Cable (Raymond S.T.)

My first mini for forgotten heroes is Cable. I didn’t really care for any of the heroclix minis of him so I decided to do one of my own. So I went searching in my trays of minis and lucked out on finding a perfect mini to use. Originally he was Sly Marbo from WH40K, with a simple paint over job & a decal he’s now Cable. I know my paint skills are lacking but I hope to improve over the summer(not holding my breath). I didn’t finish the base because I plan on putting him on a clear one(as soon as i find one in my mountain of bits). Hoping to have my second hero done within the week, it’ll probably look like John Carpenters The Thing instead of the character I’m shooting for, I’ll be attempting to use some green stuff for the 1st time. (Definitely outta my league  here with you all and I don’t have any serum).

6 thoughts on “Cable (Raymond S.T.)”

  1. Well done! Way back when, I knew a guy who swapped an old Necromunda House Orlock head onto a Vindicare Assassin’s body and made Solid Snake from Metal Gear. This reminds me of that. Very cool version of Cable!


  2. Oops, posted before I finished. I was going to say that it doesn’t matter that you haben’t svulpted it from scratch ot heavily modified an existing figure. We can see immediately who this is supposed to be, so that’s a great result and a good conversion. Good work!


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