Weapon H (Raymond S.T.)

This has been a blast!!! Not to mention that it’s really gotten me back into miniatures & motivated me to work on/complete some other projects that have been on the back burners for years.

I wasn’t really sure what my final submission was going to be as I wanted to add to my avengers & x-men/ xforce. While pondering this dilemma my son gave my an idea so I decided to go with it. This really isn’t a forgotten hero but a new one. So for the last few days I worked on my final submission for Forgotten Heroes. I give you Weapon H

For this I used two minis/clix, the Incredible Hulk & a giant scarecrow.

Once again I made the mistake of thinking this was going to be easy. First I used green stuff for his backpack & adamantium protrusions. What a pain that was, the green stuff kept sticking to my fingers when I tried to add it onto the Hulk. That of course resulted in the protrusions being slightly different sizes. Not to mention I crushed them a few times while applying other ones.

I then cut the claws from the scarecrow to use as his adamantium claws. For his pouches I used bits from WH40k space marines.

All that was left to do was paint him up. Not the best but my son thought it was the coolest thing since Infinity Wars so I’m happy enough with it.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments along the way. This has been a great experience & I can’t wait until next years event! I’ve already got two in mind. A special thanks to Roger for all his help!! I truly appreciated it! Can’t wait to see everyone’s finished projects.


X Men & Avengers (Raymond S.T.)

I crammed the last 3 days to get these in since ill be hemmed up from Wednesday through till Sunday.For this week I’ve continued along with my mutant theme. First is just a paint job of a mini from my pile of lead. I decided to do Caliban after I stumbled across this mini(can’t remember where I got him from).
Originally the mini was purple so I just added a light coating of white, then
red, & two dots of yellow for the eyes.
For my second mutant I went with Random.
Sadly I can’t recall the heroclix that I used for him & I accidentally deleted my first couple of pics of this Frankenstein project. First I cut off the majority of his left arm so I could attempt to add his gun arm. For the barrels I simply used the protective tops of my paint brushes & greenstuff. clearly need to work on sculpting skills. I couldn’t get the bandana to work with two tail pieces so I opted to stay with just one.
My final step was to paint him up. At some point in time ill go back & attempt to add some more detail to his gun arm.
And lastly I wanted to add to my heroclix Avengers team which consisted of US Agent, Hawk Eye, & Wonderman. ( no modifications done to them other then the clear bases).
So I painted up minis from reaper, crossover, & superfigs. As the Hulk, Antman, & Silver Centurion Iron Man. I’ve got a better mini for the Iron Man but couldn’t find him so went with this one. I’m sure I’ll find the other one tomorrow or the next day.
I plan on adding 2-4 more minis for my Avengers team.
That’s all for now, my limited skills are spent!! I plan on doing a few more for the final week just not sure who as of yet.

Blaquesmith, Cyclops and Colossus (Raymond S.T.)

The week started out simple with painting two miniatures. One was from Crossover and the other from Reaper, I give you Cyclops and Colossus.

Still need to add clear bases. My next mini that I was going to attempt was placed on the back burner as I’ve got a problem paying for shipping when it’s more then the actual mini. Wasn’t quite to sure what to do next in its place. When I decided to do an add on for Cable. So I decided on Blaquesmith.

You’d think it would’ve been simple, I’m not that lucky. First I had to find a mini to use, I was going to go with Leech(which I might still do) but went with a moloid instead. I started by giving him some boots, utility belt, & trimming his ears.

Then a headset, & painted him up. Like I said in my last post( John C’s the thing). I think I’m going to repaint also, need to find a duller red.  Hoping my next one will improve slightly.

Cable (Raymond S.T.)

My first mini for forgotten heroes is Cable. I didn’t really care for any of the heroclix minis of him so I decided to do one of my own. So I went searching in my trays of minis and lucked out on finding a perfect mini to use. Originally he was Sly Marbo from WH40K, with a simple paint over job & a decal he’s now Cable. I know my paint skills are lacking but I hope to improve over the summer(not holding my breath). I didn’t finish the base because I plan on putting him on a clear one(as soon as i find one in my mountain of bits). Hoping to have my second hero done within the week, it’ll probably look like John Carpenters The Thing instead of the character I’m shooting for, I’ll be attempting to use some green stuff for the 1st time. (Definitely outta my league  here with you all and I don’t have any serum).