“It’s not easy being green, or grey for that matter!” (Roger Webb)

Last week (last day!) of Forgotten Heroes”, and it’s been a rush to get these done in the time, but I’ve never missed a deadline yet, and I didn’t intend starting now! I knew it was going to be a busy week, blog wise as all the other entrants posted up there finished figures ready for me to re-post them to the “Forgotten Heroes” site (please be aware that I am working on Saturday of this week so if I have missed any of your posts, I will find them and re-post on Saturday evening). Anyway on to my entries…

Now I’m aware of the fact that you might not all be the diehard He-man fanatic’s that I’ve become (though it is only a matter of time!), so I shall re-post the pictures of the characters along with the finished articles, so you can see what I was shooting for (and by how far I missed!). As usual I began by basing up the figures (after Cringer was cracked off of his plastic base and glued to a tuppence that is), this was done with some “Tetrion” all-purpose filler, though I wonder sometimes if they realise this is one of the purposes it is put too! I also added the odd cat-litter stone here and there before they all went out for a spray coat of matt black. Then the real work could begin, and I’ll cover that individually.

Mer’man, where to start with Mer-man, well first off the action figure and the cartoon versions vary greatly, both in appearance and skin colour, now as I stated earlier in this month’s build, my figures finished face is something of an amalgam of the two, but when it came to painting, I sided very much with the animated version. So after a base layer of German field grey was applied I mixed aquamarine with turquoise and a small amount of shamrock, till I was happy with the colour and used this to highlight all the flesh on show. Then turning to his armour and trident, both toy and cartoon versions have these in yellow, but I decided that this was only because they couldn’t do it in gold (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). So a base of bronze was painted on, and this was then highlighted with shinning gold. The area around his eyes was then painted orange, and I ran a little dry-brush of the same down his “snout” too. His pants I undercoated with some dark sand, and dry-brushed with some light sand (see I kept these yellow at least!) and his belt I painted chocolate brown with leather highlights.

Stratos’, as his costume (I’m guessing it’s a costume as the bit of his face that’s on show is flesh coloured) is predominantly grey, that’s where I began, by giving him a coat of Dark grey mixed with a little mid grey, I then highlighted this with a mix of mid grey and a touch of white, I added a little more white again for the hairs on his legs. Then turning to his helmet and feathers, I undercoated in dark red and then added bright red highlights, I also did the rockets on his back this way, the original figure was apparently produced with either, blue harness, and red feathers, or red harness and blue feathers, so I decided on a bit of a “mix’n’match” of these colours on mine. This meant that I then painted the harness (and cuff straps) in porcelain blue with a touch of royal blue added and highlighted in just porcelain blue, his face mask was added in these colours too at the same time. The tiny bit of his face that is visible was then painted European flesh, and his beard was coffee, with cream highlights. To add a bit of interest to his belt I painted the buckle in chainmail, and added a dot of metallic red to the centre. Now his “undies” are supposed to be blue, but I decided to go “off canon” as far as these are concerned, originally I was going to do them in the same “blue-grey” I used for Beast-mans, but decided that it was too similar to the rest of his costume, so instead, sticking with the “blue/red” theme I undercoated them in chocolate brown before dry-brushing them in chestnut. I think it works. A dot of dark grey as a highlight for his eyes and that was number two done.

Cringer, though by far the easiest conversion (basically nothing but a re-paint), was on the other hand the figure with the most “free-hand awkward bits”, but before I got to those I began by getting his base colours on, so I began by giving him an all over coat of deep bronze green, then followed this with a heavy (really rather heavy in fact), dry-brushing with a mixture of more deep bronze green, olive and shamrock, these were mixed together in varying amounts till it looked about right. Next I began adding his stripes, in black (I also added his nose at this point). And once these were dry I added the yellow inner lines on his stripes with citrus orange (this was a right pain I’ll tell you!), I added his eyes in lemon yellow next along with his mouth in dark red with pink burgundy mixed with Polish crimson for his tongue. I painted his teeth in white as I wanted then to stand out against his grey muzzle, and that came next, this was a mix of light grey and white gently dry-brushed on, then to finish him off I dotted his eyes in black, along with his claws and the inner parts of his ears, lastly I added a highlight to his nose in dark grey.

All three were then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone and once dry had their bases painted and flocked in my usual fashion. As always, a final spray coat of matt varnish finished them off. Well that’s it, the end of another “Forgotten heroes” month, as usual it’s been great fun, though even more hectic that usual, I really thought I wasn’t going to get finished in time this year!! The best bit of these months is of course seeing all the wonderful figures the rest of the entrants produce, and this year has been no exception with some outstanding work on show, if you haven’t already been to the “Forgotten Heroes” site, please go and see the results of their labours, it well worth a visit!


Many thanks for joining me on this latest excursion to Eternia, now if you could all file back to the bus we’ll get you back to the home! Till next time…

Excelsior Roger.


“Wet and Windy, sorry that one was Cringeworthy” (Roger Webb)

Week three of “Forgotten Heroes”, and as I mentioned last week, I was slow out of the blocks yet again, as Saturday I went to the Phalanx wargames show in St Helens, it’s not that far from me and they have a “Bring and Buy”, so it was a chance to off load some the excess figures and stuff that I’m never going to use again. Anyway, what you want to know is, have I finished the sculpting of Mer-man and Stratos’ and the answer is YES! I’m rather pleased about this as if I am going to have any chance of getting them finished in June I really need to start painting them ASAP. So pleased was I in fact that I have thrown another figure into the mix, but more on that at the end of this week’s posting, first here’s how I got the other two done..

Sunday, I began today by adding the rest of the feathers to Sratos’ arms in the same way as the others, I then added the back plate to Mer-man’s arrmour, this was a triangle of putty placed on his back and the ridges were pushed into this in a shallow “V” pattern, lastly today, I started work on Mer-man’s trident, by taking a length of florists wire and wrapping it in putty, then rolling it till it was completely covered.

Monday, and very little time today, so just had time to mix up a little ball of putty, and then after carving away some of the covering of Mer-man’s trident shaft, I added the ball near the top and then pushed two bent short lengths of wire into the sides of this as the extra “prongs”, I added a little bit of detail to the front of the balls and that was it for today, next day once it was dry I filed and sanded the back of the ball flat and reduced the thickness of the shaft a tiny bit, though not enough, so I also teased his right hand open a bit more till it fitted. Not much to show for two days work, but any progress is better than none as they say.

Wednesday, another poor day today really, I’ve been thinking about how I was going to do the “fins” on the back of Stratos’ rocket pack, originally I was going to try and sculpt them in putty, but I decided to try making them out the end of a coffee stirrer (honestly where would wargamers be without these!). So taking one of McDonalds finest, I began by sanding the edges to make it thinner at the curved edge, then I cut the curved tip off and cut this in half. Taking these two “fin” shapes I carefully glued then in place on the back of the rocket pack, and then gently filed then slightly to shape, I think these turned out better than I could have sculpted them (and a lot thinner!).

Thursday, and today I concentrated on Mer-man’s trident so after mixing up a tiny amount of putty, I began by wrapping a small amount around the central “prong” shaping it with one of my colour shapers till I was reasonably happy with the shape. I then took my small knife and cut the joint between the bones (well I think that’s what they are supposed to be anyway), some more detail shaping later and I was ready to repeat the process on the left and right prongs. After this I decided to add a little more putty to the front and back of the “head” piece of the trident, and to have another go at the design on the front, it came out better this time I think. With the small amount of putty I had left I added the two cones to the top of Stratos’ back rockets, these were just two balls shaped into cone shapes and a couple of holes were added for detail.

Friday, I finally finished the sculpting today (hooray!), they seem to have been so close for so long, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever actually finish them. I began by adding the wristbands that hold Statos’ wings in place, these were just sausages of putty run around his wrists and smoothed, and he was done. Mer-man needed his fancy belt buckle adding so a tiny sausage of putty was added here and shaped into a butterfly shape before the fin details were added with my small knife, and tiny ball of putty was then pushed into the middle and will be painted as a jewel. I then carved a tiny bit away from the bottom of his trident and added a small flattened ball to this and lastly I added his wrist gauntlets these were done the same way as Stratos’ above only larger as shaped to a point at the elbow.

Now I mentioned at the start of this post that I have added another figure to the two above, and here it is, this is a “Firepelt Cougar” from the plastic “Dungeons and Dragons” range that I picked up from “Tritex” at Salute few years back. Now I’m hoping that a coat of green paint and some stripes, will transform him into a passible “Cringer”, a fairly simple conversion, so I hope to be able to complete all three before the end of the month.

Basing and painting next, but that will have to wait till next week, so till then…

Excelsior Roger.


The Winged Warrior & The Ocean Warlord (Roger Webb)

Week two of my “Forgotten Heroes” project didn’t get started till Sunday. Indeed hobby time has been very limited all week, still once I got chance to have a bit of a bash at these two miscreants I was able to move them along and get some of the “bits” done I was nervous of doing one of which was Mer-man’s face and the other was Stratos’ face plate. I began this by adding two blob’s of putty over his eyes then shaped these into a sort of butterfly shape before adding two eye lenses in the same way as I did the detail on his belt buckle, a bit more “faffing” about and I was happy, I then added Mer-man’s greaves, these were just two blobs of putty slapped onto the front of his shins then smoothed out around his calves and shaped with one of my colour shapers to the right shape. I added the “double top” details to them next by pushing a ridge around the top of the front, and then smoothing this to shape.

Tuesday, and it was time to bite the bullet and start adding Mer-man’s face, so taking two small “cones” of putty, I placed one either side of his face, on the “lugs” I’d already added, then after smoothing these down towards where his cheeks would be I pushed in the “fins” with my pointed colour shaper, defining these more with my pointed probe. I then pushed the curves into the outer edges of these to complete the “fin” effect, not exactly like either the cartoon or action figure, but a little like both, so I was happy. I then took two tiny balls of putty and set then into the fins as his eyes, adding the centres as I did with Stratos’ and using the tip of my small knife to push the details in around them. Then turning to Stratos’ himself, I added his “hairy” lower legs (the action figure uses the same legs as Beastman, you see), now whether these are supposed to represent feathers I don’t know, but I decided to add them anyway, and indeed made the hairs longer than on the original to strengthen the ankle where it meets the floor and to hide some of the foot on the raised leg, these were just blobs of putty pushed round his shins and then the fur was tapped in like I did with their pants.

Thursday, and it was straight to work on Mer-man’s face again, I started by running some putty over the top of his head, and down the back of it, then smoothed this to a thin layer. Next I made a small cone of putty and placed it on the lower centre of his facial area, and blended this into the upper part just applied, I then pushed his mouth in with the end of a cocktail stick, finally here I ran a small sausage of putty across the top of the fins and eye area, and smoothed this into a sort of eyebrow. Turning to Stratos’ I rolled out two tubes and applied them on either side of his rocket pack harness, then taking the cocktail stick again pushed it up the bottoms of the tubes to form the rocket vents. The feathers on the shoulder straps of his harness were next, there are six of these (three on each side), these were just small ovals of putty, pushed into place, then flattened, and the feather details were then tapped in with the blade of my small knife (you can’t really see them in this photo, but I’m sure they will be in view once I take one from round the front again).

Friday, set to work on the armour that runs up Mer-man’s chest today, firstly I ran several mall sausages of putty across his chest, from the top of his belt up to the top of his “pec’s” and these were then detailed by pushing ridges vertically into them. I then ran a “rope” of putty around his neck in a wide loop, and set his shoulder pads off of this, these were just teardrop shapes of putty, put over his shoulders, and then the “fin” style details were pushed into these (in the same way as his head fins) using my pointed colour shaper. Then turning to Stratos I added the first three of the feathers on each of his arms (he needs six on each) these were done in exactly the same way as the ones on his shoulders.

The end of the sculpting though not exactly “in sight”, is definitely a few “stations” nearer now, though I starting late again this week as I went to Phalanx wargames show  yesterday (mainly to sell on the “bring and buy”, but I did buy a couple of packs of figures, my first for nearly two years!) hence this late post. Oh well better crack on as they say.

Till next week, Excelsior Roger.


“Off the hook, but up in the air” (Roger Webb)

Well it’s the end of the first week of “Forgotten heroes”, and what a week it’s been, the majority of people seem to off to a good start though we do have a couple of chaps who are yet to take the plunge! I too have been beavering away (when I’ve got the chance) and I’ve made reasonable progress this week..

But how have I been progressing you ask? What you don’t? Well tough because I’m going to tell you anyway, Saturday was spent looking over the figures and seeing if I was going to change their stances in anyway, starting with Mer-man, his pose was actually not a million miles away from the classic toy pose (though his legs are less bent than the toy). Now he is often depicted with a sword, and indeed the toy version came with one (a silly yellow one made of what appears to be coral of some sort), however I decided that any self-respecting sea-monster would rather be armed with a trident, and it just so happens that there are some pictures of him along with a later version of the figure that does show him with one, so to this end I bent up his right arm in readiness to accept one that I will make later on in the build. I also took the opportunity to file his face away ready for me to add his “fish-face” later too. That was about all I needed to do to him so he was glued to a tuppence and he was sorted. Stratos on the other hand needed a bit more work, first off he was another of those “legs akimbo” figures that’s bases are too wide to fit onto my copper coin, base of choice, so first job was to get out the junior hacksaw and cut his base in half and take a bit out of the middle, but after doing this I decided that I’d straighten his arms out a bit, remove all the base from under his right foot, bend his leg, and pose him as if he was leaping up into the air. I used a little greenstuff to tilt the remaining bit of base to add to this effect (I’ll hide it under the filler when I complete his base at the end). He looks a little bit like Rudolph Nureyev doing “Swan Lake” at the moment, but hopefully once I get all his “bits” on he’ll look alright.

Sunday, and I could start getting some putty onto them. So starting as I usually do I slapped a bit of greenstuff about their “nether” regions and after shaping them into underpants, tapped in some fur with the blade of my small knife. You have to ask yourself though whether “fur” is really the best material to have your “undies” made of if you live underwater, but hey’, who am I to judge.

Monday was a “no show” figure wise so it was Tuesday before the old tools came out again, I began by adding Statos’ belt, this was just a thin sausage of putty run around his waist and flattened to shape, then using the same technique I added the straps that run over his shoulders and the plate that sits on his back, because yes folks I can reveal that Stratos is a FRAUD!, because despite all those feathers he actually has rockets on his back to help him fly!! (I’ll add these later), after this I just had to add his belt buckle, this was just a blob of putty, shaped into a square, then I pushed a circle into the middle of this with the end of a “glue tube” spout, and then flattened the top and bottom of the square making it a rectangle, and the circle became an oval!. Taking the tiny bit of putty I had left, I added Mer-man’s belt in the same way only I made it wider and left it plain as he has a fancy “fin” design on his that I’ll add after his armour is in place.

Wednesday, was another, no hobby time day so it was Thursday before the tools came out to play again, and it was mostly Stratos who saw the fruits of my labor’s today, as I set about adding his helmet, this was a blob of putty plonked onto the top of his head and then pulled down around the sides and back of his head, then taking one of my colour shapers I smoothed out the surface, this is a very tedious task as you have to keep turning the figure to make sure the helmet is equal and symmetrical. Then once I was happy with it I “pushed” four indentations into the top, as this gave me the three ridges that run across the crown of his helmet front to back, more smoothing and shaping ensued until the shape looked about right. With the little bit of putty I had left I added a couple of “lugs” on either side of Mer-man’s head, these will support the fin like appendages that sprout out there and added his three toed “frog feet”.

Friday was a “bust” too as they say, and so dear reader that brings us too today, all in all I’m reasonable happy with the progress I’ve made, I’ll leave you with this little fun fact, apparently during the initial planning stages of these figures Mer-man was going to be called Sea-man! Luckily that idea didn’t “cum” to fruition!

Till next week, Excelsior Roger.


“Forgotten heroes 2018, wings and fins” (Roger Webb)

Well June is busting out all over (I told her that onesie was to small for her!), and as we all know that can mean only one thing “Forgotten heroes” is back and as per the rules (yes there are rules, flexible as they are!), I present to you my introductory piece outlining what figures I hope to produce and a little background on who they are and why I’ve picked them. At the end of this piece I’ll add a list of who else will be joining in this year and of course a link to the “Forgotten heroes” site where you can (hopefully) keep up with all the latest postings and the development of the other participants figures.

Anyway back to what I’m up to this month, well without wishing to sound like a “whining Winnie”, as I was aware that things were going to be a bit manic at work (real bill paying work this is, BOO HISS!!), along with doing the admin side of this event, I decided that I would just do a couple of figures that I hope I should be able to complete within the next four weeks. To this end I have played it fairly safe and gone for two more characters from the “Masters of the Universe” toy franchise in the form of “Mer-man and Stratos”, interestingly enough once these two are complete (if they get completed), it will mean I will then have all of the figures from the original release back in 1982 except for “Zodac” who was in fact the only toy figure I actually ever owned. Now I’ve wanted to do these two figures for quite a while now, I mean you have to have Mer-man don’t you, and there’s always been something a little odd about Stratos’ appearance, with that strange” Amish style beard that has intrigued me for years, so yes a couple of must haves for my collection. Both figures have their challenges, I’m not looking forward to doing Mer-man’s face at all (though I think I’ll be copying the cartoon version rather than the toy, here as I prefer it), and Stratos…well feathers!! (Enough said). I do of course need two “willing” volunteers for these surgical procedures and once again they have been recruited from my “Bronze age miniatures” dollies, now these are the last two of these I have, and as they no longer appear to have them on their web-site I’m not sure what I’m going to do when and if I do any more of the MOTU characters, still I’ll cross that bridge as and when. That’s enough of what I plan on doing I guess I’d better “put up and shut up” and get on with them now!

But before I go, here is a list of the other participants in this years “Forgotten heroes”, there is of course still time if you want to join in too, just let me know either in the comments section here or on the FH site, and I’ll sort it out….

Jez https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/

Simon http://fantorical.blogspot.com/

Alan http://hordesofthethings.blogspot.com/

Dave  http://thegamerscupbard.blogspot.com/

Bryan https://vampifansworldoftheundead.blogspot.com/

Keith http://angrypiper.com/

Ray (taking part by E-mail)

Harry https://warthroughtheages.wordpress.com/

Mike https://www.flickr.com/photos/boyntonartstudio/albums

The very best of luck to you all, please follow the links above to their various blogs or Flicker pages, or you can of course keep abreast of all the posts here.

Excelsior Roger.

“I’m so money supermarket!!” (Roger Webb)

Right well before I start this week I guess I should clarify the title of this post for any readers outside of the UK, we currently have an advert running on television for a “comparison website”, and well…it’s probably easier if you just follow the link back to my blog at the bottom of this post and you can see what I’m on about there..

Anyway turning back to the figures, and well it was a close run thing, but I managed to get my two submissions for this years “Forgotten Heroes” challenge finished before the end of the month (and a day earlier than last year!). as I hope you are aware, in my last post I stated that the sculpting was now all finished and it was time to add a little colour into the lives of my two “Eternians” so after Jitsu had been “based up” with some filler and “cat litter” boulders, both figures were given a spray coat of matt black, and it was…. Painting time!

I began this as usual by touching up any areas on both figures that the black spray had missed, then Jitsu’s sword was dry-brushed with chain-mail. Then turning to his breastplate this was undercoated in dark red before I added highlights in bright red. I decided that I couldn’t live with the bright orange/red furry undies that the toy wears so undercoated these in dark grey and highlighted them in light grey instead and while I had them out I painted the fur tops of his boots in the same (The toy’s boots have “gold” fur tops? I nearly went for black but as his belt and boots are black I thought the contrast would be better in grey. Flesh came next, to get the shade I was after I began by mixing a little “Flesh tone 7” (This is quite a dark “Mexican” brownish shade), with a tiny amount of chocolate brown (to darken it slightly further) and once this was dry and his eyes had been added in white and black, I mixed up some more flesh tone 7 this time with some khaki to get a slightly oriental tome. This was then used to highlight all the muscles a skin. All the “gold bits” came next, so his “hand”, breastplate accoutrement’s, belt buckle and sword hilt were all painted shinning gold, before being highlighted in pale gold. The rest of his belt, left arm strapping, his boots and his hair and beard were then all touched up again in black before all but his hair and beard were highlighted in dark grey (a mixture of dark grey and black, being used on his hairy bits). The “jewels” on his breast plate and belt buckle were then added using metallic red, and the ones across the knuckles of his “big hand” were done in turquoise, and low and behold he was just about painted.

Beast-man, was begun by painting his whole body and head in orange, now I know I’ve said this on numerous occasions now, but why did I go with a black undercoat!! Three coats of orange later and he was reasonably evenly coated. I could now highlight this with a mixture of orange and coffee. Then I added his face and ears (the cartoon and a later version of the toy had pale ears as well as face, and as I liked this, I decided to do mine this way) so coffee was used for these areas, before adding his eyes and mouth in black and white. The darker patches under his eyes I did in a mixture of porcelain blue and royal blue to get the right shade. Turning to his breastplate “thingy” and arm plates I began by painting in dark red, then highlighted with pink burgundy and then again with bright red. I then added the cross in the middle of his breastplate in porcelain blue with a highlight of pale blue, and after this I lightly dry-brushed the tips of the spikes around his neck and on his upper arm plates with a touch of chainmail. Now his furry underpants should have been blue (well they are on the toy and cartoon), but once again I decided to stray slightly from “cannon” and after giving then a dark grey undercoat, I dry-brushed them in blue grey, that are still slightly blue’ish but at least not that awful plastic blue (really the only time I ever recall seeing this colour is on toy’s from my childhood!). That only really left his belt and electro-whip to do, so rather than paint his whole belt in bronze highlighted with a little copper, I just did the two plates on the front in this colour, deciding instead to colour the belt itself in chocolate brown with a leather brown highlight, this was also used on the strapping around his wrists and around his upper arms, holding the plates in place. His whip was left black (like the toy) but I did highlight it with some dark grey.

Both figures were then treated to coat of “quickshade” strong tone, and once this was dry their bases were first painted chocolate brown before successive dry-brushes of khaki and coffee were applied. Then areas were picked out scenic green and then these areas were flocked using “Javis” Summer Mix static hairy grass. A final spray coat of matt varnish sealed the deal.

So that’s it I made it with just a day to go, and though I would never dare to profess to being anywhere near as productive as some of the other participants in this year’s challenge all in all I’m pretty happy with what I’ve achieved, I began on fairly safe ground to be honest as having already turned out ten of these “Masters of the Universe” figures before I was reasonably confident I could produce something that should be at least recognizable as “He-man” toy proxies (though you never know when one of these little bu**ers is going to get away from you!). I was a little unsure about the pose of the dolly I had chosen for my “Jitsu” figure, but now he’s finished I think it works, it’s a little sad to say that when I first ordered these “Dollies” from “Bronze Age Miniatures” a couple of years back now I went through the pictures on the web-site and was able to name what character each pose would end up being before I ordered them. The slightly sad thing is however I have three human characters (and three cats but that’s beside the point) I still really want to produce but I only have two dollies left (one I only recently decided I wanted). Sadly the dollies are no longer on the web-site, so I’m not sure they are still available, a bridge I will have to cross at some point.

Anyway this is my last “Forgotten Heroes” post this year, so it just remains for me to say a huge thank you to all the people who have taken part, producing figures of such incredible high skill and imagination that you have exceeded all my expectations, and for everyone who has taken the time to comment either on the “Forgotten Heroes” site or on people own blogs. Thank you to all of you for making this year’s challenge so successful, and be sure to read Jez’s “end of term” round up on the FH site at the start of next month. I’ll leave you with a couple of group shots of all my “Masters of the Universe” figures to date.

Till next time, excelsior!! & cheers Roger.


“Let’s have a Big hand for Jitsu!” (Roger Webb)

Final stages of the sculpting of Jitsu were completed this week (well the start of it), so just a quick update to show where I’m up to as of now…

Sunday, Well I thought it was about time Jitsu got some hair so I began this by mixing two tiny balls of putty and added a couple of ears to the sides of his head, yes for some reason the dollies from “Bronze Age Miniatures” come without ears! Why I don’t know it would be so much easier to file these away if you were going to add a helmet than having to add them, but anyway “rant” over. Once these were on I then mixed up a small sausage of putty and attached this under his nose, then teased this around to his chin and added hair with my small knife, it is a bit bushier than the original but I can live with it. Next his hair was added using a blob of putty on top of his head and pushed into shape, being careful not to damage his new ears. Lastly today I added a bit more putty to the top of his right arm and increased the size of his bicep there, I’ll add his trademark “golden Hand” next.

Monday, and I started work on Jitsu’s right hand (the big one), before I started adding putty to it though I began by slicing off his thumb and then taking the pliers to the hand itself flattened out the fingers that were curled ready to take a weapon of your choice. This left the hand in a bit of a mess, but this of course didn’t matter as I was going to cover the whole thing in greenstuff anyway. That’s what I did next, mixing up a small amount I added a blob first to the back of his hand and then more again to the front, these were then smoothed together, and then after much “faffing” with various tools and knives I eventually worked it into a hand shape, sorry this description isn’t more specific but I really just messed about with it till I was reasonably happy with the shape. I then added some ridges across both sides of the fingers on the joints and after adding some dimples across the knuckles popped in some small balls of putty that were then flattened slightly on the top for a bit of detail. I’ll add the flared wrist piece tomorrow. Also today I took the samurai sword that I had cut off of the “Copplestone Babe” who became my “Harley Quin” last “Zomtober” and carefully drilling the back end of the blade inserted a tiny piece of florists wire ready to glue and putty into his left hand.

Tuesday and end was definitely in sight now, so I began by running a couple of blobs of putty down the front and back of Jitsu’s wrist and then smoothed these out and around his wrist, I then took my flat ended colour shaper and carefully pushed a ridge around the bottom of this “cuff” just above his elbow, this was then tidied up using the edge of my small knife as a straight edge. Next I added a small amount of putty to the “wire” handle of the sword and then carefully rolled this on the edge of my board trimming off any excess until I was happy with the size and shape. This was then pushed and glued into his left hand. Now comments had been made about the thinness of his legs, but I decided that I liked the smallness of them as they referenced back to the toys of the eighties as they too had legs that were a little small in comparison this the arms of the figures. So with that decision made Jitsu was also just about done.

Well that just leaves Jitsu’s base to be done and then I can get underway with the painting, on the home straight now, I’ll post up the finished figures once they are complete.

So till them Excelsior, and cheers Roger.


“Henchmen ‘R’ Us” (Roger Webb)

Well the best laid plans as they say, I had hoped to have all the sculpting finished by this weekend especially as Beast-man was pretty much there last weekend. however Jitsu has proven to be more work than I originally anticipated, not really difficult (though a couple of bits were a pain to get right!), but just more stages to his construction than I’d first thought, as fear of “mucking up” the bit I’d just done prevented me from moving on to the next stage till the putty was good and dry (the next day). Still this is where I’m up to now and what I completed each day.

Sunday, Time to add the base for Jitsu’s breastplate and back-plate, this basically meant I needed to smear putty all over his back and chest and then smooth it out as best I could ready for me to add the detail to it tomorrow (hopefully). I made it a bit thicker around the back, as I wanted to add a bit more girth to the figure, the front I made as thin as I dared, as I didn’t want to bury his arm to much where it crosses his body. I may have to build it up a bit later (we’ll see). Turning to Beast –man, and he seems to be progressing nicely (famous last words, watch him turn to “you know what” now!), I decided to add the metal plates to his upper arms today, so I began by rolling out a thin “thread” of putty and ran this around his arms at bicep level, then this was smoothed out a bit before I added two small balls of putty, that were then smoothed and teased into curved oval shapes on the outsides of his upper arms. Finally tiny conical sausages were stuck into ”dimples” I had pushed into the plates with a ballpoint refill tip, and then smoothed and blended to shape as the two spikes each plate sports.

Monday, when I started these two figures I thought Beast-man was going to the awkward one and Jitsu more of a “park-walk”. It now appears that opposite might be true, as though there have been a fair amount of fiddley bits on Beast-man I looked at the detailing in Jitsu’s breast-plate today and nearly sat and wept! I don’t think I’m going to able to add all of the swirls and crosses that the original sports (especially with his flipping arm in the way! Why did I pick this dolly!!!). Anyway I thought sitting here isn’t going to help, so out came the putty and a small amount was mixed up, I began by adding a sausage around his neck like a scarf, and this was then flattened out form the neck of the breast plate and line running down the front, I then pushed small dimples into this ready for me to add the red “jewels?” around this, the original has eight at the front and five round the back, but I settled for six round the front and three at the back, these were just tiny (and I mean tiny) balls of putty pushed into the dimples with a flat ended cocktail stick. I decided rather than risk damaging this I’d leave it there till tomorrow, so instead turned my attention to “Beasty”. Two small sausages of putty were again rolled out and these were then pushed onto the backs of his forearms, then they were smoothed out to the sides forming a small ridge in the centre and rising towards his elbow. Fur was then tapped into these with my small knife and his hairy arms were complete. This just leaves his “electro-whip” to add and he’ll be finished, but I think I might base him up before I add this.

Tuesday, and as I mentioned might happen last week I’ve now decided that the bases on my two He-man figures are just too thick, so I began today by cracking both of them off of the “tuppences” they are mounted on and cutting away a lot of the cardboard “spacers” I’d glued between the figures bases and the coins, they were then glued back in place onto the coins. Then I cut a length of my florists wire, and fed it into Beast-man’s left hand to form the “cord” of his Electro-whip”(interestingly when you look up pictures of Beast-man on the net the vast majority of then have him as left handed, though the original toy was right handed), it was then measured across to his right raised hand and a small amount of extra was added (to make the “droop”) before the bend was put in around his hand and down to the floor. Again I added extra, but didn’t glue it in place yet. So next job was to finish the base on the figure, so taking some “Tetrion” filler I covered the base hiding the now decimated base, and added a couple of bits of “clean” cat litter as rocks. Once dry I was able to curl the end of the wire “cord” so as it appeared to be lying on the floor. Then the wire was glued into both of his hands and again where it touched the floor. Sadly I did nothing more to Jitsu.

Wednesday, I was able to finish Beast-man today (Hooray!), I just had to add the handle of his Electro-whip, and this was just a tiny blob of putty popped into his hand and smoothed into a handle shape (technical huh!), then I added another smaller blob on the outside of his hand and smoothed this into the joint between handled a whip-cord, finally I added a thin sausage around his fingers as a guard (the toy has this to hold it to his hand), and he’s ready for painting. He will however have to wait until Jitsu is ready to join him, and I made a bit more progress on him too today. I began by adding some more detail to his breast plate, then decided that I would have to add to his left arm as it was in danger of disappearing into his breastplate, so balls of putty were added to his shoulder and upper arm and these were shaped into muscles, I might add some form of wrist gauntlet to his lower arm, and increase the size of his upper arm on the right side too. Lastly today I ran two thin sausages around his shoulders to form the cuffs on his breastplate, and these were blended into the main body of this. At least I seem to be getting somewhere with him now.  (Sorry forgot to take a photo of this but you can see the results in the one below).

Friday, and work continued on Jitsu, this time I turned to the back of his armour, and added a couple of curved lines running down from the armoured neck down and around the sides, then taking two tiny sausages of putty added two small crescent shaped pieces in each top corner. These then had tiny balls of putty added to then to form some more “jewels”. Though not as intricate as the toy figures armour, I hope this gives a flavor of the original. Next turning him over I added a long wrist gauntlet over his left lower arm, though this is not present on the original figure I like the look of it and adds a little heft to his arm, I have decided that I will have to add a bit more muscle to his right bicep, as this figure seems a little “skinny” compared to some of the others.

So I’m not quite over the finishing line yet, still a couple of days of sculpting left before I get on to the painting, but I am still pretty much on course for getting these finished by the end of the month.

Till next week Excelsior! Roger.


“Release the Beast!” (Roger Webb)

Ok well as promised I have now begun the process of building up the necessary additions needed to turn my “Daytona Beach iron pumpers” into fully fledged members of Eternian society. Sadly by “sods law” this first full week sculpting would also have to a week when I’m working the night shift, so it seems like it has been every other day that I have been able to get any “hobby time” in, but at least I was able to make a decent start to process.

Sunday, and I began in much the same way as I always do on my He-man replica’s by adding the “furry” undies that are so in “vogue” on Eternia, these were simply a couple of blobs of putty plopped onto their bums and crotches and then smoothed around to shape, then taking my small knife I simply “tapped” in the fur effect. The fronts of the “pants” deliberately had a curve added to the top of the front, as this is where their wide belts will sit. Then turning to Beast-man, I noticed that the original toy figure had fur on him lower legs and forearms. His arms I’ll leave till later, but his legs I thought I’d add now, so more “balls” of putty were pushed onto his shins and then teased around to the sides, leaving his actual shins relatively clear, the once I was happy with the positioning of the putty, I tapped in the fur as with the pants.

Monday, I went straight to work adding Jitsu’s boots, these were just blobs of putty smeared over his feet and lower legs and then shaped to suit. I also added Beast-man’s belt, this was just a sausage of putty tapered at both ends that was run around his waist and then flatted with one of my colour shapers, I added a couple of tiny flatted balls of putty to the front to add a little detail, and then cut a “V” into the top of it, this is where his furry breast-plate will sit. Lastly with the small amount of “Greenstuff” I had left I added a couple of wristbands in similar (but obviously, small) fashion to his belt.

Wednesday, I’m rather pleased with myself today, I had been putting off adding Beast-man’s breastplate, but decided it was going to have to be done so mixed op a bit of the old greenstuff and running a sausage around his neck started by flattening out and smoothing the ends where they meet at the front, then I added the “round blue bit” (sorry don’t know what else to call this), to do this I took an old ball point re-fill and using the open end of this pushed it into the putty to form a circle, then taking my small knife I began adding the fur in an outward petal pattern around this, before continuing up over his shoulders and around the back of his neck. Turning the ball point refill around I then added eight dimples around his neck, before tiny conical ball of putty were pushed into these to form the spikes around his collar. All in all this came out better than I had ever hoped, I just hope I’ve left enough room to do the work on his face, I really don’t want to have to remove this!

Friday, well today it was time to bite the bullet, and add the facial modifications to Beast-man, I have to admit that I have been dreading this since I started this figure, now looking at him I couldn’t help but wonder if I wouldn’t have been better off doing this before I added “breastplate thingy”. But the die was cast and it was time to get on with it. I began by adding a blob of putty to the top of his head and roughly smoothing this a slightly domed shape then pushed in the ridge that runs over the crown of his head, this was then dragged down to the bridge of his nose and over his eyebrows to make then thicker. Once I was happy with this I took to tiny balls of putty and popped them onto the sides of his head, shaping them into pointed “Mr Spock” style ears. His mouth was pretty much right on the original figure (I’ll try and paint in his pointed teeth), but he needed a beard adding, so a sausage of putty was run around his chin and my small knife was used yet again to drag in the hair. I have to say I’m pretty happy with the result and that it’s come out better than I had hoped. As Jitsu was lagging behind a bit now I thought I’d better add his belt, this was done in the same was as Beast-mans, and the furry tops to his boots were just a couple more sausages run around the top of each boot with the fur tapped in with my knife again.

Well things seem to be moving along at a bit of a pace now (with Beast-man at least), I think I’m on target to finish on time. I leave you with a fun fact, In the early concept drawing for the He-man range Beast-man and Skeletor were actually one character, it wasn’t until later in development that they were re-worked as two different characters.

Till next week Excelsior, Roger.


“Beastly Beginnings” (Roger Webb)


Well as you can imagine as I only posted my intentions on Thursday, I haven’t really got very far with progress on the figures themselves (though some participants have now finished there first submissions!! Yes Roy I’m looking at you). Anyway back in the slow lane, first job was to do a bit of planning (yes I do plan how I do these things believe it or not!), and the first thing I noticed was that neither figure would currently fit onto the two pence pieces I use to base all my 28mm figures, this along with the fact that as everyone who knows me is aware that I dislike figures stood with their feet ridiculously far apart meant that a trip to the garage and some major base “surgery” was called for. Now the bases on the “Bronze age” dollies are a) Pretty thick and b) made of really good quality metal, neither of which was exactly conducive to making this an easy job. I began by trying to cut through them with my junior hacksaw, but discovered there was no way to hold them really stable without damaging the figures themselves, so after a bit of head scratching I decided to try and sand down the thickness of the bases a bit with my power sander. This is a Bosch circular version and the best way I’ve found to use it to do this is to kneel on the floor (not the most comfortable thing to do at my age), then hold the sander upside-down between my knees and run the bases of the figures over the surface of the spinning sanding disk. You have to swop between figure every now and again as the soon start to build up heat from all the friction.

Anyway after doing this for a while and removing a thin layer from the bottom of the bases (a really thin layer, these figure metal is TOUGH!), I then took my large wire snippers and just about managed to cut through the bases (nearly breaking my thumb in the process!). After this it was a case of easing the legs together, leveling out the bases again then sanding them slightly again to the bottom flat and level again. After this it was a case of checking they now fitted onto a “tuppence”, and with a bit more snipping and filing around the outer edges of the bases they now did, so I could now glue them onto the coins. I added two layers of card beneath the bases to add height, but looking at them now I think that might be too much, but I can always “snap” them off and remove a layer later on if I decide too.

So that’s where I’m up to so far, early days, but at least I can start to add some “greenstuff” to them now (last year I spent the whole of the first week filing down one of my figures so I’m already ahead of that). Hopefully in my next post I’ll have something a bit more interesting to show you.

So till next weekend, Excelsior!! Roger.