“Forgotten heroes 2018, wings and fins” (Roger Webb)

Well June is busting out all over (I told her that onesie was to small for her!), and as we all know that can mean only one thing “Forgotten heroes” is back and as per the rules (yes there are rules, flexible as they are!), I present to you my introductory piece outlining what figures I hope to produce and a little background on who they are and why I’ve picked them. At the end of this piece I’ll add a list of who else will be joining in this year and of course a link to the “Forgotten heroes” site where you can (hopefully) keep up with all the latest postings and the development of the other participants figures.

Anyway back to what I’m up to this month, well without wishing to sound like a “whining Winnie”, as I was aware that things were going to be a bit manic at work (real bill paying work this is, BOO HISS!!), along with doing the admin side of this event, I decided that I would just do a couple of figures that I hope I should be able to complete within the next four weeks. To this end I have played it fairly safe and gone for two more characters from the “Masters of the Universe” toy franchise in the form of “Mer-man and Stratos”, interestingly enough once these two are complete (if they get completed), it will mean I will then have all of the figures from the original release back in 1982 except for “Zodac” who was in fact the only toy figure I actually ever owned. Now I’ve wanted to do these two figures for quite a while now, I mean you have to have Mer-man don’t you, and there’s always been something a little odd about Stratos’ appearance, with that strange” Amish style beard that has intrigued me for years, so yes a couple of must haves for my collection. Both figures have their challenges, I’m not looking forward to doing Mer-man’s face at all (though I think I’ll be copying the cartoon version rather than the toy, here as I prefer it), and Stratos…well feathers!! (Enough said). I do of course need two “willing” volunteers for these surgical procedures and once again they have been recruited from my “Bronze age miniatures” dollies, now these are the last two of these I have, and as they no longer appear to have them on their web-site I’m not sure what I’m going to do when and if I do any more of the MOTU characters, still I’ll cross that bridge as and when. That’s enough of what I plan on doing I guess I’d better “put up and shut up” and get on with them now!

But before I go, here is a list of the other participants in this years “Forgotten heroes”, there is of course still time if you want to join in too, just let me know either in the comments section here or on the FH site, and I’ll sort it out….

Jez https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/

Simon http://fantorical.blogspot.com/

Alan http://hordesofthethings.blogspot.com/

Dave  http://thegamerscupbard.blogspot.com/

Bryan https://vampifansworldoftheundead.blogspot.com/

Keith http://angrypiper.com/

Ray (taking part by E-mail)

Harry https://warthroughtheages.wordpress.com/

Mike https://www.flickr.com/photos/boyntonartstudio/albums

The very best of luck to you all, please follow the links above to their various blogs or Flicker pages, or you can of course keep abreast of all the posts here.

Excelsior Roger.

6 thoughts on ““Forgotten heroes 2018, wings and fins” (Roger Webb)”

  1. Great choices Roger, look forward to seeing these progress, couldn’t comment for some reason on your own blog. How do the hasslefree dollys compare in size to the ones your using ?
    Shame I didn’t make your list ! ; ( LOL


    1. Hi Dave, thanks, no for some reason “WordPress doesn’t want to play with Blogger” at the moment, so I’m having to comment as Anonymous on several blogs and can’t even do that on others!

      If you knew me better you wouldn’t mention hasslefree, I’d rather not do any more than buy from them!

      Have added you to the list on this and my blog, sorry don’t know how I forgot you.

      Cheers Roger.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kev white is a very talented sculptor, but I’m not really a fan of his poses, or his prices! I’ll have to E-mail Bronze age at some point and see if he can cast me a few more (mind you his fig’s aren’t cheap when you add in postage, but they do really have the look .

        Silly thing is I added you to the categories on the FH site then forgot to put you in the list! (doh!).

        Cheers Roger.


  2. Strangely your own blog is aldo not allowing me to post a comment there, so I’ll do it here instead.

    When you mentioned wings and it wasn’t Buzz Off, I kind of guessed it might be Stratos, although his ‘wings’ aren’t really big enough to get him off the ground.

    And Mer-Man is on my list of MOTU characters i do want to do at some point, so I shall be taking notes…


    1. Might be my wordpress account that’s being a pain, as I can’t comment on some other bogs Andy’s and Keith’s for example, and others I can only do anonymous posting, yet yours and a couple of other wordpress blogs I’m fine on, god knows what’s going on! Took me five attempts to change my header picture yesterday too.

      Stratos is a cheat! he has a double rocket pack on his back, it appears his feathers are just for show.

      Oh well you’ve got to have Mer-man! Like you don’t have a record collection without “Bat out of Hell” you ain’t got a MOTU collection without Mer-man!

      Cheers Roger.


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