Weapon H (Raymond S.T.)

This has been a blast!!! Not to mention that it’s really gotten me back into miniatures & motivated me to work on/complete some other projects that have been on the back burners for years.

I wasn’t really sure what my final submission was going to be as I wanted to add to my avengers & x-men/ xforce. While pondering this dilemma my son gave my an idea so I decided to go with it. This really isn’t a forgotten hero but a new one. So for the last few days I worked on my final submission for Forgotten Heroes. I give you Weapon H

For this I used two minis/clix, the Incredible Hulk & a giant scarecrow.

Once again I made the mistake of thinking this was going to be easy. First I used green stuff for his backpack & adamantium protrusions. What a pain that was, the green stuff kept sticking to my fingers when I tried to add it onto the Hulk. That of course resulted in the protrusions being slightly different sizes. Not to mention I crushed them a few times while applying other ones.

I then cut the claws from the scarecrow to use as his adamantium claws. For his pouches I used bits from WH40k space marines.

All that was left to do was paint him up. Not the best but my son thought it was the coolest thing since Infinity Wars so I’m happy enough with it.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments along the way. This has been a great experience & I can’t wait until next years event! I’ve already got two in mind. A special thanks to Roger for all his help!! I truly appreciated it! Can’t wait to see everyone’s finished projects.


4 thoughts on “Weapon H (Raymond S.T.)”

  1. Wow! That’s a scary concept…the Hulk with Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton and claws. Great work! I think several of us are having green stuff woes this year, so don’t feel bad. Nicely done!


  2. Great concept Raymond, and fantastic execution with the model. Reading a lot of green stuff woes on this blog, if any of you ever have any questions you can always ask on my blog or email and I’ll try to help as much as I can


  3. Now, being a brand new character, this is not one I’m actually familiar with, but still fits the criteria as no-one’s made a model of him yet…except you. However, I did almost cry when I saw you’d cut up that Harvest Golem – I’ve been after one of those for a while, but cost has prohibited me buying one.

    Nice work on an interesting and potentially terrifying character.


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