Bouncing Boy has lift off! (Michael Awdry)

Spurred on by the many kind words of encouragement, I am pleased to report that my contribution to ‘Forgotten Heroes’ is back on track; ‘Bouncing Boy’ is slowly, but surely, starting to take shape! Having already identified the ping pong ball as the structure on which the character was to be built, I started with the ubiquitous utility belt, in this case a strip of foil from a ‘Pringles’ tube*. To this was added a few likely looking pouches from a handy sprue that was in this year’s ‘Salute’ goody bag.

BB 100

Whilst I was harvesting the pouches, it struck me that the legs, or at least part of them, might work for ‘Bouncing Boy’ and so out came the side snips again, now I don’t know exactly what a Maelstrom’s Edge Epiran Handler** is, but I am grateful for his sacrifice in this project!
 BB101Arms proved a little more difficult to source as I wasn’t sure about the pulse rifle attached to the Epiran Handler’s hand, but as luck would have it the ‘Victrix Limited’ Napoleonic Highlanders sprue offered up a couple of alternatives that fitted the bill perfectly. I decided to keep the buttons on the cuff, they are probably not called buttons and I may just have committed an awful Napoleonic faux pas, as they added a little more interest to what was, in effect, a ball!
BB102So it was now all about finding a suitable head, but I was right out of youthful molecular scientists!   I could muster the odd grizzled Viking, or a helmeted GI, but I was struggling for the right look for my Charles Foster Taine.  In a fit of desperation, I took a more left field approach approach and attached an unmarried Zulu warriors head left over from the the ‘Cetshwayo Challenge’.  I was thinking that there was, arguably, an air of youth to the sculpt and that headband could certainly add something to the costume!
BB103BB104Given ‘Bouncing Boy’s’ unique skill of being able to inflate into a round shape that could bounce and ricochet off walls without harm, it seemed like a good idea to incorporate a flight stand.  I also managed to unearth a suitably futuristic base topper as well, so all is nearly complete.  I hoping to get some undercoat on him tonight and then, if all goes according to plan, try and get the bulk of the painting done over the weekend; I may yet make the deadline!

Jenny Everywhere – part 2 (Kaptain Kobold)

It’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to sit down with Jenny Everywhere and actually progress her. On Friday I painted the blue plastic with grey paint in order to see what I was working with better. At various spare moments this weekend I scraped and cut with a modelling knife to tidy the figure up. This is the result:


The print process does leave a very rough figure (my printer is cheap and nasty and doesn’t do the ultra fine resolution of the ones that, say, Shapeways use), but I did my best. Some of the rough edges would be hidden by any clothing I model onto her, and, as I discovered with my Captain UK conversion, I can work wonders with partially dried wood glue.
The next stage was to decide on clothing. The figure is already modelled with what appear to be high-heel ankle-boots, so I was happy to work with those. The two items required by the character’s description were the flying goggles on the head, and a pilot’s scarf. Both of these were really the last items which to be added,
There was a piece at the back of the figure which looked like a very, very short skirt, so I decided to build on that and give her a short skirt and a jacket, both things I thought would be within my modelling capabilities. It took about an hour of teasing putty into place, but I got there in the end, and there was just enough left over to do the scarf and goggles.
 IMG_1352IMG_1353To be honest I’m not totally happy with how she looks now, but I’m hoping that once the putty hardens I can shave and file it a bit to tidy things up. And then there’s always the wood glue. and if the worst come to the worst I can hide stuff with paint. The goggle came out OK though.

Late entry “The Sandman” (John Brattan)

There was talk of making some unique miniatures for super hero/villain types over at ForgottenHeroesSite and I had a mind to join in but as usual life’s been getting in the way.

I was talking with my wife a week ago and she encouraged me to do something anyway and she suggested I do the Sandman. I immediately started thinking of Neil Gaiman’s version, from the graphic novels I read many years ago, and started looking for existing miniatures. I couldn’t find any in my collection that I could easily convert in a short time.

sandman neil gaimanThen I remembered that Craig, a friend of mine from long ago, mentioned that Sandman was quite an old DC hero that went back to 1939. In fact it was he who let me read his Neil Gaiman graphic novels and showed me an old DC comic that featured the original character. I went looking for images and saw two main versions, a guy in a green suit and purple cloak and another in just a tan suit and overcoat, both also sporting a fedora, gasmask and special sleep gas emitting gun.

Sandman-DC-Comics-Wesley-Doddssandman  Wesley_Dodds_001







I went looking for a figure to match and found Mark Copplestone’s Gangsters in a FLGS, in particular, Sam Spade. He’s not quite what I’m after in that his overcoat is slightly different to those in the comics but I think he’ll be good enough for me with a few changes.

copplestone castI’ve started converting this miniature and I’ve changed the right arm to that of a Reaper bones cowboy figure that I’ve sacrificed for his revolver-wielding hand. I’m now throwing a bit of greenstuff around to blend in the arm, modify the weapon and add a gasmask to the face. I think I’ll go for the tan-suited gent as I’m not so good at making cloaks yet ;-).

CAM00480sandyNow I just have to convince Roger to accept my late entry… (and I have of course’ Roger).

Stinkor is Done! (Mike Boynton)

I finished old Stinkor today and I am very happy with him. I ended up with a few different changes from my original concept. One was that I did not add the gun I made because it interrupted the lines of the sculpture and detracted from the overall unity and I also did not do the air lines as I felt they also did not contribute to the miniature. Also I think it looks more classic without them. I do like my air tanks and I think the armor came out nice. The colors glow because of the washes and my details came out well. I am very happy with my yellow green eyes and the face meets my expectations.

The base is my favorite part of this miniature. I used an old transformers robot head as the main structure of the base and did a mix of hot glue, sand and Milliput to make it look organic. I think it looks like part of Eternia He-Man’s world. The three creatures have been in my bits box for a long time. I heated them up and bent them into shapes that made them look like they had smelled a bad odor. I think they came out well.

Enjoy at the link:
Mike Boynton

Forgotten Heroes….still a work in progress (Michael Awdry)

Now let’s be honest, there hasn’t really been much progress at all.  The frenetic pace that comes as the end of the academic year looms into sight has rather scuppered my plans to resurrect ‘Bouncing Boy’ from ‘forgotten’ to  ‘occasionally talked about’.  The irony of this sad tale is that I chose this character because I thought that it would be simple and quick to do!

IMG_3594 There has been some movement and I have collected, what I hope will be, the composite parts required to finish the job.  Included in these are a selection of spherical objects to form the main body.  The beads, my first choice, are clearly too small and the ping pong ball feels a little big, but I think that I am going to go with it anyway, if for no other reason than comedy value; my only concern with this choice is that I have a nagging thought that ping pong balls don’t react well to superglue?  I will let you know!

To further compound the ignominy of my current project there has been some truly wonderful progress made by my fellow contributors, which has all been documented on the official site and I would encourage to stop wasting time reading this drivel and go and see what should be happening!  Hopefully, once I have ticked off a few chores this morning, there might be a little more to show later in  the week.

“That’s all I ever wanted, to be a hero”. (Roger Webb)

Right I have to start this week with an apology because though I have just about kept up with cross-posting my fellow “Hero” builders posts tot the “Forgotten Heroes International” site I haven’t had time to post comments on all the excellent work that has been carried out by them. This is because my hobby time has been greatly depleted this week due to overtime at work each night and all this weekend, along with us being booked in to trade with “WSD” at the “Phalanx” wargames show today! Thankfully my wife and eldest (Myles) ended up doing this as I had to work (big thanks to them both for this). But I did spend a lot of my spare time sorting out and preparing for the show (just didn’t get the chance to buy anything at the show itself (Drat!). But enough moaning, some progress has been made and though I haven’t achieved all I was hoping this week, I am reasonably pleased with how much I have managed to get done.

Monday, and very little got done today, I did dig out my other heroklix figures to find a new pair of armsAftershock (3) for Aftershock, the (probably) unhappy donor was Janet Van’Dyne, better known as “Wasp” from the Avengers, her arms were in pretty much the right pose (though pointed outward rather than down but that shouldn’t be a problem), and as a happy addition she also has a pair of insect wings on her back, so “Buzz Off” is now a “go’er” for the next round of “He-month”. Obviously I then had to carve out Aftershock’s right arm as well, and that was all I got done.

Tuesday, was a bit more productive, I began by forgotten TRIO (wed2) figsshaping the tops of Aftershocks new arms ready for gluing them in place, then taking a couple of blobs of putty and slapping them in place on either side of her chest I created her crop top, leaving the gap at the front over the rectangle of putty I added a while back. Then like her shorts I added a couple of laces at the front with some tiny strands of putty. Next while this was still soft I pushed and glued her arms into place. The Prankster came next and I added the front and back to his jacket this was just three lumps of putty, two smaller ones at the front and a larger one at the back that were then shaped around his torso. I then added the collar to his jacket and a breast pocket, it looks like a body warmer at the moment but I’ll add the arms tomorrow.

Wednesday, and it was filing again I’m afraid, I’d been putting this off as long as I could but the time had forgotten TRIO (thur2) figscome as they say. So taking one of the two arms that came with the original I-core figure I’m using as the base for Black Scorpion (the one with the pistol) I set about filing away all the excessive detail, which sadly included an armored shoulder pad that ran down to her elbow, fortunately her pistol gave me something to hold while I did this and once done I cut away most of the pistol, but again fortuitously she sometimes uses a baton or truncheon, so I plan on adding one of these to her right hand so the pistol grip and hand positioning will be okay. Last job today was to drill the hole for the wire that will form the base for said truncheon and while it was out I drilled into the Pranksters hand as well ready for his water pistol, his hand broke off while I was doing this (didn’t realize it was separate), but this will give me the chance to re-position it a bit when I glue it back on.

Thursday, I began by tidying up around Aftershocks forgotten TRIO (fri2) figsshoulders, blending them in a bit and covering up the joints by re-sculpting the hair I’d cut away way back at the start of her conversion. Then I re-attached The Pranksters lower arm at a slightly straighter position than it was originally and then wrapping his arms in putty added the sleeves to his jacket, I ran the ends of these tight to his wrists as I’ll add his turned back cuff’s later. Then BS had her right arm attached and I blended in around the joint at the back, then I built up the truncheon around the wire that was protruding from her hand.

So we come to Friday, and though the ends may be in sight, as I said above I’m not quite over the sculpting finish line just yet. Aftershock needed her gloves forgotten TRIO (sat3) figsextending up her arms so a couple of rings of putty were put around her elbows and smoothed out and up to the middle of her upper arms, now she just needs the apparatus she uses to cause the “shocks” and tremors she is famous for, adding to her wrists and she is done. BS also needed long gloves adding so pretty much the same procedure as above was carried out on her as well with bigger rings of putty as this time I had to run them up from her wrists. She still needs the back of her costume tidying up, her shoulder pads and of course her hair and plait adding to complete her. Prangster is the one with the most work left to do, though I have added the disfigured side of his face now, but he still needs his hair doing, along with the cuffs of his jacket and of course his “acid” shooting water pistol, this is going to take the longest I suspect, and I might have to do it separately (should have started this a while back, doh!). So all in all not a bad week all things considered but no cigar, as they say.

Now I have been asked by fellow “Forgotten Heroes International” participant Mike Boynton to show some of the tools I use when sculpting. Well this isn’t a complete view of all the stuff I have in my sculpting box but these are my main weapons of choice, along with a 12”x16” off cut piece of kitchen worktop that I tools o' tradetend to sculpt on. We have from top to bottom…an old Eyeshadow brush/thing from my wife’s handbag, that is just like a soft version of a colour shaper, talking of which next is my flat angled one of these, then we have a cocktail stick wrapped in greenstuff to give it a better handle, then there is a cut down very stiff old brush great for adding texture to areas of putty (like wooly jumpers), my pointed tip colour shaper next, I probably use this most of all it’s great for blending two separate bits of putty together or adding creases to clothing. A twin spiked probe next, I have quite a few different shaped ones of these but this is my favorite (can’t say why but it’s the one I always seem to use).The next thing is a new tool I made to add the studs to Ram-Man’s skirt, it’s the fine nozzle that came with some superglue stuck on the end of a cocktail stick with putty, great for adding small circles to figures, for lights on Robots etc..,A metal re-fill from an old ball point pen is next, good for adding bigger circles, then a small knife, the handle is made of coffee stirrers glued together and sanded to shape, then we have a cocktail stick sanded flat at the end in another homemade handle, my flat bladed colour shaper next great for getting a smooth finish on areas of putty, and a couple of loose cocktail sticks (always useful). The handles on most of these have been cut down to about three inches, this is because one of my dogs as a puppy chewed my flat tipped colour shaper so I had to cut it down and re-sculpt the handle, I then found I liked it better this length so then cut down all the others, and the reason I’ve painted then different colours is to make it easier to identify the different tools when they are sprawled out across my board. Now if you’ll excuse me I should be using them rather than taking pictures of them or I’ll never get the figures finished by the end of the month!

Till next week Excelsior!!

Cheers Roger.

Super Dinosaur Banana (Jez Winstanley)

Since my mid-week announcement that I was adding another character to my ‘Forgotten Heroes’ roster, I have managed to progress quite well with all three characters. When we last saw Super-Soldier, he looked like this:

supersodier 9

I would just like to say that the quality of this ‘photo is down to the frankly crappy photo-editor App on my phone. The actual photo was in focus, but wasn’t particular close, so I fiddled with it using the App and it ended up looking like this. In future, I will take better pictures.

Anyway, Super-Soldier now looks like this:

pesldoier 99And from the rear:

jez 99

So, he just requires some washes and a bit of detailing, including the ‘S’ on his shield, which I’m not looking forward too.

Next, when we last saw Bananaman, he looked like this:

ujez 00I was a bit concerned that he didn’t really look like he was supposed to, but colours do make a difference, so a little bit of paint and he now looks like this:

banman 1Certainly looking like he’s supposed to now. And a rear view, showing his split cape;


I’m pretty pleased with how he’s come out. As with Super-Solidier, he just needs a few washes and some detailing, including a tiny red ‘B’ on his belt buckle.

Now, my last post introduced you to my ‘Extra Credit’ Forgotten Hero’, Stegron the Dinosaur Man, for which I had decided to use this Godzilla collectible figure as a base:

spidey godAs I knew not only how I was going to paint this one, but also how I was going to add the extra details to make it truly Stegron, work has progressed well, as you can see below:


So, as Stegron is a stegosaurus-man, one of the defining attributes of this particular dinosaur is the spinal plates, which the base figure already had. However, The other defining attribute is the tail spikes, which the model didn’t have. So, out came a push pin (a very useful tool for making holes through plastic figures) and two holes were made through big G’s tail. I then inserted two pre-cut and pre-bent lengths of wire paperclip, the ends which I’d filed to points. And we now had the necessary tail spikes.

Now, Stegron also sports a couple of gold bracelets – no idea why. For these, I used the same method I used when creating He-Man’s wristlets way back in July 2015. Taking a cotton-bud stem, which is essentially a thin plastic tube, I cut two sections the length of the bracelets I wanted to create. Once these teeny tiny bits of plastic tube were cut, I then cut the tube length-ways and pried them open. I then clipped these two ‘bracers’ to Stegron’s wrists, adjusted them so they were in the right place, and then glued them. Then I painted him, as can be seen from the pictures above and below;

steggy2I think he’s come out rather well. He just needs his base tidying up a bit and he’s done.