Forgotten Heroes- Extra Credit (Jez Winstanley)

I am well on my way to completing my two pledged ‘Forgotten Heroes’ – Super-Soldier and Bananaman.

Having slapped some base colours on both figures, I am happy that Bananaman does not require any further trimming of his banana ‘horns’, as once the paint was on they looked fine. However, referring to my copy of Super-Soldier #1, I realised that my version needs a haircut, as his mask cover the back of his head, so I need to file down his hair before applying the next coat of paint. However, you will have to wait until the weekend for pictures of that…

As I have some extra time, which is always a blessing when it comes to hobby stuff, and everyone else seems to be either further ahead than me or producing more characters (for details of their progress, check out the official Forgotten Heroes site), I thought I’d try an earn some ‘extra credit’ by doing an additional figure. I did have a couple of potential back-up figures, but the first I’m still not entirely sure how to do and the second I wasn’t particularly enthused about.

Luckily, an additional figure I purchased on a whim when ordering my last batch of ‘clix from Blue Rat Games gave me an idea. A quick bit of online research and I realised that this figure, suitably repainted, would make an ideal proxy for the more recent depictions of this character.

So, the ‘Extra Credit’ character I will be attempting to complete before the end of June, which will especially please Michael Awdry of 28mm Victorian Warfare fame, is…

Stegron, the Dinosaur Man!


Stegron first saw print in Marvel Team-up #19, published in March 1974 and was created by Len Wein and Gil Kane. In his first appearance, Vincent Stegron was hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. to work with Dr. Curt Connors (better known as the Spider-Man foe the Lizard) to analyze dinosaur DNA sourced from the Savage Land. Inspired by the experiment that transformed Dr. Connors into the Lizard, Stegron stole some of this DNA and injected himself with it. As you do. Unsurprisingly, he was then transformed into an orange-skinned dinosaur-man, who was mentally able to control dinosaurs. Transporting several of these to New York from the Savage Land, he planned to take over the world by transforming the human race into dinosaur men like himself. It took the combined efforts of Spider-Man, the Black Panther and Ka-Zar to stop him.

Even though Stegron is very derivative of the Lizard and decidedly funky, he has regularly popped up on many occasions since then, primarily as a foe of Spider-Man, but also acting as the protector of the Savage Land in concert with Ka-Zar on a number of occasions. Initially, his appearance was more stream-lined and human-looking, but more recent depictions show him more bulked out and dinosaur-looking and this is the version that I’m going to try to replicate.

stegro4So, what was the additional figure I picked up that will be (hopefully) transformed into Stegron? This one:

neca-wizkids-godzilla-2014-movie-mini-figure-series-1-godzilla-atomic-fire-breath-new-15This is the 2014 movie version of Godzilla from NECA’s tie-in range of collectible miniatures, specifically the ‘Atomic Breath’ variant. It’s a nicely detailed miniature and cost me a grand total of £2.49, which given that’s it 2″ tall, is a bit of bargain. To give some idea of scale, here he is next to a 28mm HeroScape Spider-Man figure:

spidey god

He’s a bit of monster, isn’t he? As you can see, I’ve removed his ‘Atomic Breath’, which was just a case of tugging it free. This has joined my bits box, as I’m sure I’ll find some nefarious use for it. To complete his transformation from iconic Kaiju into orange-hued Spider-Man villain, he ideally needs tail spikes and a couple of bracelets, which all the best ‘dressed’ dinosaur-men are sporting this season. I have some ideas on how to achieve this, but we shall see exactly how successful I am. Other than that, it will be just a case of repainting him.

Join me at the weekend for updates on all three ‘Forgotten Heroes’, as well as a further update on Andy’s burger cart. As Stegron would say “When I’ve got a monster appetite, only Cupid Burgers can satisfy my primal urges.”


Captain UK part 7 (Kaptain Kobold)

IMG_1298You’ll be pleased to hear that this is the final part!

Now varnished, I cut Captain UK free from the last piece of evidence that she was originally Catwoman.

She’s one of those Heroclix figures with the little disks on the feet, so I sliced those off as well. Badly. I had to do a little bit of remodelling on the soles of her boots after this picture was taken.

IMG_1299Finally I glued her to a 30mm perspex base, and she was done!

Here’s the completed Captain UK.

P6130426P6130427P6130428And a comparison shot – Captain UK on the left and the original Catwoman figure on the right.

P6130429Friends? Or foes?

P6130430This was a fun exercise, and not as hard to do as I thought it would be. Modelling a complete arm was a new experience, and it was very satisfying to see the character emerge from her feline origins.

The final step is to actually play a game using the figure. And HERE it is.

Captain UK part 6 (Kaptain Kobold)

Captain UK’s costume wasn’t as hard to paint as I thought, although I’m not sure I’ve got the curves of some of it quite right. However different artists seem to apply their own variations to the precise design of the costume – how far the upper white bit comes down the cleavage, for example, that I think I can be allowed the luxury of some artistic licence of my own.

IMG_1290IMG_1291IMG_1292Here she is after some tidying up of lines, plus addition of the eyes and the emblem on the mask.

IMG_1293IMG_1294And the painting completed. With hindsight I think I brought the upper red part of her costume down too far, but I’m not changing it at this stage. I refer you to the ‘artistic licence’ bit above.

IMG_1295[1]IMG_1297[1]The next stage is to varnish her, then she can be put on her perspex base and she’s all done!

Purgatori & Vampirella 02 (Bryan Scott)

Here I present my four finished conversions for the Forgotten Heroes project. As I explained last time, the heroes I wanted to create were the vampire characters of Purgatori and Vampirella, who both appear in comics produced by Dynamite Entertainment. I mentioned that I’d be making two versions of each of them – a normal 28mm scale version and a 28mm scale Chibi version. Here they are.

Vampifan's Purgatori & Vampirella 01For my normal version of Purgatori, I decided to base her on an old Citadel Dark Elf Harpie (typical of Games Workshop, she is now out of production). A copy of the Harpie I used is at the far left of my two photos. I remodelled her hair, and added plastic horns taken from a GW Skeletons sprue to her head. I added bone shoulder pads and gave her long fingerless gloves and a bra made of Milliput. I added thigh length boots and remodelled her feet. The Harpie had longer legs and feet, so I hid her taloned feet by surrounding them with a pile of decapitated heads from my spare parts box. She stands on a 25mm diameter MDF base, which is textured with sand. Overall, I’m very pleased with my conversion. There are no official or unofficial versions of Purgatori, which makes my figure unique.

Vampifan's Purgatori & Vampirella 02For my figure of Vampirella I chose a Marvel Heroclix figure of a Con Artist from the old Xplosion expansion set as the basis for my conversion. The Heroclix Con Artist appears at the far right of my two photos. It was probably not the most obvious figure to choose but I thought she had potential. Her arms and legs were almost perfect. I remodelled her two bracelets and added extra upper arm bracelets as well. Her body needed extensive reworking and her hair obviously needed lengthening. Cutting off her clothes was not an easy task but a very sharp craft knife helped and I knew if I cut too deeply I could always repair her with modelling putty. Once I had removed all of the extraneous plastic (working with plastic made my life a lot easier!) I then went to work with the modelling putty and remade her bum and boobs and added her iconic costume. Finally, I added her long length hair, based her and textured the base. I’m reasonably happy with her. I think it’s a decent effort but I’ll be the first to admit that some of the unofficial versions of Vampirella are a lot better than my version. Still, once again, I have a unique figure to add to my collection.

SDE Vandella, Purgatori & Vampirella 01Moving onto the two Chibi versions of Purgatori and Vampirella I must admit that these were a lot easier to convert and more fun to do. Both conversions are based on the same figure – Succubus Vandella from Soda Pop Miniatures’ game Super Dungeon Explore. She’s at the far left of these two photos. Vandella can be either an evil Mini-Boss or a Hero, depending upon which version you choose for her. She was also the perfect figure for me to convert into Purgatori and Vampirella.
For Purgatori, I first cut off Vandella’s pigtails and tail. I snipped the ends off a wooden cocktail stick to use as her horns and glued them to the front of her head. I know they should be curved but this was the best solution I could come up with. I added her left eye with modelling putty as I wanted her to have both eyes open. Then I remodelled her hair and costume with Milliput. All in all, a relatively simple conversion.

SDE Vandella, Purgatori & Vampirella 02For my conversion of Vampirella the first thing I did was to cut her head off (!). This was to make it easier to remove Vandella’s wings. It is a fact that Vampirella can fly. In the original black and white Warren series she used to transform into a bat but more recently she spouts wings from her back when she wants to fly. However, because she rarely ever flies I decided to model her without the wings. Once again, I cut off Vandella’s pigtails and tail and also her two wings. I cut away the flame from her candle. I repainted the candle so that it is now a scroll holder. I added Vampirella’s white collar to her neck, which was made from Milliput. Then I drilled and pinned her head back in place and added her left eye and remodelled her long hair. She was a slightly more complex conversion than Purgatori but in no way a difficult conversion for me.
I have to admit that I absolutely love my Chibi conversions of Purgatori and Vampirella. I think I have captured the look and personality of them both just perfectly. I am now working on ideas on how to incorporate them in a game. Do I stick with Super Dungeon Explore or shall I try out Chibi World? Do I have them in an unlikely team up (with superheroes any team up is possible) or do I have them on opposing sides? I have lots of ideas spinning in my head.
I’d just like to end by saying this project was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part. A big thank you to Jez and Roger for bringing it to fruition and for allowing me to participate. Here’s hoping the project continues next year.

vampi Unknown Artist 01

“Not bad for old baldie locks! (Roger Webb)

Right well as this is the end of the first sculpting week, I thought I’d go through day by day as to what I’ve achieved (or not achieved) in regards to the development of my entries for “Forgotten Heroes” month.

Sunday, and first job was to get the figures mounted up onto some two pence pieces (for non-regular readers this is how I base up all my 28mm figures these days). So beginning with Black Scorpion (or BS as I’ll call her from now on), it was a case of running her “slotta” tag along the face of my sander, as you might recall from my last post this was now bent at an angle to allow me room to add her high heels. Once I had a flat edge to glue down I mixed a little greenstuff and fixed her down. “Gangster Prankster” was a lot easier as he just needed gluing down with a spacer of card beneath his feet to give him a little extra height. Now aftershock on the other hand was a bit more awkward, as I had to add the thick soles on her boots (if you watch the film the boots she actually wears are not the stiletto heeled ones she picks out of the shop window earlier on), four tiny blobs of greenstuff were applied to the soles of her feet and then shaped into a separate stacked sole and heel on each (you watch when I “Tetrion” the bases it’ll cover all this hard work up!).

Monday was begun by gluing Aftershock onto the “tuppence”, this time with two card spacers (as she doesn’t have the “Disks” under her feet), and once dry I added the rings below her knees to represent the tops of her boots, I also added a rectangle between her breasts which will be the middle section of her “crop forgotten TRIO (mon) figstop”. BS, also had a bit of re-modelling done on her left foot to re-shape the toe of her boot, I also added the heels to these, just tiny tapered bits of putty eased into the space between her heel and the base. Next I ran sausages of putty round her thighs, then pulled these down to form the tops of here thigh length boots. The Prangster, probably had the most work done on him today, after looking again at the film (several times, in fact) I still can’t tell if his shoes are oversized or not, in the end I decided to increase their size a bit but not too much. Then wrapping his legs in putty I added the ripples and creases to what are now his suit trousers, I didn’t bother with too much detail at the top of these as they will be covered by his jacket.

Tuesday was a no-show as it was too hot and I couldn’t raise the enthusiasm to get of the tools out. So on to Wednesday and looking at the fast progress some of the people taking part had made I thought I’d better make an effort, so out came the tools and the figures and a small ball of “Greenstuff” was mixed up. I decided to start by covering up BS’s “shame” so a tapered sausage of putty was run up her front from between her legs and then smoothed out and around forgotten TRIO (wed) figsher waist up to under her breasts. A smaller piece was then added at the back and the same done there and the two halves blended together at the sides. Next I added some details to her costume, there are two small curved “tails” that curl outwards from the lower costumes “pants” area, and there is a “badge” in the middle of her chest area, so both of these were added. Turning to Aftershock, I added her “big” shorts, these were two blobs plonked onto her buttocks and another between her legs at the front that were then spread out and smoothed to shape. Then I added to tiny strips up either side of her abdomen and again these were smoothed out on the outside edges, then (and this was a right paint I tell you!) I rolled out a piece of putty as thinly as I could and cutting tiny lengths of it I added the laces at the front of her shorts, now there are a lot more of these on the proper movie version of these, but there’s enough on my model for me! I’ve got to do this again on her top yet! After this I decided I’d had enough for the day so the Prankster will have to wait till tomorrow before he moves on.

So we come to Saturday (yep I really didn’t touch these again till then!), and it was mask day as far as the two ladies go. BS, first and taking a thin sausage of putty I ran it over her nose and below her eyes, then a larger blob was applied onto her forehead and this was then smoothed out and around into the lower sausage, much “faffing” later and I just about had the shape I was after. Two tiny “spikes” were run from the bottom of her mask towards her chin, now on the original there are three of these and they are a lot smaller, but hey cut me some slack, there was no way I would even attempt those! I then took another small triangle of putty and added the forehead detail to her mask. Lastly on her I had to add some ears to the sides of her head (as the original figures were covered by forgotten TRIO (sat) figsher copious hair, and thus were long gone with the file), these were a pain to get even and equally spaced on the sides of her head, remind me to do figures with their ears covered next time!). Aftershocks mask (is it a mask? It doesn’t cover much of her face) by comparison was a breeze to do, the forehead part was already done on the original “Jean Grey” miniature so a couple of small blobs shaped on her cheeks and a tiny blob on her chin and I was a happy monkey as they say. Finally this week I added the “$” symbol medallion that hangs about the Pranksters neck, this as I’m sure you can imagine started out as a small sausage of putty attached at one end to his upper chest and twisted into an “S” shape as it was pushed onto the figure, then two tiny sausages of putty were run vertically across this and again pushed into place, then two more thin sausages were run up from the top of this over his shoulders (these were not joined at the back as his jacket will cover this area.

Well, nowhere near as productive as I’d hoped, but at least I have got a bit of work done on them, I’m hoping to get all of the sculpting finished on them by next week’s post, so I can get on with the painting, but we’ll see.

Till next week Excelsior!!

Cheers Roger.

Captain UK part 5 (Kaptain Kobold)

With the modelling finished I painted Captain UK in a light grey. This acts as an undercoat, but also evens everything out and makes it easier to see which bits need additional trimming or filling.

IMG_1284IMG_1285A few areas still needed slicing and shaving, and there were one or two things needed filling. The biggest of these was a seam along the inside and outside of each leg. I used white wood-glue. which had just started to dry, to fill this as it paints into the narrow space far more easily than milliput would have done.

And here she is with some initial painting.


The white will need a couple more coats, obviously.

Forgotten Heroes WIP 2 (Simon Moore)


With the ‘Forgotten Heroes’ challenge entering its second week, and having already finished my initial submission of Imperator Furiosa (predominantly using a “Copplestone Castings” sculpt), I’ve started work on converting three plastic “Wizkids” figures into some of the lesser known members of the “Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D.“; a comic book series published by “Marvel Worldwide” which depicts the escapades of a top secret division of operatives who “defend the world against super human threats too dangerous for normal men.” The first of these ‘unusual’ S.H.I.E.L.D. agents is the leader of Area Thirteen’s S.T.A.K.E. team, Martin Reyna. Codenamed Warwolf, he has a Gene Package embedded on his right mechanical arm which he can use to transform into a werewolf. In order to approximate such an unusual anti-hero I have taken the top half of a “Mage Knight” Feral Werewolf and replaced one of its claws with a “Games Workshop” powerfist. I have then pinned the bulky torso to the waist of a “Heroclix” S.H.I.E.L.D. Trooper.

Howling Commandos Of S.H.IE.L.D. WIPs – Early days for Vampire By Night and Manphibian

The ensemble currently looks a little top-heavy. But I have already used some grey-stuff to make the waist fill out a little more smoothly into the hulking lycanthrope. I also plan to ‘bulk up’ the area somewhat by cutting off the model’s current waist pouch and replacing it with a number of larger bags and grenades courtesy of a “Games Workshop” Cadian Trooper sprue I acquired for my ‘Forgotten Heroes’ conversions. In addition to Al Ewing’s co-creation, I have also started work on my models for Vampire By Night and Manphibian. The female blood-drinker should prove quite a simple task, as I plan to just repaint a “Horroclix” She-Wolf miniature Bryan over at “Vampifan’s World Of The Undead” kindly gifted me a while ago. Whilst the green-skinned extra-terrestrial will require quite a bit of attention in order to turn it into something which more closely resembles his comic-book counterpart.

Mister Freeze Minions WIPS – The pipeline for these five bobble-hat wearing henchmen is at the jumper stage

Interestingly the “Heroclix” figure doesn’t come with feet on account of it’s original pose depicting the fearsome alien emerging from out of a pond. As a result I have pinned the boots of a hapless “Games Workshop” Cadian soldier onto the creature. Hopefully the addition of such footwear won’t look quite so odd once I’ve given the Howling Commando some S.H.I.E.L.D. agent trappings and a weapon… Lastly I’ve made some progress on the five ‘converted’ “Wizkids” Lackey figures I have adapted in order to represent the Sixties henchmen of “Mister Freeze”. Having completed these bobble-hatted minions’ grey trousers I have begun working my way through their blue woolly pullovers using “Vallejo” Heavy Blue.