the Little Shop of Horrors’.  The comic book, serialised into three episodes, is beautifully explored in a wonderful article by Matthew Hurwitz for ‘Cinemachine’, certainly well worth a read.

The ‘detail’, then, is straightforward, but the ‘why?’ is a little more problematical.  The idea of carnivorous plants have always fascinated young Master Awdry and more recently, I have been toying with several ideas as to how to use them in a gaming capacity, undeniably inspired by Simon Moore’s ‘Seeds of Doom’ project.*  These have included a Wyndhamesque Triffid game using a zombie ruleset, or creating a greenhouse for Poison Ivy, filled with all sorts of mysterious plants, that could be employed in a Batman Miniatures Game.  There is also the idea of fearsome ferns in a Pulp Jungle adventure or even a bloodthirsty bloom forgotten in the depths of some haunted house – so many ideas, so little time!  So having been made into two films, a couple of comic book serialisations and a Broadway Musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ certainly seemed fair game.  Now it was my turn, could I take this vile, ‘Super Villain’, intent on taking over the planet, one drop of blood at a time, and recreate it as a unique 28mm miniature?  That, good reader, is what we are about to find out.
 I’m just a mean green mother from outer space and I’m bad!

(Lead) Mountain Musings – “Forgotten Heroes” June 2017 (Simon Moore)

This month’s randomly themed attempt to try and reduce my ‘ever so slightly dwindling’ collection of metal, plastic and resin miniatures has been rather waylaid as a result of the announcement by Dick Garrison and Carrion Crow that “Forgotten Heroes” is back for its second year. Collated on the ‘official’ “Forgotten Heroes” website, this particular challenge specifically encourages bloggers to create/convert “an existing figure into a costumed superhero or villain” of their choice, “from any source (be that Comic’s, TV, Film, Adverts, Toy lines, Novels basically anywhere you can think of).”

Last year, I rather optimistically attempted to complete a number of well-meaning conversions, but sadly only managed to finish my Imperator Furiosa and Vampire By Night; the latter actually being a simple “Horrorclix” repaint. This time round I plan to simply finish what I started, and have thus begun working (once again) on five “Heroclix” Lackey miniatures I have previously ‘converted’ using a dollop of grey stuff, into some of Mister Freeze’s bobble-hat wearing goons.

Forgotten Heroes – entry: 1st June 2017 (Roy Williamson)

Warning! What follows should not be viewed by the easily offended.

I am hoping to do a true Superhero from a Marvel 1950s comic, but I don’t own the figure yet that I need to convert to make my heroine. And whilst I was trawling the webstore of the company for said figure a memory of a bit of Japanese craziness popped up. Oh dear…

Hentai Kamen.

I first heard of the dvd going by this name – Actually, I can’t remember, but I watched the youtube preview for the movie and it was totally bonkers crazy. Which appealed to my sense of humour and helped to keep the character in my mind.

It turns out the 2013 film ‘HK: Hentai Kamen – Forbidden Superhero’, and it’s 2016 sequel ‘Hentai Kamen: Abnormal Crisis’, are based on a Japanese Manga comic series that ran from September 1992 to September 1993. This Manga comic being titled, Kyūkyoku!! Hentai Kamen (究極!!変態仮面?, lit. “Ultimate!! Pervert Mask”).

LINK to the Wiki for the comic:

LINK to the Wiki for the first film:

 LINK to the Wiki for the second film:

Wikipedia sums up the 2013 film’s plot as so: “An introverted high school student with a crush on one of his classmates is granted superpowers whenever he wears female underpants on his head.”

It is probable that the film (and Manga) was driven towards a male audience. And its probably best not to discuss the market trends in female underwear that there is in Japan. Least to say that having a superhero who acquires a young woman’s underwear is seen as acceptable.

Wikipedia describes the plot for the 1990s Manga comic as this: “Kyōsuke Shikijō is a high school student skilled in kenpō [Japanese Kung Fu variant], but incompetent with girls to the point that his interaction with them gets him into painful situations. One day he saves a girl named Aiko Himeno from bullies and is immediately smitten with her. When she is taken hostage by a group of criminals during a bank robbery, Kyōsuke is forced to take a disguise to save her without being recognized by the crooks after an earlier incident where he reveals himself on a megaphone. When he accidentally puts a pair of panties over his head instead of a normal mask he undergoes a transformation: due to the perverted genetics of his mother (an S&M worker), he is able to awaken the full potential of his body. Running out wearing nothing but the panties on his head and underpants covering his loins, Kyōsuke, now christening his masked self Hentai Kamen, uses his power and perversion to defeat the criminals and save Aiko.”

Now the main character in both the films and the comic is male. However, I don’t own a nude male figure that I could convert to make such a Hentai Kamen miniature, but I did spot on Google Images that there has been a cartoon made where Hentai Kamen was female. And I own a miniature, going spare, that I could convert to make a figure. [It should also be mentioned that there is quite the number of female Cosplayers who don Hentai Kamen costumes, so if they feel that this superhero goes beyond the labelling of gender I’m not going to argue]

So, my first offering to the Forgotten Heroes is my take on a female Hentai Kamen (in traditional costume, not the, seemingly, female varient). The stock figure used for the conversion was a Unfeasibly Miniatures 28mm slave girl from their Exotic Adventures range (unsurprisingly sold through Col. Bills and hence why I have one). The figure does come as part of a trio of figures, the two male sculpts being 28mm tall whereas this female is closer to 25mm in height. The modelling putty I used to sculpt the conversion was Green Stuff, bought via Games Workshop.

I’m happy with the sculpting on the figure, but I intend to do a little more work on the base. Hopefully next time you’ll all see this Hentai Kamen she’ll be completed!

Footnote: Now I have to be honest, I haven’t seen either of the films, nor read the original comics. I do  intend to watch the film dvds, however.


“Forgotten Heroes 2017, here we go again” (Roger Webb)

Well here we go again, incredibly “Forgotten Heroes” is back for its second year and as with last year I thought I’d start with a little statement of intent as to what I hope to achieve over the next four weeks and what figures I’m going to be using as the basis of my “Forgotten Hero” conversions. Well first off (if you are reading this on my own blog rather than the FH site) the header at the top of the page should give you a bit of a “heads up” as to where my main two submissions for this year’s challenge come from, yes it’s “He-man and the masters of the Universe”. Regular readers of my blog will know that these are not my first “Masters” figures, in fact I already have ten more of these muscular chaps in my collection and these chaps were supposed to completed in March of this year (or March’sters of the Universe month, sic). But due to restrictions on my time and lethargy on my part to be honest, they just never got done. So I have decided to kill two birds with one stone and have shunted them down to this month instead (Masters of the June’iverse). Anyway the two characters I have chosen to recreate from this famous toy line in miniature are Beast-man and Jitsu, a couple of villain’s from “the evil forces of Skeletor!”.

To this end I have pulled out two more of the muscular “dolly” figures I bought from “Bronze age miniatures” a couple of years back (when Jez and I started the He-man project), and with the application of some “greenstuff” and some blunt instruments (the bluntest being me), I hope to have some fairly recognizable renditions of said characters by the thirtieth of June. If all goes according to plan (and it rarely does!!), I hope to have time to add another non “He-man” bonus figure to my tally. This very simple conversion of a character from one of my all-time favorite comic books, will also give me a possible “out” if it looks like I have no chance of finishing the two figures above, but more on that in a later post. Below I have listed all the other people taking part in this year’s challenge, please click on the inks below to visit their own blogs/ sites.

Simon http://fantorical.blogspot.co.uk/

Jez https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/

John https://hitlh.blogspot.co.uk/

Michael http://28mmvictorianwarfare.blogspot.co.uk/

Bryan https://vampifansworldoftheundead.blogspot.co.uk/

Hills http://thegamerscupbard.blogspot.co.uk/

Mike https://www.flickr.com/photos/boyntonartstudio/albums

Kaptain Kobold http://hordesofthethings.blogspot.co.uk/

Roy  http://nevermindthejankers.blogspot.co.uk/

So all that remains for me to say, is the very best of luck to all the other entrants, I look forward to seeing all the lovely mini’s you turn out over the next thirty days and please keep checking back to see how we all get on. Thanks for reading

Till next time, Excelsior!! Roger.