Leopard Girl Complete! (Roy Williamson)

Well, the converted miniature is painted. Obviously I went for the ‘Less is More’ approach, and can always claim that the suit isn’t actually a real leopard’s coat and so doesn’t need to be accurate! 😉

Back in 1953…   (what follows is, further, information, that I forgot to publish in the first post)

The origins of the woman known as Leopard Girl are a mystery. She was a secretary to a various scientists and explorers who lived in the jungles of Africa in the 1950s, under civilian named of Gwen, although her last name is unrevealed. She frequently worked with a young wealthy man named Peter who had an infatuation with the Leopard Girl. What prompted Gwen to become the Leopard Girl is unknown, however she soon became a legendary jungle adventurer fighting criminals who sought to exploit the jungle. She was frequently aided in her adventures by a pack of wild leopards who followed her every command.

In her first recorded appearance, Gwen was working for Peter directly. At the time he was to be married to Sandra Dennings whom was really working a con with her father in order to trick Peter into purchasing Mr. Dennings failing business and then running off with the money. Learning of this ploy, the Leopard Girl stranded Sandra and her father in the middle of the jungle at the mercy of seemingly deadly snakes, forcing them to confess their scam to Peter before revealing that the snakes were harmless and delivering them to the authorities.
Later, Gwen’s secretarial services were hired by Professor Kreitzer, a scientist who came to the jungles to continue his researched undisturbed. One of his first experiments was using radioactive chemicals to summon the spirit of the so-called Flame Witch. Surprisingly, the experiment was a success but Kreitzer was knocked out and the Flame Witch then cut a swath of destruction across the jungle seeking out the man who restored her to life. Gwen changed into Leopard Girl and came to Kreitzer’s aid, stashing his unconscious body into the cave of the female lion known as Numa. Leopard Girl and Numa then tricked the Flame Witch into following them into the cave, where an uncovered water source doused the Flame Witch apparently destroying her.

The jungle was later terrorised anew by a tribal man named Robo who attempted to summon spirits to get revenge on Leopard Girl for arresting him for murder in the past. However the spirits turned against Robo and apprehended him. In her civilian identity she rescued Pete and Professor Kreitzer who had foolishly charged off on their own to stop Robo and became mutually trapped.

Leopard Girl stopped a leopard known as the Wild One who had been driven mad by a thorn caught in his paw. After stopping Pete from trying to kill the big cat, she removed the thorn, restoring the leopards sanity.

Leopard Girl had her place as ruler of the leopard pack usurped by a leopard named Fang who then sent the other leopards out on the attack. Leopard Girl prevented Pete from killing the leopards, and defeated Fang in battle, learning that Fang had no teeth and only sought to be part of the pack. Leopard Girl promised Fang that she would keep his secret and took control of the leopards once again.

Leopard Girl later appeared as a resident of Valhalla Villas, a retirement home for ex-heroes and ex-villains that is located in Miami. When Scott Lang was there meeting with Mary Morgan, Leopard Girl was interested in meeting Scott’s father only to be told that he is dead. Leopard Girl is among the residents that are temporarily de-aged by Mary Morgan, who used an unnamed Asgardian relic during the Incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610.

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Also, thank you to everyone that has made Forgotten Heroes so much fun!


Leopard Girl #2 (Roy Williamson)

I think the photo’s tell the story, really. I filled in the gaps between boots and legs. Removed the belt and filled and smoothed. Some Green Stuff was used to bring the collar of the suit up under the chin. PVA white glue was used to fix talus grit to the base. When that had completely dried I applied more PVA white glue atop the dried grit, and now it has dried rock hard. Primer/undercoat is some Vallejo Flat Brown.

I’ve also began work on the Crossover Miniatures model that I’m going to base my work on for Retro Girl. But I’ll go into further details in a separate post once I’ve finished converting it.


Leopard Girl #1 (Roy Williamson)

Forgotten Heroes 2017 entry number two. Leopard Girl.

I started off with a Crooked Dice ‘Classic’ Pandora King stock figure.  Sawed off the top of it’s head with a razor saw.

Then used a scalpel and warding file to shape and smooth the metal – then I washed it in warm, soapy water and scrubbed the miniature clean with a toothbrush (bought for that purpose).

Using Greenstuff modelling putty I sculpted the Leopard Girl hood onto the miniature. Don’t ask me how I did it, as I’m still learning as I go and am surprised it turned out as well as it did!

The tools I used were a pick (imagine the thing a dentist uses) and a shaper bought from Games Workshop years ago. I use clean tap water to help lubricate and smooth the putty while working.

I sketched out a rough image of what Leopard Girl’s hood should look like – as my stupid phone wouldn’t display the photo I’d taken from off the computer. Stupid technology!

Wanting to go all fancy, like a certain Mr Awdry, I began working on the base. Supergluing some garden gravel to the base, and atop each other, smoothing out the joins and joints with modelling putty. I’ve even gone to the extreme of purchasing tiny ‘leaves’ basing material to make the basing look good. I can see I’ll have to keep buying scenic basing material from now on.

The only thing I might add before painting is a couple of large teeth to the leopard, hanging down and atop Leopard Girl’s forehead. But I’ll make that decision next time. I’ve also spotted the leopard suit’s neckline is right up under the chin, so I’ll need to model that on, definitely. Oh, and then there’s the fact the model has a belt sculpted on and boots, whereas Leopard Girl doesn’t. Damn. More work.


Plans For Forgotten Heroes – Figures 2 & 3 (Roy Williamson)

My second, intended, Forgotten Heroes [LINK] entry will be a character from the recent Powers (tv) show: Calista Secor.

Powers is an American series adaptation of the Powers comic book series published by Marvel Comics under their Icon Comics imprint.

The Powers series’ plot (from Wikipedia):
“”In a world where humans and superheroes called “Powers” co-exist, a former Power, Christian Walker, has reinvented himself as a homicide detective after his own powers were taken from him. He and his partner Deena Pilgrim work for the Powers Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, investigating crimes involving superhumans, who are at once crimefighting heroes and pop celebrities managed by specialized advertising agencies.””


 Calista Secor (series) bio:
“”Calista Secor is a “wannabe”, meaning she hangs around with powers, wanting powers of her own. She also may or may not be homeless, and is seen wandering around. Calista is convinced that she has powers that will awaken someday, and she intends to use her powers on her abusive father for hurting her mother.””

In series 2 of the program Calista is proven correct, that she does have powers. She models herself on her own Powers hero, Retro Girl.

Calista Secor (comic) bio:
“”Calista Secor is a young girl who develops a close bond with homicide detective Christian Walker when she’s placed in his temporary custody. Walker was responsible for arresting Flinch, the criminal who murdered Calista’s mother. It is believed that Calista contains the reincarnated spirit of the hero Retro Girl, making her a Power. She has demonstrated special abilities and used them to become the second Retro Girl.””

I’m hoping to recreate a miniature of the live action series Power character, as portrayed by the actress Olesya Rulin.

 ###   ###   ###
My third, intended, Forgotten Heroes entry will be a 1950s comic heroine.

When I first read the rules for FH I didn’t really know what character to attempt. In fact, I hadn’t the first idea. So, reading the suggestions (the Leopard of Lime Street being a BIG help), I did a Google image search and found Leopard Girl.


I’ve found a couple of short bio’s for the character:

“”Gwen was the secretary for a scientist who works in the middle of the jungle because civilization is too noisy for him. Gwen is given a mystical formfitting leopard outfit by a witchdoctor which grants her enhanced agility, knowledge of the jungle and the ability to summon leopards to aid in times of trouble.””

“”Gwen was the assistant to scientist Dr. Hans Kreitzer, who had travelled to the jungles of Africa to conduct research. Unknown to the Doctor and her fellow assistant Peter, Gwen maintained a dual identity, the Leopard Girl, feared by criminals and respected throughout the jungle by natives and animals alike. Even the jungle ghosts liked and helped her. She often worked with a pack of leopards whom she summoned and controlled with her “cry of the leopard.” “”

###   ###   ###

So those are my other two for FH. I’ve done a Google search and gone through some companies that sell superhero miniatures, but can’t find any figures of the two readily available. All that is left for me to do is put in an order for the stock models and then try to get them done before the end of the month.

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Vigilante Hero conversion now complete (Roy Williamson)

I’ve now completed my first entry and I’m hoping to get another completed before the end of the month deadline. As far as I’m aware my other heroine is a ‘super’, who has powers and abilities (I may be wrong, however!). The masked vigilante shown here has to make do with her athletic ability, martial arts skills and her feminine wiles to aid her in her fight against crime – a deadly combo!
Best of all, I had great fun working on her … I just need to think of a name for the character.

A Hentai of Justice!

I’ve kept my work on this blog event separate from the normal blog posts due to the content [don’t Google search hentai, it means pervert in Japanese and you’ll end up with links and image of pornography], but I will now include a link to the post which features my finished miniature as it is quite safe to view, and features no backstory information.

Yes, the vigilante hero is wearing underpants as a mask to hide their identity. As you do, obviously!

http://nevermindthejankers.blogspot.co.uk/p/forgotten-heroes-entry-3rd-june-2017.htmlThere’s more photos on this blog post, it has the link to the Forgotten Heroes blog event, and readers can also leave comments should they wish.

Thanks for looking

Forgotten Heroes – entry: 1st June 2017 (Roy Williamson)

Warning! What follows should not be viewed by the easily offended.

I am hoping to do a true Superhero from a Marvel 1950s comic, but I don’t own the figure yet that I need to convert to make my heroine. And whilst I was trawling the webstore of the company for said figure a memory of a bit of Japanese craziness popped up. Oh dear…

Hentai Kamen.

I first heard of the dvd going by this name – Actually, I can’t remember, but I watched the youtube preview for the movie and it was totally bonkers crazy. Which appealed to my sense of humour and helped to keep the character in my mind.

It turns out the 2013 film ‘HK: Hentai Kamen – Forbidden Superhero’, and it’s 2016 sequel ‘Hentai Kamen: Abnormal Crisis’, are based on a Japanese Manga comic series that ran from September 1992 to September 1993. This Manga comic being titled, Kyūkyoku!! Hentai Kamen (究極!!変態仮面?, lit. “Ultimate!! Pervert Mask”).

LINK to the Wiki for the comic:

LINK to the Wiki for the first film:

 LINK to the Wiki for the second film:

Wikipedia sums up the 2013 film’s plot as so: “An introverted high school student with a crush on one of his classmates is granted superpowers whenever he wears female underpants on his head.”

It is probable that the film (and Manga) was driven towards a male audience. And its probably best not to discuss the market trends in female underwear that there is in Japan. Least to say that having a superhero who acquires a young woman’s underwear is seen as acceptable.

Wikipedia describes the plot for the 1990s Manga comic as this: “Kyōsuke Shikijō is a high school student skilled in kenpō [Japanese Kung Fu variant], but incompetent with girls to the point that his interaction with them gets him into painful situations. One day he saves a girl named Aiko Himeno from bullies and is immediately smitten with her. When she is taken hostage by a group of criminals during a bank robbery, Kyōsuke is forced to take a disguise to save her without being recognized by the crooks after an earlier incident where he reveals himself on a megaphone. When he accidentally puts a pair of panties over his head instead of a normal mask he undergoes a transformation: due to the perverted genetics of his mother (an S&M worker), he is able to awaken the full potential of his body. Running out wearing nothing but the panties on his head and underpants covering his loins, Kyōsuke, now christening his masked self Hentai Kamen, uses his power and perversion to defeat the criminals and save Aiko.”

Now the main character in both the films and the comic is male. However, I don’t own a nude male figure that I could convert to make such a Hentai Kamen miniature, but I did spot on Google Images that there has been a cartoon made where Hentai Kamen was female. And I own a miniature, going spare, that I could convert to make a figure. [It should also be mentioned that there is quite the number of female Cosplayers who don Hentai Kamen costumes, so if they feel that this superhero goes beyond the labelling of gender I’m not going to argue]

So, my first offering to the Forgotten Heroes is my take on a female Hentai Kamen (in traditional costume, not the, seemingly, female varient). The stock figure used for the conversion was a Unfeasibly Miniatures 28mm slave girl from their Exotic Adventures range (unsurprisingly sold through Col. Bills and hence why I have one). The figure does come as part of a trio of figures, the two male sculpts being 28mm tall whereas this female is closer to 25mm in height. The modelling putty I used to sculpt the conversion was Green Stuff, bought via Games Workshop.

I’m happy with the sculpting on the figure, but I intend to do a little more work on the base. Hopefully next time you’ll all see this Hentai Kamen she’ll be completed!

Footnote: Now I have to be honest, I haven’t seen either of the films, nor read the original comics. I do  intend to watch the film dvds, however.