Insecticons Complete (Mike Boynton)

I have completed all three G1 transformers Insecticons characters Shrapnel, Bombshell and Kickback. I painted them with a basecoat of black and then dry brushed the areas that needed to be purple and yellow with white.
I did this to make them bright as purple and yellow are transparent and the light passes through them and bounces off the opaque white and back to your eye making them look nice and bright.
I used many different metallic acrylic paints to give them a mechanical look. I dry brushed the black base-coat with the metallics and got a good robotic looking result.
For bases I crushed up N scale model railroad cars and painted them white and did a red and brown wash on them to contrast the Insecticons colors. I then added N Scale people to the base. I was running out of time so I did not repaint the people and just left the miniature people painted in their off the shelf colors.
I usually do a lot of washes on my minis. A wash is when you mix acrylic paint to the consistency of 2% milk and spreading it over the model to create false shadows.
Unfortunately, I did not do any on these miniatures yet. The unpainted N scale people looked bad so I decided to paint them all with a coat of Citadel Typhus Corrosion and it looked good. In fact, I don’t usually use Citadel products but it looked good on the metallic Transforms and it dulled out the off the shelf paints on the N scale people making them look corroded and dirty. Over all I was very happy with my fast paint job.
Epilogue: I can’t say I was very impressed with the amount of shrinkage I got from this process for the cost. I have connections that allowed me to procure materials at a lower amount than the general public so this processes may be cost too much for the regular hobbyist. I do plan on shrinking Sound Wave’s tapes a second time and maybe a third time to make them smaller. Another thing I can tell perspective shrinkers is that mixing mineral spirits with construction calking silicon does not work. Over all I am happy with my three new transformers.
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Cheers Mike

Insecticon update (Mike Boynton)

I have cast resin into my 2nd set of shrinking molds and pulled some nice minis from them. I used Amazing Casting Resin and it worked well. There is no smell and you can demold in minutes.
The models shrunk a bit more but not as much as I would have liked. I put the minis together by cutting and adding joints. I tried to make them as dramatic as possible with the grasshopper robot Kickback being the most dramatic.
I used hands from Warhammer 40k Space Marines and other kit bashing parts to add details. I also had to make all the bot’s backs out of green stuff as I had originally cast them prone to make it easier to mold them the first time.
Moving on I made up some bases with crashed cars to show that the Insecticons  are giant robots even though they are smaller than most other Transformers . I then painted them with a base coat of black. I just need to paint them now in their signature colours.
Cheers  Mike.

Insecticon update: (Mike Boynton)

My molds shrunk and I cast the models and the miniatures came out more than a head shorter than before. I knew the shrinkage would not be much so I was not disappointed as all my molds and casts came out well.
I cast up the three molds and used green stuff to fix up the casts minis. I had to mold the originals prone but for the second mold I cut up the 1st casts and placed all three in one mold box to shrink them a second time. I decided to also do Sound Wave’s tape robots as well becuse I would have enough  silicone to make another shrink mold.
My mix was the same as before with 30% mineral spirits. All I need to do is wait seven days for the mineral spirits to evaporate then cast, model, paint and I will be done.

Insecticons part 2 (Mike Boynton)

I demolded the Insecticons today and it went exceptionally well. It was the best demold I have done in a long time. Now I have to wait seven days for the mineral spirits to evaporate causing the molds to shrink. I might only get 15% shrinkage so I might have to do the process again. I am very impressed with how well this went.
Cheers, Mike

Insecticons part 1 (Mike Boynton)

My student’s grades are in and the school year is over. I started late but I will be making the three Insecticons from Transformers for this year’s project. The Insecticons are smaller than the other Transformers so Im going to shirk down some 1980s Transformers decoy vending toys so they are in scale with the recast decoy Transformers that I have already made over the last school year.
There is a link at the bottom of this post if you want to see my Transformers miniatures
I have been recasting these 80s rubber decoy figures and placing them in dynamic stances and customizing them with some kit bashing. I’m basically taking a one part rubber vending toy and turning it into a multiple part pro mini resin kit.
My plan is to mix oderless mineral spirits with silicone to make the silicone shrink down as the mineral spirits evaporate. I have done lots of casting but I have not done this shrink technique before so this is new for me.
Today I used hot glue to glue the rubber decoy figures prone in containers thinking this was the best way to cast them in a one part mold. I was told that doing this with a two part mold is difficult as the two parts may shrink at different rates and not match up for casting. I used 30% mineral spirits in my mix and filled up the three containers. Evidently the molds will take seven days to shrink. I will get back to you about the results then.
Cheers, Mike

Acid Storm & Soundwave (Mike Boynton)

(Ed note, due to the time difference between the UK and the US, Mikes post arrived within the deadline, but I was in bed at the time. I’m dedicated… but not that dedicated!)

Here are some finished shots of Acid Storm. I ended up making a Soundwave figure also. I took five bad old castings and was able to get one good figure out of the parts. I think these Transformers figures have turned out nice. I have added some custom Decals to them as well. I hope to have more pictures of them up on my Flicker account soon, till then please enjoy the photo’s below.

And one of the pair.

Thanks Mike.

Transformers Miniatures Boynton Decoy

An “Acid” Storm Brewing (Mike Boynton)

I thought I would send in an update on my Acid Storm miniature. I have given him a green wash so I can see imperfections in the casting. I then filled major problems with milliput putty. I like to have some of the original problems show to look like blast damage. Im working on repositioning the left arm and I have replaced the hands with 40K Space Marine hands. Acid Storm is holding an acid grenade! Next, I will paint the real base color on. I will also make a crazy base for him and pro paint him soon.

Acid Storm Update (Mike Boynton)

I just got a prefect cast to make my Acid Storm Decepticon robot jet miniature. I was thinking of wimping out on forgotten heroes as I have so much going on but I just went out in the studio and used an old Star Scream transformers decoy mold that I thought was bad and cast up a perfect Acid Storm body! So Acid Storm is on his way.

The 25mm sized Transformers rubber decoy figuers originally came with the transformers toy figures in the 80’s. They are rubber and are decaying due to age. I’m recasting them for myself and adding hands and changing the poses and characters as in this case.

Mike Boynton

Acid Storm (MIke Boynton)

Hi all,
This year I will be doing the little known Transformer Decepticon jet robot named Acid Storm. 
This is his wiki bio: Despite his intelligence, data gathering skills, and potential charisma, Acid Storm prefers to wallow in anonymity as just one of the Rainmakers, a cadre of specialized Seekers who have the capability to manipulate localized weather patterns to create acid rain.
I will make him by recasting one of the 80’s miniature rubber transformers decoy figures. I think the one I’m using for the master copy is a Star Scream. I will cast the old figure repose it, add new hands and a new Acid Storm paint job as well as a cool acid damaged base. Included are photos of A.S. and a character named Sunstorm that I previously made using this method. 
Mike Boynton

Stinkor is Done! (Mike Boynton)

I finished old Stinkor today and I am very happy with him. I ended up with a few different changes from my original concept. One was that I did not add the gun I made because it interrupted the lines of the sculpture and detracted from the overall unity and I also did not do the air lines as I felt they also did not contribute to the miniature. Also I think it looks more classic without them. I do like my air tanks and I think the armor came out nice. The colors glow because of the washes and my details came out well. I am very happy with my yellow green eyes and the face meets my expectations.

The base is my favorite part of this miniature. I used an old transformers robot head as the main structure of the base and did a mix of hot glue, sand and Milliput to make it look organic. I think it looks like part of Eternia He-Man’s world. The three creatures have been in my bits box for a long time. I heated them up and bent them into shapes that made them look like they had smelled a bad odor. I think they came out well.

Enjoy at the link:
Mike Boynton