Jake Cutter & Jack finished (Borderguy 190)

June ended up being a bit busier than I expected. And my hunt for a suitable model to represent a Jack Russel Terrier took a bit longer than I hoped. So, despite jumping the gun before June arrived, I just finished modeling and painting my two models on Thursday, the 28th.

From the beginning my plan was to model and paint Jake Cutter and his best pal Jack from the TV show Tales of the Gold Monkey. Jake the pilot was oft depicted in a Flying Tigers leather jacket. And wouldn’t you know, I found a model in a Flying Tigers jacket. Or a least a jacket with a modeled area on the back to paint the blood chit.

The before:

This model is wearing trousers and shoes. And his hat is bit spiffy and new. Plus, there is no dog in sight. Alas, I failed to take a picture of the pre-Jack the dog model. Here is the pic from Sally 4th’s site, where i ordered him form:

Funny thing… I ordered these from Sally 4th. I’m pretty sure Pulp Alley is in the U.S. Unnecessary international postage anyone?

Anyways, the little guy sitting down seemed like a suitable Jack.

Here is the after pics:

And the two pals together:

I shaved and sanded Jake’s trousers into boots. Then I shaped his cap by shaving and sanding it to flatten the cap some, and added the floppy sides of a well-used pilot’s cap. It doesn’t show well in my crummy photos, but it looks floppy up close.

Jack just need his ears sanded a bit pointier and his famous eye patch added.

Once the sculpting, the little I could manage, was done, they were painted in my usual way. Primed grey. Painted using Vallejo Model and Game colors. Army Painter Soft Tone wash was applied. A few highlights were brought back up after the wash on Jake. Jack looked fine to me.

And complete!  My first Forgotten Heroes Challenge. I appreciate the invitation from Jez and Roger. This was a fun way to stretch and add a couple minis I might never have built and painted. I think Jake and Jack might have escaped the Japanese advance in the Pacific in time to fly for the OSS in Europe. Now to find a 1:56 scale Grumman Goose…

BG out!


Jake Cutter Forgotten heroes “part 1” (Borderguy190)

I’m jumping the gun a bit, as this challenge doesn’tt officially kick off until next month. But… When I have an idea I need to act on it before it flits out my tiny brain.

My choice for the miniature challenge was from a tv series I barely remembered until I was looking through Artizan’s Thrilling Tales minis and wanted to buy the whole lot. The minis triggered a long lost memory and the show resurfaced.

Tales from the Golden Monkey was a single season show about an American pilot in the South Pacific in 1938, before the US entry into WW2. I remember it vaguely, enjoying the sets, locations, the Grumman Goose amphibian plane, and the adventure.

When Roger and Jez invited me to participate in the Fogottem Heroes 2018 competition, I had a bit of a think. I’m not that into comic books to know about some forgotten hero or villain. Plus, I have zero use for

What, you say? No need for a mini? Who are You and what did you do with Borderguy190?

Seriously, I might have a slight overabundance of miniatures. But each was purchased with a plan. A role to play. Nothing “just because its cool”. Maybe. I do have minis I forgot about.

Regardless. I was stumped. Didn’t want a hero or villain. I might get into 60-70s spy stuff someday, but I’m not getting into new areas until I paint stuff for SAGA, Muskets & Tomahawks, Bolt Action, Triumph! and Warhammer Fantasy. Then ACW. THEN… Maybe I’ll get some movie minis and try 7TV. But that is years away.

So, who can I paint? Lightning bolt. Jake Cutter from TFTGM. A bush pilot hero. Perfect for my WW2 pulp stuff. He can be Indiana Jones’ pilot friend. A daring pilot flying OSS and Jedburghs and Commmandos into hostile places. Pistol on his hip and a crazy attitude. Hero found.

a hero mini like that.

Off to find a model. Easy. Artizan had a rougish fellow in a bomber jacket and pilots cap. With a pistol even.

The model is wearing long pants, though.  Hmmm. How to fix that? In many of the stills I found on the interwebz Jake is wearing form-fitting,  laced knee boots. Trousers tucked in. And carrying a Webley revolver. Pants I can fix. My Jake lost the Webley and replaced it with a Colt 1911.

The boots. At first I had the dumb idea to add them with green stuff. Huh? Over baggy pants?  What was I thinking?

Then, the epifany. Carve the trousers into boots. Ah ha! Diwn to the work bench I hustled, the finished product fixed in my mind. 20 minutes later, some razor knife carving and sanding stick sanding, I had a transformed model! Here are the before and after pics:

Can you see the difference?

I cut a cleft chin, and started work on the cap. Jake’s is well-worn and the sides are sagging. The model had a crisp, new cap. I sanded and carved to remove the sides, now I need to get some Green Stuff and make the sides say. Easy. I carved off the cap device as well. I think the chin cleft and the cuts marking the top of the boots need to be bigger to catch washes, but basically I have a Jake Cutter model.

The back of the jacket has a box molded in. Was there amything on Jake’s jacket? More interwebz searching and I found the answer. On the show Jake was supposed to be a veteran of Claire Lee Chennault’s American Volunteer Group. The famed Flying Tigers. If you know your history, you will notice a problem with this… Nonetheless, Jake had a Chinese blood chit on his jacket like the AVG pilots wore. It tokd the peasants the pilot was a good guy, and promised a reward for assistance in event the pilot was shot down. Could I find a picture? Of course!

Not terribly difficult to paint in a 1/4″ or so square.

Now to find a 28mm Jack Russell Terrier…