Blaquesmith, Cyclops and Colossus (Raymond S.T.)

The week started out simple with painting two miniatures. One was from Crossover and the other from Reaper, I give you Cyclops and Colossus.

Still need to add clear bases. My next mini that I was going to attempt was placed on the back burner as I’ve got a problem paying for shipping when it’s more then the actual mini. Wasn’t quite to sure what to do next in its place. When I decided to do an add on for Cable. So I decided on Blaquesmith.

You’d think it would’ve been simple, I’m not that lucky. First I had to find a mini to use, I was going to go with Leech(which I might still do) but went with a moloid instead. I started by giving him some boots, utility belt, & trimming his ears.

Then a headset, & painted him up. Like I said in my last post( John C’s the thing). I think I’m going to repaint also, need to find a duller red.  Hoping my next one will improve slightly.

3 thoughts on “Blaquesmith, Cyclops and Colossus (Raymond S.T.)”

  1. Whilst using the Crossover figure for Cyclops was an obvious choice, using that Reaper Stone Golem for Colossus is inspired! I’ve had my eye on that figure for a while, but not thought of using it for superhero gaming in this way. Good job. And Blaquesmith is a definite Forgotten Hero, as I’m sure not a lot of people even know who he is.


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