Acid Storm & Soundwave (Mike Boynton)

(Ed note, due to the time difference between the UK and the US, Mikes post arrived within the deadline, but I was in bed at the time. I’m dedicated… but not that dedicated!)

Here are some finished shots of Acid Storm. I ended up making a Soundwave figure also. I took five bad old castings and was able to get one good figure out of the parts. I think these Transformers figures have turned out nice. I have added some custom Decals to them as well. I hope to have more pictures of them up on my Flicker account soon, till then please enjoy the photo’s below.

And one of the pair.

Thanks Mike.

Transformers Miniatures Boynton Decoy

3 thoughts on “Acid Storm & Soundwave (Mike Boynton)”

  1. Beautiful work Mike, and nice to see “Soundwave” there too, he was always one of my favourites. Great base on Acid Storm too, though it would be nice to get a close up on the chap at his feet, is he begging for his life perhaps? not much chance with a Decepticon!

    Really interesting and different approach, with the re-casting, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next year (you will be back I hope?).

    All the best, and thanks for joining us, I know you’ve been busy.

    Cheers Roger.


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