Forgotten-heroes-part-1. (Dave Stone)

Top row Mongrel,Hammerstein, Mad Ronn, Bottom Row, Blackblood, Hitaki, Joe Pinapples
So for the first time I’ve decided to join in forgotten heroes I thought this would be the perfect time for me to realise an idea I’ve had for many years to make all the incarnations of the Meknificant Seven. For any one who doesn’t know who they are, they appeared in the comic 2000 ad as the A.B.C. Warriors, the first incarnation was just after the second Volgan war and seven robots were recruited to bring peace to mars, they included Hammerstien, Joe Pinapples, Happy Shrapnel, Mongrel, Deadlock, Blackblood, and Steelhorn who had become the mess ( a pool of liquid metal that could move and change shape at will)Happy died on Mars and the Mess became part of a much larger robot called George and remained on Mars.
The second incarnation appeared in Nemesis the warlock book four the Gothic War, and had two new recruits Mad Ronn, and Hitaki, Nemesis replaced Deadlock as he explained they were one and the same, and they had Ro-Jaws and Purity Brown join their entourage.
Their third outing saw Nemesis send them into the black hole bypass, Mad Ronn was dead and was replaced by Mek Quake, Nemesis didn’t go with them and Deadlock rejoined them, Hitaki was lost and replaced by Terri, a human who thought of herself as a robot, by the end of this adventure she was dead as humans are far more squishy than robots.

WE next saw the warriors go to the planet Hekate in the Khronicles of Khaos, here they recruited Morrigun a female robot, the team remained the same through Hellbringer, then in Third Element Morigunn died and the warriors recruited the reformed Steelhorn, (the planet spirit Medusa did this and made him her champion).
The team would remain the same through the next mission, The Shadow Warriors.
Through the next adventure The Volgan War, the warriors would leave Mek Quake at an asylum and go and recruit Zippo, while doing this Blackblood would betray the warriors and leave.
Through the next three adventures “Return to Earth” ” Return to Mars” and “Return to Ro-Busters” they would recruit Tubal Caine, who was the resurrection of Happy Shrapnel.
This brings up to date of the Graphic Novels, which is where I’m reading it from.
So far I’ve made 4 frames to work from, and are from left to right Mad Ronn, Hitaki, Happy Shrapnel, and Morrigun, as you can see these are all going to be scratch built to get just the right look I’m looking for

Note the date and time in the background to show I’m not cheating ! LOL
Wherever possible I’m going to base the models on the art of Clint Langley, the models themselves are a head taller than a standard human model, the robots have been drawn in varying heights depending on the artist, Clint draws them this height and also has the robots at different heights so will be sticking with his rendition. I may do more before the end of the month all depends on time, so we will see, so until next time have fun Cheers Dave

4 thoughts on “Forgotten-heroes-part-1. (Dave Stone)”

    1. Thank you borderguy, it’s a project I’ve been wanting to do for many years, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to carry on with it


  1. All comes with practice and the willingness to experiment, when I started it was small additional details, then moved on to full body parts and eventually full sculpts, if you want to learn more look for tutorials or if possible go on a sculpting course


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