Forgotten Heroes 2018 Submission 3: The Aquarian! (The Angry Piper)

As Ringo would say, “Peace and Love, Peace and Love…”

As Forgotten Heroes draws to an end this year, I have saved the truly worst for last. I present to you: The Aquarian!

Sigh. Where to begin?

The Aquarian’s name is Wundarr, and he was born on planet Dakkam. When he was an infant, his father put him in a rocket and launched Wundarr into space because—wait for it—he thought Dakkam was about to blow up. Turns out he was wrong. Oops.

Wundarr drifted through space in suspended animation until he arrived at Earth, where he was bombarded by cosmic rays in the outer atmosphere and got superpowers. (This somewhat plagiaristic origin story may sound familiar to you. Perhaps he should have been named “Suparr” instead. I have to assume it was meant as a parody; either that or DC found the Aquarian so ridiculous they didn’t want to draw attention to the similarities and forever associate their own character with this ball-bag.)

Wundarr grew to maturity in the spaceship, but he still had the mind of an infant when he crashed on Earth. The Thing took him under his wing for a while, then Namorita kind of adopted him before Project: Pegasus grabbed him up and used him to study the Cosmic Cube. Nothing good ever really comes of that, but Wundarr got wicked smart (I’m from Massachusetts) and his powers were increased. He called himself the Aquarian and made it his mission to bring peace and enlightenment to the world. When not doing these things, he tours the country playing the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar.

OK, I made that last part up. (Or did I?)

The Aquarian missed out on being faster than a speeding bullet, but the cosmic rays made him more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. This is because he absorbs all kinds of energy and converts it to kinetic force, which he must discharge periodically by doing something physical, lest he explode. This won’t harm him, but the same can’t be said for anyone around him when he goes boom, so he jumps around a lot. He also has a force field that nullifies most superpowers and makes him pretty much invulnerable to anything kinetically powered, like a bullet or a punch. Presumably, you can still give him a hug. He would probably like that.

I first discovered the Aquarian in the unreadable Captain America Annual #7. I have tried to get through this particular issue about ten times in my life, and I don’t think I’ve made it very far. It’s torture.

To make this conversion, I used two miniatures, the head of an old Aquaman miniature and the headless body of the Weather Wizard I used making Water Wizard earlier this month.

I needed to do a fair bit of sculpting to make the Aquarian’s ridiculous sleeves. As anyone who visits this blog regularly knows, green stuff is not my friend. I decided to try this Magic Sculpt, which is similar in function in that it is a two-part sculpting medium, but it behaves quite differently than green stuff. It’s not as sticky, and it takes a little longer to cure completely. When wet, it gets really soft, which makes holding its shape difficult. It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper. This 1 lb. set cost me less than $20. An 8″ ribbon of green stuff costs $15!

I think my concept was solid, and the miniatures used were pretty good choices, but…

the actual execution is somewhat lacking. Here is the finished model. I’m not thrilled with how he came out. I would have liked to add more texture to the cloth sleeves, but I got annoyed with the Magic Sculpt and decided the hell with it. Hopefully by the time Forgotten Heroes rolls around next year I will be more adept at sculpting.

Nevertheless, I now have a perfectly serviceable Aquarian miniature for supers gaming, should I ever want to use him in a game, which I can’t imagine I would. Ever.

Wait…now I have to, don’t I?

Forgotten Heroes 2018 – Chastity Marks Finished (Bryan Scott)

Here I present my entry for the Forgotten Heroes 2018 challenge – another favourite vampire of mine, Chastity Marks.

Before I show my finished entry I thought you’d like to see just how I converted this Copplestone Castings Bodyguard in Bikini into Chastity. Working down from head to feet, I had to restyle her hair. This wasn’t too difficult as it just involved adding Milliput with no filing or cutting required. I added a bit of Milliput to her upper arms to represent her long gloves. I turned her bikini top into a bustier top by adding more Milliput below her breasts and to the middle of her back. In the first picture of  Chastity that I showed you in my introduction, she was holding two katanas, so I added a second katana to her left hand. I had to remodel her left thumb to fit around the hilt of the katana. Next I added the tops of her thigh-length boots. Finally, I added a bit of Milliput to cover up her toes. All in all, it wasn’t too difficult a conversion.

And here she is completely finished and ready for action. I did wonder about whether to paint her clothing in satin black or gloss black. Either would work. In the first picture I showed last time her clothing was satin black but in the second picture it was clearly gloss black. Ultimately, I thought gloss black looked better and so that is what I went with.

With so many other projects on the go, I knew I didn’t have that much spare time to devote to this project but I knew that converting one figure was easily achievable, and I’m delighted with the result. Roll on Forgotten Heroes 2019!

Forgotten Heroes Continued (Dave Stone)

Firstly apologies to anyone I was late on commenting on your blog posts, the last 3 days were quite extreme as I moved my eldest daughter from Plymouth to Dublin. She has just finished her degree in animation and before getting her results got recruited by an animation company in Dublin, we’ve literally had four weeks to organise and get her moved. We are so immensely proud of what she has achieved.
So while trying to recover today I have managed to finish two more of my project, first up is Mongrol, this was quite a challenging colour scheme until I went into GW today and spotted the perfect colour needed.

Have also finished Happy Shrapnel, this one was challenging being mostly silver so I added some blue wash for shade, and blue glaze for mid tones to help break up all the silver.

Hopefully will find time to finish the last couple before the end of the month, but have a lot of actual work to do at the moment so will have to see.
Until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave


Insecticon update (Mike Boynton)

I have cast resin into my 2nd set of shrinking molds and pulled some nice minis from them. I used Amazing Casting Resin and it worked well. There is no smell and you can demold in minutes.
The models shrunk a bit more but not as much as I would have liked. I put the minis together by cutting and adding joints. I tried to make them as dramatic as possible with the grasshopper robot Kickback being the most dramatic.
I used hands from Warhammer 40k Space Marines and other kit bashing parts to add details. I also had to make all the bot’s backs out of green stuff as I had originally cast them prone to make it easier to mold them the first time.
Moving on I made up some bases with crashed cars to show that the Insecticons  are giant robots even though they are smaller than most other Transformers . I then painted them with a base coat of black. I just need to paint them now in their signature colours.
Cheers  Mike.

“Wet and Windy, sorry that one was Cringeworthy” (Roger Webb)

Week three of “Forgotten Heroes”, and as I mentioned last week, I was slow out of the blocks yet again, as Saturday I went to the Phalanx wargames show in St Helens, it’s not that far from me and they have a “Bring and Buy”, so it was a chance to off load some the excess figures and stuff that I’m never going to use again. Anyway, what you want to know is, have I finished the sculpting of Mer-man and Stratos’ and the answer is YES! I’m rather pleased about this as if I am going to have any chance of getting them finished in June I really need to start painting them ASAP. So pleased was I in fact that I have thrown another figure into the mix, but more on that at the end of this week’s posting, first here’s how I got the other two done..

Sunday, I began today by adding the rest of the feathers to Sratos’ arms in the same way as the others, I then added the back plate to Mer-man’s arrmour, this was a triangle of putty placed on his back and the ridges were pushed into this in a shallow “V” pattern, lastly today, I started work on Mer-man’s trident, by taking a length of florists wire and wrapping it in putty, then rolling it till it was completely covered.

Monday, and very little time today, so just had time to mix up a little ball of putty, and then after carving away some of the covering of Mer-man’s trident shaft, I added the ball near the top and then pushed two bent short lengths of wire into the sides of this as the extra “prongs”, I added a little bit of detail to the front of the balls and that was it for today, next day once it was dry I filed and sanded the back of the ball flat and reduced the thickness of the shaft a tiny bit, though not enough, so I also teased his right hand open a bit more till it fitted. Not much to show for two days work, but any progress is better than none as they say.

Wednesday, another poor day today really, I’ve been thinking about how I was going to do the “fins” on the back of Stratos’ rocket pack, originally I was going to try and sculpt them in putty, but I decided to try making them out the end of a coffee stirrer (honestly where would wargamers be without these!). So taking one of McDonalds finest, I began by sanding the edges to make it thinner at the curved edge, then I cut the curved tip off and cut this in half. Taking these two “fin” shapes I carefully glued then in place on the back of the rocket pack, and then gently filed then slightly to shape, I think these turned out better than I could have sculpted them (and a lot thinner!).

Thursday, and today I concentrated on Mer-man’s trident so after mixing up a tiny amount of putty, I began by wrapping a small amount around the central “prong” shaping it with one of my colour shapers till I was reasonably happy with the shape. I then took my small knife and cut the joint between the bones (well I think that’s what they are supposed to be anyway), some more detail shaping later and I was ready to repeat the process on the left and right prongs. After this I decided to add a little more putty to the front and back of the “head” piece of the trident, and to have another go at the design on the front, it came out better this time I think. With the small amount of putty I had left I added the two cones to the top of Stratos’ back rockets, these were just two balls shaped into cone shapes and a couple of holes were added for detail.

Friday, I finally finished the sculpting today (hooray!), they seem to have been so close for so long, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever actually finish them. I began by adding the wristbands that hold Statos’ wings in place, these were just sausages of putty run around his wrists and smoothed, and he was done. Mer-man needed his fancy belt buckle adding so a tiny sausage of putty was added here and shaped into a butterfly shape before the fin details were added with my small knife, and tiny ball of putty was then pushed into the middle and will be painted as a jewel. I then carved a tiny bit away from the bottom of his trident and added a small flattened ball to this and lastly I added his wrist gauntlets these were done the same way as Stratos’ above only larger as shaped to a point at the elbow.

Now I mentioned at the start of this post that I have added another figure to the two above, and here it is, this is a “Firepelt Cougar” from the plastic “Dungeons and Dragons” range that I picked up from “Tritex” at Salute few years back. Now I’m hoping that a coat of green paint and some stripes, will transform him into a passible “Cringer”, a fairly simple conversion, so I hope to be able to complete all three before the end of the month.

Basing and painting next, but that will have to wait till next week, so till then…

Excelsior Roger.

X Men & Avengers (Raymond S.T.)

I crammed the last 3 days to get these in since ill be hemmed up from Wednesday through till Sunday.For this week I’ve continued along with my mutant theme. First is just a paint job of a mini from my pile of lead. I decided to do Caliban after I stumbled across this mini(can’t remember where I got him from).
Originally the mini was purple so I just added a light coating of white, then
red, & two dots of yellow for the eyes.
For my second mutant I went with Random.
Sadly I can’t recall the heroclix that I used for him & I accidentally deleted my first couple of pics of this Frankenstein project. First I cut off the majority of his left arm so I could attempt to add his gun arm. For the barrels I simply used the protective tops of my paint brushes & greenstuff. clearly need to work on sculpting skills. I couldn’t get the bandana to work with two tail pieces so I opted to stay with just one.
My final step was to paint him up. At some point in time ill go back & attempt to add some more detail to his gun arm.
And lastly I wanted to add to my heroclix Avengers team which consisted of US Agent, Hawk Eye, & Wonderman. ( no modifications done to them other then the clear bases).
So I painted up minis from reaper, crossover, & superfigs. As the Hulk, Antman, & Silver Centurion Iron Man. I’ve got a better mini for the Iron Man but couldn’t find him so went with this one. I’m sure I’ll find the other one tomorrow or the next day.
I plan on adding 2-4 more minis for my Avengers team.
That’s all for now, my limited skills are spent!! I plan on doing a few more for the final week just not sure who as of yet.

Forgotten Heroes Into Paint (Dave Stone)

Have got the first two models of what’s turning into an ever growing project into paint.
First up is Hitaki, the colour reference for this model was very limited so went with the cover art I showed at the start of the project. To get part of the comic feel around the eyes of being in shadow I used brown then black washes until I got the desired effect

Next up is Mad Ronn, who I took the reference from the same picture, On his shoulder pads I hand painted the ABC but went with simple yellow dots to represent the stars

That’s all for now, so until next time have fun !

Cheers Dave

Shiney Happy…Spaceknights (Jez Winstanley)

As we’re almost two-thirds of the way through June and the last three posts on the Buffet have been on other matters, you may be under the impression that my entry for Forgotten Heroes may have been…well, forgotten.

However, this is not the case, as I have been working on it behind the scenes, in amongst all the other things I’ve been up to.

When I first introduced the base model that I was planning to turn into Rom, it looked like this:

The first order of the day, in order to get Rom’s iconic spread-legged stance, which according to Messrs Keanrick and Mossop is the stance of a hero, I sliced his base in half and spread his legs. In order to do this, I did have to cut upwards, as it’s not evident from the picture, but right at the very top of his legs, they are joined by a very thin piece of plastic.

I then jammed a trangular needle file between his thighs, bent his ankles inwards and glued him to a spare HeroScape base I had knocking about. I then cut off his head and left arm.

As the base figure is looking down, when I repositioned his head to look to the left (from his point of view), there was a small wedge-shaped gap in the throat area, which I knew I would have to fill at some point.

Regarding the left arm, as I wanted to preserve the shoulder joint/pad, in order to position the arm in the right place, I needed to carve off some of the left shoulderblade/back, so that the arm would sit flush and not look too out of place. This was then glued into place and the model left to ‘set’.

Upon returning to the figure later, I discovered that whilst the glue had worked on the base, I’d forgotten that HeroScape bases have a sticker on top and this had pulled away from the plastic base beneath. So I decided to alter the stance to a slightly less heroic spread of legs and re-base it directly on to a 2 pence piece.

So, proto-Rom was now in the correct stance, but was unarmed.

Rummaging through my bits box, I eventually cobbled together his Neutraliser from various plastic odds and ends, including the remains of a plastic GW Dalek and part of a Kroot rifle.The most iconic part of his weapon is the ribbed cooling vents(?) just behind the emitter, which took a bit longer to find a suitable part.

I then cut between the figure’s index finger and thumb, prised this gap open, bent the fingers around the handle of the Neutraliser and glued everything into place, like so:

Now that proto-Rom was assembled, I needed to tidy up his base and fill the gap in his neck, or one good knock would send the head flying, so out came the Miiliput and he was given a textured base and the gap was filled. I also ran the thin edge of a needle file across his eye slot, as this wasn’t quite the right shape.

Once the Milliput was dry, the next stage was to give the whole figure a base coat. As I wanted to replicate the comic book version as much as possible, who is very shiny, I decided to use some Plastikote Chrome Effect spray on the whole figure, which is why I did not add the transparent red emitter for the Neutraliser or his visor. And this is the result:

Ooooh, Shiny!

And that’s the progress so far. Other than addiing the red emitter, visor and chest lights and repainting the base, I think he’s pretty much done.

I’m trying to decide if I should give him a black wash to highlight the shadows a bit more, or just leave him really, really shiny. I think I’ll have to look at him in full natural light to make that decision, but if anyone else wants to venture an opinion on that, please feel free to do so.

Until next time…

Blaquesmith, Cyclops and Colossus (Raymond S.T.)

The week started out simple with painting two miniatures. One was from Crossover and the other from Reaper, I give you Cyclops and Colossus.

Still need to add clear bases. My next mini that I was going to attempt was placed on the back burner as I’ve got a problem paying for shipping when it’s more then the actual mini. Wasn’t quite to sure what to do next in its place. When I decided to do an add on for Cable. So I decided on Blaquesmith.

You’d think it would’ve been simple, I’m not that lucky. First I had to find a mini to use, I was going to go with Leech(which I might still do) but went with a moloid instead. I started by giving him some boots, utility belt, & trimming his ears.

Then a headset, & painted him up. Like I said in my last post( John C’s the thing). I think I’m going to repaint also, need to find a duller red.  Hoping my next one will improve slightly.

Insecticon update: (Mike Boynton)

My molds shrunk and I cast the models and the miniatures came out more than a head shorter than before. I knew the shrinkage would not be much so I was not disappointed as all my molds and casts came out well.
I cast up the three molds and used green stuff to fix up the casts minis. I had to mold the originals prone but for the second mold I cut up the 1st casts and placed all three in one mold box to shrink them a second time. I decided to also do Sound Wave’s tape robots as well becuse I would have enough  silicone to make another shrink mold.
My mix was the same as before with 30% mineral spirits. All I need to do is wait seven days for the mineral spirits to evaporate then cast, model, paint and I will be done.