Late Entry “Distracterella” (Gisby)

I first read of the ‘Forgotten Heroes Challenge‘ on Roger Webb’s blog, Rantings From Under the Wargames Table (Well worth a read, BTW). The challenge is to make a figure of a hero, for whom there is no decent figure available. And it has to be finished in June.

As it turns out, I had a figure that fit the bill, and was done in June. It just took me this long to take a picture.

She is Distracterella, from the webcomic League of Superredundant Heroes. She is a Villainess whose power is to distract with her body. (It is revealed that the blue part of her costume is in fact body paint, and the stars are removable.)

The base figure is a female dolly from Bronze Age Miniatures. I added hair, and all else is paint.

So yes, she’s late, but I don’t care.

5 thoughts on “Late Entry “Distracterella” (Gisby)”

  1. And when the entry comes from such a distinguished personage, I think the lateness can be forgiven. And now I’m going to look up that webcomic, as it sounds just the kind of thing that appeals to me.


  2. Great entry Tim, and one I have to admit I’d never heard of (though I have now read half of the strips your link goes to), next time if you could be a little more prompt that would be great 😉
    Oh and before anyone complains about the lateness of this entry, my site, my rules….well Jez’s rules to be honest but I’m sure he’d let this slide, he’s a decent chap like that.

    Cheers Roger.


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