Insecticons Complete (Mike Boynton)

I have completed all three G1 transformers Insecticons characters Shrapnel, Bombshell and Kickback. I painted them with a basecoat of black and then dry brushed the areas that needed to be purple and yellow with white.
I did this to make them bright as purple and yellow are transparent and the light passes through them and bounces off the opaque white and back to your eye making them look nice and bright.
I used many different metallic acrylic paints to give them a mechanical look. I dry brushed the black base-coat with the metallics and got a good robotic looking result.
For bases I crushed up N scale model railroad cars and painted them white and did a red and brown wash on them to contrast the Insecticons colors. I then added N Scale people to the base. I was running out of time so I did not repaint the people and just left the miniature people painted in their off the shelf colors.
I usually do a lot of washes on my minis. A wash is when you mix acrylic paint to the consistency of 2% milk and spreading it over the model to create false shadows.
Unfortunately, I did not do any on these miniatures yet. The unpainted N scale people looked bad so I decided to paint them all with a coat of Citadel Typhus Corrosion and it looked good. In fact, I don’t usually use Citadel products but it looked good on the metallic Transforms and it dulled out the off the shelf paints on the N scale people making them look corroded and dirty. Over all I was very happy with my fast paint job.
Epilogue: I can’t say I was very impressed with the amount of shrinkage I got from this process for the cost. I have connections that allowed me to procure materials at a lower amount than the general public so this processes may be cost too much for the regular hobbyist. I do plan on shrinking Sound Wave’s tapes a second time and maybe a third time to make them smaller. Another thing I can tell perspective shrinkers is that mixing mineral spirits with construction calking silicon does not work. Over all I am happy with my three new transformers.
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Cheers Mike

4 thoughts on “Insecticons Complete (Mike Boynton)”

  1. Great stuff, Mike. The use of the N scale civilians and scenery really adds to the models and is possibly an idea I may appropriate for future projects. Bombshell is my favourite – mainly because I had him and thought he was the coolest of the Insecticons.


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