Forgotten Heroes Continued (Dave Stone)

Firstly apologies to anyone I was late on commenting on your blog posts, the last 3 days were quite extreme as I moved my eldest daughter from Plymouth to Dublin. She has just finished her degree in animation and before getting her results got recruited by an animation company in Dublin, we’ve literally had four weeks to organise and get her moved. We are so immensely proud of what she has achieved.
So while trying to recover today I have managed to finish two more of my project, first up is Mongrol, this was quite a challenging colour scheme until I went into GW today and spotted the perfect colour needed.

Have also finished Happy Shrapnel, this one was challenging being mostly silver so I added some blue wash for shade, and blue glaze for mid tones to help break up all the silver.

Hopefully will find time to finish the last couple before the end of the month, but have a lot of actual work to do at the moment so will have to see.
Until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes Continued (Dave Stone)”

    1. Sorry about that piper ! LOL
      Seriously thank you, practice and experimentation is the key, find what works for you


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