Forgotten Heroes Challenge 2018 – Intro (Bryan Scott)

It’s July and that means it is time for the Forgotten Heroes Challenge 2018. I have participated in this challenge twice before in 2016 and 2017. The challenge is to create or convert a 28-32mm scale superhero/supervillain character who is not commercially available. In 2016 I converted standard and Chibi versions of two of my favourite comic book vampires – Vampirella and Purgatori. Last year I surpassed my expectations and both created and converted the six heroes known collectively as the Bug Hunters. This year I’m going much simpler and I’m going to convert a single figure to create another one of my favourite comic book vampires – Chastity Marks.

In 1976, teenager Chastity Marks was an American runaway living in London. Punk rock was all the rage, and Chastity was soon running errands for a local band. One night while on the job she was attacked by a vampire. She escaped, but not with her life: Chastity was now a vampire, but with a twist. To the rest of the vampire world, she was completely undetectable.
Today, Chastity works freelance for the Cabal, a secret society of vampires, werewolves, and witches who rule over the monster underworld. As strong as ten men and a master martial artist, Chastity serves (on her terms) as the Cabal’s most efficient and merciless assassin, all the while trying to live a normal life.
Chastity’s last appearance in comics was in 2015, when she appeared in the epic crossover event – The Swords of Sorrow produced by Dynamite Entertainment. Here, she threw in her lot with the bad guys and in a related four part mini-series, she led the forces of darkness against Jennifer Blood and Vampirella. Bad move on her part. Vampirella kicked her ass but refrained from killing her, in order to teach her a lesson that Vampi was far more powerful than she could ever imagine or aspire to be. This made Chastity question her decision to side with the bad guys.
The figure I’m using for the basis of Chastity is this one to the right and is one of the Copplestone Castings Future Wars Civilian figures from set FW45 Bodyguards in Bikinis. This should be a simple conversion so I’m very confident of completing her in time.
I’m looking forward to this challenge and to all the other contestants taking part, I wish you the very best of luck and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Submission 1 “The Water Wizard” (The Angry Piper)

It’s June, which means it’s time for Forgotten Heroes!

Last year my fellow miniatures enthusiast Carrion Crow invited me to take part in the Forgotten Heroes challenge. I played hard to get at first, but then when I saw how much fun it was going to be, I begged him to let me take part. He graciously agreed. I converted and/or repainted the entire Liberty Legion, along with special guests Spirit of ’76, Patriot, Union Jack and Bucky! This year, I’m hoping to submit three Forgotten Heroes, not a whole team. So, without further ado, here’s the first:

The Water Wizard is a really lame Marvel villain with water powers. In fact, it turns out he can control almost any liquid, not just water. You would think this would make him pretty powerful, but Water Wizard is an idiot. In 1977, he made his debut in the Ghost Rider comic book and promptly got his clock cleaned by Ghost Rider, both in his initial appearance and pretty much every time they met after that.

He actually fought some other Marvel good guys, like Captain America, with predictable results (he lost). He was recruited by criminal financier and Hugh Hefner lookalike, Justin Hammer, but ran away when he had to fight Iron Man.

After a while, Water Wizard changed his name to Aqueduct, which is an even dumber name than Water Wizard, and tried to continue his criminal ambitions. Instead he joined the Thunderbolts and that’s about when I lost track of him.

To make this conversion, I used three figures. Because I never throw anything out, I had a headless Quicksilver left over from when I made Jack Frost in my first Forgotten Heroes challenge last year. . He’s been grotesquely hanging around in a corner of my hobby space since then. I thought that the head of the Weather Wizard (similar name, different publisher, equally lame bad guy) would look pretty good on the body. His  hair is already blowing around, so it would match pretty well with the running pose. For added effect, I thought I would use this water spume on the Aquaman figure for something…

An idea took shape. I re-headed and rebased the miniature, and sculpted his fashionable hip waders out of green stuff. (A side note: I suck at sculpting anything. This is problematic, as my next Forgotten Heroes submissions will require much more sculpting. Thus I have sought the aid and advice of a sculptor extraordinaire to guide my efforts henceforth…)

I removed the cumbersome Aquaman model from the water spout and attached it to a base of green stuff sculpted to look like water (I can handle that much). Now it looks like the water is moving with him. Then I painted the model to resemble Water Wizard.

Hi running pose actually looks pretty accurate. I only have to face him away from any hero model since Water Wizard often flees. I don’t have a Daredevil-like sense of touch, so I couldn’t tell if the diagonal slash on Quicksilver’s costume was raised or if it was just a painted on until I painted over it. Turns out it’s actually part of the sculpt, which is unfortunate, as you can still barely see it through my paint. Also, I now have a headless Weather Wizard where my headless Quicksilver used to be.

Forgotten Heroes 2018 submission 1: complete!

Forgotten-heroes-part-1. (Dave Stone)

Top row Mongrel,Hammerstein, Mad Ronn, Bottom Row, Blackblood, Hitaki, Joe Pinapples
So for the first time I’ve decided to join in forgotten heroes I thought this would be the perfect time for me to realise an idea I’ve had for many years to make all the incarnations of the Meknificant Seven. For any one who doesn’t know who they are, they appeared in the comic 2000 ad as the A.B.C. Warriors, the first incarnation was just after the second Volgan war and seven robots were recruited to bring peace to mars, they included Hammerstien, Joe Pinapples, Happy Shrapnel, Mongrel, Deadlock, Blackblood, and Steelhorn who had become the mess ( a pool of liquid metal that could move and change shape at will)Happy died on Mars and the Mess became part of a much larger robot called George and remained on Mars.
The second incarnation appeared in Nemesis the warlock book four the Gothic War, and had two new recruits Mad Ronn, and Hitaki, Nemesis replaced Deadlock as he explained they were one and the same, and they had Ro-Jaws and Purity Brown join their entourage.
Their third outing saw Nemesis send them into the black hole bypass, Mad Ronn was dead and was replaced by Mek Quake, Nemesis didn’t go with them and Deadlock rejoined them, Hitaki was lost and replaced by Terri, a human who thought of herself as a robot, by the end of this adventure she was dead as humans are far more squishy than robots.

WE next saw the warriors go to the planet Hekate in the Khronicles of Khaos, here they recruited Morrigun a female robot, the team remained the same through Hellbringer, then in Third Element Morigunn died and the warriors recruited the reformed Steelhorn, (the planet spirit Medusa did this and made him her champion).
The team would remain the same through the next mission, The Shadow Warriors.
Through the next adventure The Volgan War, the warriors would leave Mek Quake at an asylum and go and recruit Zippo, while doing this Blackblood would betray the warriors and leave.
Through the next three adventures “Return to Earth” ” Return to Mars” and “Return to Ro-Busters” they would recruit Tubal Caine, who was the resurrection of Happy Shrapnel.
This brings up to date of the Graphic Novels, which is where I’m reading it from.
So far I’ve made 4 frames to work from, and are from left to right Mad Ronn, Hitaki, Happy Shrapnel, and Morrigun, as you can see these are all going to be scratch built to get just the right look I’m looking for

Note the date and time in the background to show I’m not cheating ! LOL
Wherever possible I’m going to base the models on the art of Clint Langley, the models themselves are a head taller than a standard human model, the robots have been drawn in varying heights depending on the artist, Clint draws them this height and also has the robots at different heights so will be sticking with his rendition. I may do more before the end of the month all depends on time, so we will see, so until next time have fun Cheers Dave

(Lead) Mountain Musings – June 2018 (Simon Moore)

This month’s randomly themed attempt to try and reduce my sadly ‘significantly increasing’ collection of metal, plastic and resin miniatures has been put on the back burner as a result of the announcement by Dick Garrison and Carrion Crow that “Forgotten Heroes” is back for another year. Collated on the ‘official’ “Forgotten Heroes” website, this wonderful challenge specifically encourages bloggers to create/convert “an existing figure into a costumed superhero or villain” of their choice, “from any source (be that Comic’s, TV, Film, Adverts, Toy lines, Novels basically anywhere you can think of).”

Previously, I have rather naively attempted to complete a considerable number of conversions for “Forgotten Heroes”, many of which have rather embarrassingly taken several months longer to finish than I had initially anticipated. This time round however, I’m sticking to five relatively straightforward figures, which after a bit of cutting, will rely solely upon their paint-jobs in order to change their appearance rather than heavily rely upon my usual ‘spot of kit-bashing’.

With this in mind I have turned to arguably my favourite “DC Comics” publication, the February 1979 edition of “Batman”, and hope to create the band of hulking mindless ice zombies Victor Fries mistakenly creates for himself as a result of his failed experiments to make some of Gotham City’s richest inhabitants immortal. Currently my “Heroclix” crew for Mister Freeze only consists of a gang of bobble-hat wearing goons, so these brutishly heavy minions will help provide the “former cryogenics expert” with a bit of extra muscle.

Having done a bit of research I’ve chosen five Solomon Grundy miniatures from “Wizkids” “Arkham Asylum” range for this project, as the lumbering slow-minded revenant is the perfect sculpt to replicate the wealthy suit-wearing cryogenic rejects. Initially, I actually considered leaving the gnarled branch the figure was carrying in one of his hands, and converting it with a sharp modelling knife into a menacing-looking icicle. But in the end I just cut the wooden weapon off, leaving the menacing model with two closed fists instead; besides the frosted fiends didn’t use any weapons in their comic book appearance.

The Greatest Spaceknight of Them All! (Jez Winstanley)

June is here and that can only mean one thing here at the Buffet – it’s Forgotten Heroes month!

For those of you new to this blog, this annual event is now in its third year, after I came up with this crazy idea back in 2016. Full details of what it is and what the rules/guidelines are for this celebration of the overlooked and unloved can be found in this post, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

Now, last year I created a whole team of superheroes, namely Image Comics’ Mystery Incorporated from the 1963 mini-series, who were a pastiche of Marvel’s Fantastic Four. If you’re interested in this “Quantum Quartet”, they can be seen in their finished forms in this post.

This year, as my time seems to be a little less available than previous years, I’ve decided to just produce one figure. And the character I’ve chosen this year is Rom: Spaceknight!

Rom has an interesting history, as the character was originally created by Scott Dankman, Richard C. Levy and Bryan L. McCoy for Parker Brothers in 1979. This was the first ‘action figure’ that the company had ever produced, as they were primarily a publisher of board games.

As action figures go, Rom was a bit rubbish, as it only had limited articulation at the ankles and shoulders, but what it did have was electronic lights and sounds! Woo-hoo! However, it was essentially just a large hunk of silver-grey plastic, with different ‘tools’ that Rom could hold, which made different noises when they were plugged in to him. Yes, it was a ‘space’ toy, but you could have far more fun with an Action Man, the acceptable face of dolls for boys.

(And before anyone gets a bit miffed with me referring to Action Man (or G.I.Joe) as a doll, if you owned one, just how many different outfits did you have for him? And how often did he get changed? He was a doll – just a manly, rugged doll with a scar on his face.)

To drum up sales for the toy, the character was licensed to Marvel Comics in 1979 and in December of that year, the first issue of Rom: Spaceknight was published, written by Bill Mantlo and illustrated by Sal Buscema.

The comic book ran for 75 issues up until February 1986 and the character of Rom was fully integrated into the Marvel Universe. The comic actually lasted longer than the toy it was originally created to support.

Now, as the character was only licensed to Marvel, the rights to the character were retained by Parker Brothers, who subsequently became a subsidiary of Hasbro. So, whilst the comic book established him as a character within the Marvel Universe, created a supporting cast and back story for him and introduced the alien race known as Dire Wraiths, whilst all of the Marvel created characters CAN be used by Marvel, Rom can’t. So, you won’t see an official Heroclix miniature of him any time soon. He truly is a Forgotten Hero.

However, a massive cyborg warrior in gleaming silver armour, armed with a Neutraliser to banish those Dire Wraiths masquerading as humans to Limbo, is just too cool to remain forgotten, and whilst the toy was a little underwhelming, the iconic image from the cover of his first issue just begs to be replicated in miniature, so that’s what I’m going to attempt.

My base figure for this conversion is the Marvel Heroclix Aleph, from the Avengers Assemble subset:

As you can see, picking a base figure that is as close to the original as possible always makes your life a bit easier. My intention is to re-position the legs to get that iconic wide-legged stance, remove and re-position both the head and the left arm and add a scratch-built Neutraliser to his left hand. The various illustrations show him using it in both his left and right  hands, but I want to mimic the image from the cover of his first issue as much as possible, so he will be left-handed.

I saved the axe-head from the Drax Heroclix figure I converted into Trapjaw, as this is made from transparent red plastic, specifically with this conversion in mind, as I will be using it to create Rom’s visor and the end of his Neutraliser. Well, that’s the plan anyway…

Until next time…

“Forgotten heroes 2018, wings and fins” (Roger Webb)

Well June is busting out all over (I told her that onesie was to small for her!), and as we all know that can mean only one thing “Forgotten heroes” is back and as per the rules (yes there are rules, flexible as they are!), I present to you my introductory piece outlining what figures I hope to produce and a little background on who they are and why I’ve picked them. At the end of this piece I’ll add a list of who else will be joining in this year and of course a link to the “Forgotten heroes” site where you can (hopefully) keep up with all the latest postings and the development of the other participants figures.

Anyway back to what I’m up to this month, well without wishing to sound like a “whining Winnie”, as I was aware that things were going to be a bit manic at work (real bill paying work this is, BOO HISS!!), along with doing the admin side of this event, I decided that I would just do a couple of figures that I hope I should be able to complete within the next four weeks. To this end I have played it fairly safe and gone for two more characters from the “Masters of the Universe” toy franchise in the form of “Mer-man and Stratos”, interestingly enough once these two are complete (if they get completed), it will mean I will then have all of the figures from the original release back in 1982 except for “Zodac” who was in fact the only toy figure I actually ever owned. Now I’ve wanted to do these two figures for quite a while now, I mean you have to have Mer-man don’t you, and there’s always been something a little odd about Stratos’ appearance, with that strange” Amish style beard that has intrigued me for years, so yes a couple of must haves for my collection. Both figures have their challenges, I’m not looking forward to doing Mer-man’s face at all (though I think I’ll be copying the cartoon version rather than the toy, here as I prefer it), and Stratos…well feathers!! (Enough said). I do of course need two “willing” volunteers for these surgical procedures and once again they have been recruited from my “Bronze age miniatures” dollies, now these are the last two of these I have, and as they no longer appear to have them on their web-site I’m not sure what I’m going to do when and if I do any more of the MOTU characters, still I’ll cross that bridge as and when. That’s enough of what I plan on doing I guess I’d better “put up and shut up” and get on with them now!

But before I go, here is a list of the other participants in this years “Forgotten heroes”, there is of course still time if you want to join in too, just let me know either in the comments section here or on the FH site, and I’ll sort it out….







Ray (taking part by E-mail)



The very best of luck to you all, please follow the links above to their various blogs or Flicker pages, or you can of course keep abreast of all the posts here.

Excelsior Roger.

Jake Cutter Forgotten heroes “part 1” (Borderguy190)

I’m jumping the gun a bit, as this challenge doesn’tt officially kick off until next month. But… When I have an idea I need to act on it before it flits out my tiny brain.

My choice for the miniature challenge was from a tv series I barely remembered until I was looking through Artizan’s Thrilling Tales minis and wanted to buy the whole lot. The minis triggered a long lost memory and the show resurfaced.

Tales from the Golden Monkey was a single season show about an American pilot in the South Pacific in 1938, before the US entry into WW2. I remember it vaguely, enjoying the sets, locations, the Grumman Goose amphibian plane, and the adventure.

When Roger and Jez invited me to participate in the Fogottem Heroes 2018 competition, I had a bit of a think. I’m not that into comic books to know about some forgotten hero or villain. Plus, I have zero use for

What, you say? No need for a mini? Who are You and what did you do with Borderguy190?

Seriously, I might have a slight overabundance of miniatures. But each was purchased with a plan. A role to play. Nothing “just because its cool”. Maybe. I do have minis I forgot about.

Regardless. I was stumped. Didn’t want a hero or villain. I might get into 60-70s spy stuff someday, but I’m not getting into new areas until I paint stuff for SAGA, Muskets & Tomahawks, Bolt Action, Triumph! and Warhammer Fantasy. Then ACW. THEN… Maybe I’ll get some movie minis and try 7TV. But that is years away.

So, who can I paint? Lightning bolt. Jake Cutter from TFTGM. A bush pilot hero. Perfect for my WW2 pulp stuff. He can be Indiana Jones’ pilot friend. A daring pilot flying OSS and Jedburghs and Commmandos into hostile places. Pistol on his hip and a crazy attitude. Hero found.

a hero mini like that.

Off to find a model. Easy. Artizan had a rougish fellow in a bomber jacket and pilots cap. With a pistol even.

The model is wearing long pants, though.  Hmmm. How to fix that? In many of the stills I found on the interwebz Jake is wearing form-fitting,  laced knee boots. Trousers tucked in. And carrying a Webley revolver. Pants I can fix. My Jake lost the Webley and replaced it with a Colt 1911.

The boots. At first I had the dumb idea to add them with green stuff. Huh? Over baggy pants?  What was I thinking?

Then, the epifany. Carve the trousers into boots. Ah ha! Diwn to the work bench I hustled, the finished product fixed in my mind. 20 minutes later, some razor knife carving and sanding stick sanding, I had a transformed model! Here are the before and after pics:

Can you see the difference?

I cut a cleft chin, and started work on the cap. Jake’s is well-worn and the sides are sagging. The model had a crisp, new cap. I sanded and carved to remove the sides, now I need to get some Green Stuff and make the sides say. Easy. I carved off the cap device as well. I think the chin cleft and the cuts marking the top of the boots need to be bigger to catch washes, but basically I have a Jake Cutter model.

The back of the jacket has a box molded in. Was there amything on Jake’s jacket? More interwebz searching and I found the answer. On the show Jake was supposed to be a veteran of Claire Lee Chennault’s American Volunteer Group. The famed Flying Tigers. If you know your history, you will notice a problem with this… Nonetheless, Jake had a Chinese blood chit on his jacket like the AVG pilots wore. It tokd the peasants the pilot was a good guy, and promised a reward for assistance in event the pilot was shot down. Could I find a picture? Of course!

Not terribly difficult to paint in a 1/4″ or so square.

Now to find a 28mm Jack Russell Terrier…

Patience was never on of my virtues (Dave Stone)

It’s almost as if I can’t wait for the start of June so I can get on with my entry for forgotten heroes, so to keep me going I’ve done a couple of pieces to stop me from starting. First I’ve painted Ro-Jaws to keep me busy

Obviously that didn’t slow me up much, so I thought I know I’ll make the mess to fill in the time

So much for that plan, so I’ve started to make Nemesis to fill in the time until I can start on the project, while planning all the characters.

The reason behind me bolting out of the gate, is this has been a dream project of mine for many years, and would finally like to get it done, before I lose time or enthusiasm.
Until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave