Insecticons part 1 (Mike Boynton)

My student’s grades are in and the school year is over. I started late but I will be making the three Insecticons from Transformers for this year’s project. The Insecticons are smaller than the other Transformers so Im going to shirk down some 1980s Transformers decoy vending toys so they are in scale with the recast decoy Transformers that I have already made over the last school year.
There is a link at the bottom of this post if you want to see my Transformers miniatures
I have been recasting these 80s rubber decoy figures and placing them in dynamic stances and customizing them with some kit bashing. I’m basically taking a one part rubber vending toy and turning it into a multiple part pro mini resin kit.
My plan is to mix oderless mineral spirits with silicone to make the silicone shrink down as the mineral spirits evaporate. I have done lots of casting but I have not done this shrink technique before so this is new for me.
Today I used hot glue to glue the rubber decoy figures prone in containers thinking this was the best way to cast them in a one part mold. I was told that doing this with a two part mold is difficult as the two parts may shrink at different rates and not match up for casting. I used 30% mineral spirits in my mix and filled up the three containers. Evidently the molds will take seven days to shrink. I will get back to you about the results then.
Cheers, Mike

5 thoughts on “Insecticons part 1 (Mike Boynton)”

  1. Mike is an amazing artist, it’s well worth a browse through his “flicker” albums, he is also an extremely good modelmaker too, not to mention a really nice chap.

    Trust me these are going to be good!

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Very impressive work, Mike. I was a big fan of the Insecticons – I think I had Bombshell and Kickback – so this is a real trip down memory lane. Can’t wait to see how they all turn out.


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