Forgotten Heroes 2018 Submission 3: The Aquarian! (The Angry Piper)

As Ringo would say, “Peace and Love, Peace and Love…”

As Forgotten Heroes draws to an end this year, I have saved the truly worst for last. I present to you: The Aquarian!

Sigh. Where to begin?

The Aquarian’s name is Wundarr, and he was born on planet Dakkam. When he was an infant, his father put him in a rocket and launched Wundarr into space because—wait for it—he thought Dakkam was about to blow up. Turns out he was wrong. Oops.

Wundarr drifted through space in suspended animation until he arrived at Earth, where he was bombarded by cosmic rays in the outer atmosphere and got superpowers. (This somewhat plagiaristic origin story may sound familiar to you. Perhaps he should have been named “Suparr” instead. I have to assume it was meant as a parody; either that or DC found the Aquarian so ridiculous they didn’t want to draw attention to the similarities and forever associate their own character with this ball-bag.)

Wundarr grew to maturity in the spaceship, but he still had the mind of an infant when he crashed on Earth. The Thing took him under his wing for a while, then Namorita kind of adopted him before Project: Pegasus grabbed him up and used him to study the Cosmic Cube. Nothing good ever really comes of that, but Wundarr got wicked smart (I’m from Massachusetts) and his powers were increased. He called himself the Aquarian and made it his mission to bring peace and enlightenment to the world. When not doing these things, he tours the country playing the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar.

OK, I made that last part up. (Or did I?)

The Aquarian missed out on being faster than a speeding bullet, but the cosmic rays made him more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. This is because he absorbs all kinds of energy and converts it to kinetic force, which he must discharge periodically by doing something physical, lest he explode. This won’t harm him, but the same can’t be said for anyone around him when he goes boom, so he jumps around a lot. He also has a force field that nullifies most superpowers and makes him pretty much invulnerable to anything kinetically powered, like a bullet or a punch. Presumably, you can still give him a hug. He would probably like that.

I first discovered the Aquarian in the unreadable Captain America Annual #7. I have tried to get through this particular issue about ten times in my life, and I don’t think I’ve made it very far. It’s torture.

To make this conversion, I used two miniatures, the head of an old Aquaman miniature and the headless body of the Weather Wizard I used making Water Wizard earlier this month.

I needed to do a fair bit of sculpting to make the Aquarian’s ridiculous sleeves. As anyone who visits this blog regularly knows, green stuff is not my friend. I decided to try this Magic Sculpt, which is similar in function in that it is a two-part sculpting medium, but it behaves quite differently than green stuff. It’s not as sticky, and it takes a little longer to cure completely. When wet, it gets really soft, which makes holding its shape difficult. It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper. This 1 lb. set cost me less than $20. An 8″ ribbon of green stuff costs $15!

I think my concept was solid, and the miniatures used were pretty good choices, but…

the actual execution is somewhat lacking. Here is the finished model. I’m not thrilled with how he came out. I would have liked to add more texture to the cloth sleeves, but I got annoyed with the Magic Sculpt and decided the hell with it. Hopefully by the time Forgotten Heroes rolls around next year I will be more adept at sculpting.

Nevertheless, I now have a perfectly serviceable Aquarian miniature for supers gaming, should I ever want to use him in a game, which I can’t imagine I would. Ever.

Wait…now I have to, don’t I?

8 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes 2018 Submission 3: The Aquarian! (The Angry Piper)”

  1. Well you certainly managed to find a less than super, super ! LOL
    In the UK it’s cheaper to buy green stuff, with magic sculpt being over double the price. You can mix green and magic together as well so you can get a more balanced putty.
    If you ever need advice on sculpting, you can always ask on the blog or email me, happy to help


    1. Thanks, Dave. You really know how to make a guy regret saying I hate you. 🙂

      I may take you up on the free (at least I hope it’s free) advice. I’ve watched dozens of YouTube videos and Roger was kind enough to answer many of my sculpting questions, but the mysteries of green stuff continue to be elusive. I do want to get better, though…

      It’s weird how things are priced so differently in our respective countries…Magic Sculpt is pricey for you, but cheaper than green stuff for me. Cork floor tiles are affordable for you, but try and find some in the USA in small quantity and on the cheap? Good luck with that. I think our polystyrene insulation board may be less expensive than in the UK, but you fellows can get it in smaller thicknesses than we can.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That was the funniest post I’ve read in a while. Your writing makes me giggle. And a few LOLs. What a crappy hero! Yoy have found the lamest, yet completely necessary Forgotten Heros. You are a wizard! Keep it up Piper!


    1. Thanks, Borderguy. I’m very happy Jeremy invited me to take part in this challenge a year ago, as it’s been a hell of a lot of fun, both converting my own models and seeing what others have done. I’ve found that among this group we all seem to have similar senses of humor, so I’m glad I can make you laugh.
      Now where’s Jake Cutter? 🙂 I’ve been dying to see what you do with him!
      Also, did you ever find a Jack?


      1. I just matte coated Jake. Undid fibdca suitable model, and sculpted the eye patch last night. Jack is currently taking a Simple Green bath before a rinse and dry before primer. I hope to post both tomorrow!


  3. I’m not going to lie, I really thought he was made up. When I did a search for marvel comics aquarium he came up 4th or 5th on the results after all the fish tank stuff. Definitely the most obscure hero ever!! I feel your pain working with the green stuff. I’m like a 1st grader with all thumbs!! Truly a forgotten hero ( as he should be) great job!!


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