As Forgotten Heroes draws to a close for 2018, here is my last submission to the event.
Almost forgot to show the painting of this lady robot, included a freehand fanged horse head on her thigh that the Night Maras gifted her while she trained with them.

We all have a colour that we dislike painting, and mine is green, which is the predominant colour of Blackblood, pleased with the overall look I managed to achieve.

Mek Quake
In Clint’s artwork he has Mek Quake as dirty and rusty, so once I’d got the silver shaded and highlighted, I stippled on Reikland fleshshade, and Agrax Earthshade to get the desired effect.

Although this model was started before the event I thought I’d show him as he’s now finished.

Group Shot
Here’s all the models together that I’ve finished so far

What The Future Holds
For anyone who knows the A.B.C. Warriors you will notice there are seven models left to build, here is a group shot of all the frames made to finish the project, some are a little further along than others.This has been a fun event to take part in, and have seen some fantastic entries, of some characters I’ve never heard of, and some I knew. Look forward to next years event and see what everyone comes up with.
Until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

2 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN HEROES 2018 ROUNDUP (Dave Stone)”

    1. Thank you Raymond, the plan is to finish the rest and also do a vehicle version of Mek Quake, and a Blitzspear in the coming months


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