X Men & Avengers (Raymond S.T.)

I crammed the last 3 days to get these in since ill be hemmed up from Wednesday through till Sunday.For this week I’ve continued along with my mutant theme. First is just a paint job of a mini from my pile of lead. I decided to do Caliban after I stumbled across this mini(can’t remember where I got him from).
Originally the mini was purple so I just added a light coating of white, then
red, & two dots of yellow for the eyes.
For my second mutant I went with Random.
Sadly I can’t recall the heroclix that I used for him & I accidentally deleted my first couple of pics of this Frankenstein project. First I cut off the majority of his left arm so I could attempt to add his gun arm. For the barrels I simply used the protective tops of my paint brushes & greenstuff. clearly need to work on sculpting skills. I couldn’t get the bandana to work with two tail pieces so I opted to stay with just one.
My final step was to paint him up. At some point in time ill go back & attempt to add some more detail to his gun arm.
And lastly I wanted to add to my heroclix Avengers team which consisted of US Agent, Hawk Eye, & Wonderman. ( no modifications done to them other then the clear bases).
So I painted up minis from reaper, crossover, & superfigs. As the Hulk, Antman, & Silver Centurion Iron Man. I’ve got a better mini for the Iron Man but couldn’t find him so went with this one. I’m sure I’ll find the other one tomorrow or the next day.
I plan on adding 2-4 more minis for my Avengers team.
That’s all for now, my limited skills are spent!! I plan on doing a few more for the final week just not sure who as of yet.

4 thoughts on “X Men & Avengers (Raymond S.T.)”

  1. You do realise you only had to do one, Ray? Your output has been very impressive and Random was a character I’d almost forgotten about. Looks like the base figure was Blockbuster from the Reavers. Good work.


  2. The miniature you used for Caliban is from Rattrap Productions, makers of the .45 Adventure pulp rules. It looks like its right arm has been repositioned.
    Great work! Random is a character I pretty much forgot all about, so very appropriate for Forgotten Heroes!


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