Stinkor part 3 (Mike Boynton)

Stinkor is coming along well. I have added a red wash to his armor and dry brushed the base after giving it a black wash. I have started the details and will add on his blue accessories like his shield gun and air tanks that appear on newer versions of the character. I did the eyes but need to push down the head onto the body.

Check out the updates at:

I am thinking of having Stinkor lead an attack on my Icon Heroes miniature Castle Gray Skull and getting out all my He-man miniatures for a giant start of summer miniature war. You can see my last set up at:

Stinkor part 2 (Mike Boynton)

On Saturday 6/4 I completed my sculpt of Stinkor and started the painting process. Today I blocked in the base colors and did the first wash to add shadows. Check out my Flickr account to see updated photos as of mid day Sunday at:

Stinkor (Mike Boynton)

I will be doing Stinkor from the old Masters of the Universe or as it is better known in the USA He-Man toy line/TV show. My Flickr page link for this miniature is:
This page is a work in progress. I will start building the miniature on Friday night. Look for updated photos Saturday and Sunday and on.
About the character:
“Stinkor is a fictional character, a villain from the Masters of the Universe franchise. Labeled the “Evil Master of Odors,” Stinkor is essentially a humanoid skunk whose superpower is the ability to release a toxic odor from his body that renders foes immobile”
Why I did decided to do him:
He was my brother’s favorite figure growing up in the 1980’s when we played with the He-Man toys as kids.
Mike Boynton aka the Black Android